2014 MA Cohort Participates in Workshop with Think and Speak Up

Chris Wright and Dr. Wang Provide Presentation TipsSecond year MA in Advertising students at the Temerlin Advertising Institute had a great night with Dr. Wang and Chris Wright from Think and Speak Up.

The three hour workshop focused on how to be more effective with public speaking and specifically in giving presentations.

According to Chris and Lisa, the success of your presentation starts to be assessed from the second you set foot in the room. Shoulders back, chin up, points rehearsed and confidence. Also, the specialists addressed the synergistic impact of verbal and visual techniques in public speaking. Specifically, the relevant gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and footsteps strategically taken were all presented as being important considerations alongside content when working to give an effective presentation.

TAI MA 2014 Participates in Workshop with Think and Speak Up
TAI MA 2014 Participates in Workshop with Think and Speak Up

The workshop was interactive with a high level of participation by the students. All students were videotaped at the outset giving a presentation. They were then asked to practice a variety of techniques from eye contact to gestures. Participants were again videotaped at the end to see how presentation skills might have improved.

This group of TAI MA in Advertising students will graduate in May 2014 after completing their Executive Internships with Dallas agencies in the spring along with working on a national campaign for a real client.

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