Creatives Take NYC

From April 25 to May 1, several of our students had the opportunity to tour and network with some of the world’s leading advertising companies during this year’s TAI creative NYC trip which serves as a discovery class. Dr. Mark Allen and Professor Willie Baronet planned and led graduate and undergraduate students in this unique immersive advertising experience.

“As always it was an inspiring and productive time in New York where we took our students to some of the best agencies in the world. Watching them meet our alums and seeing the amazing work they are producing is always a magical experience for me. This year we visited Anomaly, Ogilvy, Momentum, Walrus, NBC Universal, Kenneth Cole Studios, Translation and more!” – Willie Baronet

The first stop on the tour was Johannes Leonardo, a creative firm that encourages customer involvement on behalf of companies. TAI alum Tessa Conti gave us a tour of the distinctive JL church-style facility and updated us about her work with clients including Adidas, Amazon, and Kraft. Later on in the day, we went to Translation with Kaleb Mulugeta, a TAI graduate, and had breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge. AdAge has named Translation the 2022 Agency of the Year and included it on their Agency A-List.

We began our Friday morning at Kenneth Cole Studios, where Maria Cuomo gave us a tour of the facility and shared some of Kenneth Cole’s advice. Despite being a fashion business, we learned about in-house advertising and the brand’s deliberate adherence to its identity. Amol Rana gave us a fascinating tour of Google and displayed some of his YouTube commercials. We had the opportunity to speak with several alumni for a Q&A session at the end of the week, during which we asked them questions regarding their post-college and professional lives and received some incredible advice.

The plan for the weekend was to visit Central Park, see shows on Broadway, and visit museums like the Whitney and MOMA in order to thoroughly immerse oneself in NYC life.

On Monday, we had a great start to the week by going to Momentum Worldwide, here they served us NY way. We learned everything there is to know about experimental advertising, which is the practice of leveraging technology to improve the human experience while creating memories for brands. Former TAI alumni Jordan Chlapecka and Allie Hartman talked about their experiences working with companies like Verizon, Nike, Coke, and AMEX. Next, we visited Ogilvy, where we met up with Helen Rieger and Morgan Hoff, two former SMU students. They were able to demonstrate several projects they had completed for Verizon, Nationwide, and Coca-Cola, but they also gave us advice on how to approach uncertain circumstances proactively when things could change unexpectedly. Deacon Webster’s Walrus was the final agency visit of the day, during which he explained his strategy of being calculating but yet humorous. We concluded Monday night with the senior dinner, where Willie and Mark gave inspirational speeches and many of us shed tears as our seniors begin a new chapter in their life.

On our last day, we began with a visit of the SNL and Jimmy Fallon sets at NBCUniversal. Michael Reidy, an SMU alum, welcomed us with breakfast before the panel discussion began. The panelists stressed that while our creativity will make us stand out, we must also enter this phase of our life with passion and resiliency. Eric Damassa led the final agency visit of the trip, which was Anomoly. Anomoly strives to cooperate with companies like eos, Ranch Water, and Obie that align with its mission. We concluded the trip with the Alumni Networking Event, where we had the chance to socialize with other alumni who live in the city and sing a few karaoke songs to round off our time together.

Overall, there are not enough words to describe our trip, so be sure to watch our reel on Instagram at @smu.advertising!

Inclusivity in Communication: TAI Alumna, Kayla Griffis, and Professor, Dr. Alice Kendrick, publish The URICA! DE&I Model

In the field of marketing and communications, integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is extremely important. Recognizing this, TAI alumna, Kayla Griffis, a senior strategist at Saatchi & Saatchi, and Dr. Alice Kendrick, Professor of Advertising at Temerlin,  worked together to publish a new content creation model that emphasizes the importance of inclusivity. Dr. Kendrick was honored to present the URICA! Model in Oxford, England last summer at the Oxford Roundtable Symposium.

Left: Dr. Alice Kendrick, Right: Kayla Griffis

Published in the Forum on Public Policy, this study titled, Integrating DE&I into content creation: The URICA! Model, stands out as a versatile tool for embedding DE&I principles into the fabric of academic and corporate environments. The URICA! Model was originally pioneered by Kayla Griffis as a graduate student project for an advertising class led by Dr. Kendrick. It initially focused on addressing the insensitive spread of digital blackface on social media. This project evolved into a robust model designed to guide content creators through a comprehensive process to help team members determine DE&I objectives and avoid marketing missteps based on a lack of cultural sensitivity.

