SMU Homecoming Weekend

Saturday October 26, 2013 found TAI Faculty, Students and Staff hitting the SMU Boulevard to join in the SMU Homecoming Parade and events.

Everyone showed up for the fun and to walk in the parade along with other colleagues and students from the Meadows School of the Arts (MSA).

Dean Bowen of MSA played the keyboard and Will Power jammed in with some rap on the mic.

Dean Bowen with Will Power
Dean Bowen with Will Power

Dr. Steve Edwards, Director of the Temerlin Advertising Institute and colleague Dr. Alice Kendrick had some laughs throwing the football with kids at the party.

TAI MA in Advertising students also participated in the fun and luncheon along with Professor Haayen and her family.

Willie Baronet, TAI’s Executive in Residence and creative guru, showed his kid at heart spirit with full on Meadows garb and wig. Peace out!

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TAI Creative Advertising Students Graduate from Paper School

photoOn Wednesday, October 22, students in Willie Baronet’s Creative Advertising Portfolio class attended Clampitt Paper’s Clampitt University Paper School. The two hour session provided students with an overview of all aspects of the paper business: how it’s made, the various weights and grades and finishes, and how to specify paper for a print job. Industry veterans Don Clampitt and John Hampton both presented to the class, after which they had a chance to explore the Clampitt Sample Room and Creative Center where they could take printed samples back with them for reference. Each student received a diploma for having attended the Paper School.

Founded in Dallas in 1941, Clampitt Paper is a paper merchant that sells direct to large and small scale printers as well as creative designers and local merchants. Their Creative Center, located in their Dallas headquarters, offers a comfortable environment for researching modern paper and print solutions, networking with graphic arts professionals and meeting clients. The Creative Center hosts several events for Dallas-area professionals and students each month, including the Paper School.

The Temerlin Advertising Institute’s Creative Program prepares students for careers in art direction and copywriting. Many of our alumni have gone on to work as Creative Directors for advertising agencies, corporations and design firms. Understanding the paper business and how it relates to brand design and development is one of many skills students in the Temerlin Advertising Institute’s Creative Program acquire during their time in the program. Such skills prepare them to be leaders in the industry.

For more information on the Temerlin Advertising Institute’s Creative Program, visit:


2014 MA Cohort Participates in Workshop with Think and Speak Up

Chris Wright and Dr. Wang Provide Presentation TipsSecond year MA in Advertising students at the Temerlin Advertising Institute had a great night with Dr. Wang and Chris Wright from Think and Speak Up.

The three hour workshop focused on how to be more effective with public speaking and specifically in giving presentations.

According to Chris and Lisa, the success of your presentation starts to be assessed from the second you set foot in the room. Shoulders back, chin up, points rehearsed and confidence. Also, the specialists addressed the synergistic impact of verbal and visual techniques in public speaking. Specifically, the relevant gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and footsteps strategically taken were all presented as being important considerations alongside content when working to give an effective presentation.

TAI MA 2014 Participates in Workshop with Think and Speak Up
TAI MA 2014 Participates in Workshop with Think and Speak Up

The workshop was interactive with a high level of participation by the students. All students were videotaped at the outset giving a presentation. They were then asked to practice a variety of techniques from eye contact to gestures. Participants were again videotaped at the end to see how presentation skills might have improved.

This group of TAI MA in Advertising students will graduate in May 2014 after completing their Executive Internships with Dallas agencies in the spring along with working on a national campaign for a real client.

TAI MA in Advertising Executive Internship Workshop

Workshop on Executive Internship
Workshop on Executive Internship

As second year MA in Advertising students prepare for their Spring 2014 Executive Internships, four alumni of the program returned to TAI-SMU to share some words of wisdom and advice.

Kellyn Dunn (class of 2012), Account Planner at Firehouse, spoke about the importance of working hard and working smart. She told the students it is not enough to just get the work done, but you have to have a passion and want to give beyond what is expected.

Recent graduate, AdeDoyin Adebiyi (class of 2013) shared with the group her transition from the Executive Internship to her current position in social media at Launch. She stressed the key role a supervisor/mentor plays in the learning experience.

Matt in India
Matt in India

Copywriter, Matt Villanueva (class of 2012) of MEPlusYOU shared an overview of key moments in his life that have brought him to where he is today with one of those experiences being his global immersion to India during his MA in Advertising Program at TAI-SMU. The 2014 cohort also undertook a global immersion in June, but to Hong Kong. Matt further discussed tips on how to get the most out of the Executive Internship and some pitfalls to avoid.

Finally, Louise Schelhammer (class of 2013), Project Manager at TM Advertising, provided some good insight in to her position and how the Executive Internship is great for understanding an agency and the process of work flow through an agency.

The 2014 cohort was most appreciative of the time shared by these alumni to help prepare them for their final semester in the program.