Class is in Session: High Marks at the 2024 Dallas ADDY Awards

On February 29th, the creative talent of Southern Methodist University (SMU) students was once again in the spotlight at the 2024 Dallas ADDY Awards, held at the On the Levee event center. Hosted by AAF Dallas President and TAI Adjunct Professor, Deja Sanders, the night was a celebration of creativity, hard work, and academic excellence. SMU students took home an impressive 20 awards, including 7 Gold, 10 Silver, 2 Judge’s Choice, and the coveted Student Best of Show. This marks the fifth consecutive year—and sixth in the last seven years—that SMU has won Best of Show, a testament to the continued excellence and consistent growth of Temerlin Advertising Institute.

“I can’t stop beaming after the 2024 Addy awards. So proud of our students and all of their hard work. I HAVE THE BEST JOB ON THE PLANET. (caps Willie’s)” – Professor Willie Baronet

The range of work presented at the awards was broad and innovative, spanning ad campaign projects for existing companies across many different media forms. Since all the work received Silver and above, they will now move forward to compete in the District 10 competition, one of the most competitive districts in the country.

Best of Show winners Spencer Hogan, Bella Mac, and Allie Weinstein pose with Professor Mark Allen

Professor Mark Allen noted that, “the work our students produced this year is truly impressive, and Temerlin’s reputation for creative excellence was on full display in front of the entire DFW advertising community.”

However, the evening was not just about accolades, it was a testament to the student’s dedication and commitment to quality work. Professor Cheryl Mendenhall expressed immense pride, noting, “The Addys give us an opportunity to celebrate all of their hard work and show off their talents to the industry.” The event also facilitated valuable connections between students and industry professionals. Mendenhall noted that several agency professionals congratulated and introduced themselves to TAI’s students, which in the past, has led to the potential for internships and job opportunities.

Gordon Law poses with his Educator of the Year award

In addition to the many student awards, Gordon Law, TAI’s own Executive in Residence, was honored as the Educator of the Year. This award was not only well-deserved, but it also underscored the high-caliber mentorship and education provided by SMU’s faculty across the board.

However, the TAI student’s work and awards does not end here. Allen said that, “as great as this night was for us, it’s just the beginning because we had so much good work that didn’t make it into the show. So stay tuned because there’s a lot more where this came from!”

This semester TAI will also be hosting their annual student Portfolio Night on March 27th.  Keep an eye on our social media pages to see more of the winning work and stay up to date on future events.

 The Temerlin School is very proud of the work of all their students and congratulations to all the ADDY winners listed below:



Drunk Elephant / Out-Of-Home / Kaitlyn Blan & Caroline Davis

Fender / Magazine / Kailyn Sawhny & Helen Hargraves

Replica / Magazine / Morgan Martinez & Delaney Gendron

Mountain House / Integrated / Emma Clarke

Insomnia Cookies / Out-Of-Home / Ross Yenerich

Amtrak / Integrated / Timmy Chae & Blake Lyster

QuietOn / Television / Ethan Jones & Atenas Vijil

KILZ Primer / Integrated / Spencer Hogan

Seedlip / Integrated / Emma Clarke & Callie Oden

Acorns / Integrated / Maddie Otero & Morgan Martinez


Truth Anti-Vaping / Art Direction / Spencer Hogan, Bella Mac, Allie Weinstein

Fight the New Drug / Cinematography /Tyler Chapman

Skout’s Honor / Magazine / Helena Hargraves

Venmo / Integrated /Juan Silva & Kaitlyn Blan

Dixie Ultra / Out-Of-Home / Kaitlyn Blan & Caroline Davis

Fight the New Drug / Television / Tyler Chapman

Truth Anti-Vaping / Out-Of-Home / Spencer Hogan, Bella Mac, Allie Weinstein


Alzheimer’s Association / Television / Maddie Otero

QuietOn / Television / Ethan Jones & Atenas Vijil


Truth Anti-Vaping / Art Direction / Spencer Hogan, Bella Mac, Allie Weinstein

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