Dr. Mark Allen Honored as AAF District 10 Outstanding Advertising Educator of the Year

This past Friday at the AAF District 10 National Student Advertising Competition award ceremony, Temerlin Advertising Institute’s very own Dr. Mark Allen was honored with the Outstanding Advertising Educator of the Year Award. This award aims to recognize professors who have made outstanding and unselfish contributions to the growth and improvement of advertising through the academic process.

Dr. Allen joined TAI in 2003 to help start and build a new creative program for aspiring art directors, copywriters and designers centered in Dallas. During his time here he has made a huge impact on the Institute and has become a Senior Lecturer and the Creative Program Director.

Dr. Allen’s love for his students has not gone unnoticed and his tireless dedication to supporting them and their success was noted in the speech given during the presentation of this award.  He tirelessly advocates for young creatives in their quest to find their voices in the wacky world of advertising.

One of his students said, “he selflessly dedicates the majority of his time to making sure his students have the best chance of success, sometimes to his detriment. He candidly tells us that we keep him up at night with thoughts of our futures where we go, and what we will accomplish.” 

Another said, “he is the most dedicated and selfless teacher I’ve ever had throughout my entire education. I’ve never met a teacher who is willing and happy to sacrifice his own well-being, if it means it will help one of his students succeed.” 

The presenter noted that he believes this is why professors teach: to inspire, to guide, and to illuminate the path.

Dr. Allen does just this. “He provides incentive, comfort, and stability to almost every student who walks through his door. Every time I’ve been on the precipice of admitting defeat, he has always been the voice at the end of the tunnel, reassuring me that I’m in the program for a reason and that as long as I work hard, everything will work out the way it’s supposed to,” said another student.

The Temerlin Advertising Institute is so proud of the work that Dr. Allen does every day, inside and outside of the classroom. We look forward to many more amazing years to come.



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