The core of the URICA! Model involves a series of sequential steps and considerations that assist creators in ensuring their messaging is inclusive and sensitive to diverse audiences. It encourages a thorough understanding of cultural nuances, informs strategic decisions with solid DE&I foundations, and carefully considers the potential impacts of messaging. The model’s flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, and was concept-tested for use anywhere from classroom discussions to strategic planning in large corporations.

“[The URICA! Model] was an attempt to offer an approach, tool or a series of questions or areas that should be covered to help ensure that messaging of all different sorts, whether it’s advertising, a blog, just a headline, a jingle, or even a visual, (especially a visual in some cases) are as mindful as possible of the societal realities in which they will be released. That is to say, some things are insulting to groups, and they’re not even necessarily intending to be. In fact, I think in most cases they are not. It’s just an oversight and a lack of ability to see a message from another’s point of view.” – Dr. Alice Kendrick

Throughout the study, recommendations from corporate strategists and advertising professors who evaluated the URICA! Model are discussed and implemented, and current DE&I information and resources for students and professionals are included. Dr. Kendrick noted that when reviewing the model in the advertising field, “agencies seemed very much in favor of something like this, that would lend some structure to a discussion about the sensitivity of messaging.”

Dr. Kendrick presented the URICA! Model at the Oxford Roundtable Symposium in Oxford, England, in the Summer of 2023. Her presentation highlighted how the model structures discussions around sensitive messaging and its potential to be applied across various industries and educational settings. Her presentation was well-received by the international audience, which included academics and professionals, underscoring the model’s relevance and applicability.

As the conversation around diversity and inclusion continues to gain momentum, tools like the URICA! Model are essential for fostering meaningful change. They guide content creators through the intricate process of integrating inclusivity into their work, and set new standards for responsible communication in our increasingly digital world.

Dr. Mark Allen Honored as AAF District 10 Outstanding Advertising Educator of the Year

This past Friday at the AAF District 10 National Student Advertising Competition award ceremony, Temerlin Advertising Institute’s very own Dr. Mark Allen was honored with the Outstanding Advertising Educator of the Year Award. This award aims to recognize professors who have made outstanding and unselfish contributions to the growth and improvement of advertising through the academic process.

Dr. Allen joined TAI in 2003 to help start and build a new creative program for aspiring art directors, copywriters and designers centered in Dallas. During his time here he has made a huge impact on the Institute and has become a Senior Lecturer and the Creative Program Director.

Dr. Allen’s love for his students has not gone unnoticed and his tireless dedication to supporting them and their success was noted in the speech given during the presentation of this award.  He tirelessly advocates for young creatives in their quest to find their voices in the wacky world of advertising.

One of his students said, “he selflessly dedicates the majority of his time to making sure his students have the best chance of success, sometimes to his detriment. He candidly tells us that we keep him up at night with thoughts of our futures where we go, and what we will accomplish.” 

Another said, “he is the most dedicated and selfless teacher I’ve ever had throughout my entire education. I’ve never met a teacher who is willing and happy to sacrifice his own well-being, if it means it will help one of his students succeed.” 

The presenter noted that he believes this is why professors teach: to inspire, to guide, and to illuminate the path.

Dr. Allen does just this. “He provides incentive, comfort, and stability to almost every student who walks through his door. Every time I’ve been on the precipice of admitting defeat, he has always been the voice at the end of the tunnel, reassuring me that I’m in the program for a reason and that as long as I work hard, everything will work out the way it’s supposed to,” said another student.

The Temerlin Advertising Institute is so proud of the work that Dr. Allen does every day, inside and outside of the classroom. We look forward to many more amazing years to come.



Willie Baronet Wins HOPE Professor of the Year Award

The Honoring Our Professors’ Excellence (HOPE) Banquet, organized by Southern Methodist University’s Residence Life and Student Housing (RLSH), serves as a symbol of appreciation for faculty excellence. It’s an annual event where students and educators come together to highlight the extraordinary efforts of professors who have gone above and beyond in enriching the educational journey of their students. This year, the spotlight was on Professor Willie Baronet, the Stan Richards Professor in Creative Advertising at SMU, who was honored with the prestigious HOPE Professor of the Year Award for his commitment to his students and his innovative teaching methods. This award aims to recognize his lasting impact at the Temerlin Advertising Institute and SMU community as a whole.

Creative student Roshan Gupta, a senior studying under Baronet, had the honor of delivering the speech that announced his professor as the HOPE Professor of the Year. Gupta’s words further emphasized Baronet’s influence on his students, saying,

“Willie has been by my side my entire college career…I can confidently say that Willie has had a tremendous impact on who I am today.”

Baronet’s approach to teaching is anything but conventional. His classes are a journey into the depths of creativity and self-exploration, pushing students to unveil parts of themselves and their imaginations they never knew existed. Gupta eloquently shared his transformative experience, stating,

“His classes are not for the faint of heart, and you are pushed to explore vulnerable parts of yourself and your imagination to create work that is fulfilling, meaningful, and intelligent.”

What sets Baronet apart is not just his ability to teach but to inspire. His dedication to cultivating an environment of diverse perspectives allows students to gain a deeper understanding of concepts and themselves.

“Willie transcends traditional teaching methods and implores us to dig as deep as we can into ourselves to find what drives us and gives us purpose.”  – Roshan Gupta

Beyond the classroom, Baronet’s commitment to his students is unparalleled. Whether it is driving to a photo shoot in the middle of the day, hopping on a Zoom call in the midst of his busy schedule, or spending hours just talking, his devotion knows no bounds. As Gupta aptly put it, “I don’t know a single other professor who devotes the same level of care and attention to detail that Willie does for his students inside and outside of the classroom.”

Before joining the academic world, Baronet was the creative director for GroupBaronet (now known as MasonBaronet). His work has also been featured in prestigious publications such as Communication Arts, Graphis, and AIGA Graphic Design Annual, among others. Baronet’s creativity has been recognized with numerous awards from respected organizations, including the Dallas Advertising League and the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, and he has shared his insights on creativity, leadership, and social responsibility with audiences nationwide, including TEDx, Creative Mornings, and more.

Beyond his professional achievements, Willie Baronet has engaged in impactful artistic endeavors, notably his long-term project titled “WE ARE ALL HOMELESS.” Since 1993, Baronet has been collecting signs from homeless individuals, transforming these artifacts into powerful narratives that challenge perceptions and foster empathy. This project has not only been featured across various media platforms but has also been showcased in exhibitions both in the U.S. and the UK.

Willie Baronet’s recognition of the 2024 HOPE Undergrad Professor of the Year Award is a testament to his exceptional role not only as an educator but as a mentor, guide, and inspiration to his students. His innovative teaching methods, coupled with his unwavering dedication, exemplify the best of academic leadership and the impact a passionate professor can have on the lives of their students.

Congratulations, Professor Baronet, on this well-deserved honor. The HOPE Professor of the Year Award is a fitting recognition of your tireless devotion to your students.

Celebrating Unprecedented Success: TAI Students Triumph at the Graphis International New Talent Annual

It’s with immense pride that TAI announces the monumental achievement of our creative students at the prestigious Graphis International New Talent Annual. They have outdone themselves, placing an astonishing 54 campaigns in the competition, surpassing our previous record of 40. This accomplishment is not just a milestone for us, it’s a recognition of the exceptional talent, hard work, and unwavering dedication of our students and faculty.

The Graphis International New Talent Annual is renowned for its rigorous competition, attracting entries from universities across the globe. Yet, every single student from both of our creative cohorts won at least one award each, and some as many as ten, an unprecedented achievement! Our success at the Dallas ADDYs last month was only the start of a great awards season.

“This is just the beginning of an amazing run this Spring with the DSVC National Student Show and Young Ones just around the corner.” – Mark Allen

Our students’ achievements will also garner recognition on an international stage. Gold and Silver winners will have the honor of their work being featured in the hard-back annual due for release this summer. Those who earned Honorable Mentions will find their names and project descriptions commemorated in the back of the same volume.

For anyone looking to celebrate these achievements or draw inspiration from these amazing works, we encourage you to pre-order a copy of the New Talent 2024 here.

Congratulations again to all the students, as well as professors Mark Allen, Willie Baronet, and Cheryl Mendenhall, for their extraordinary achievements. As we look forward to the upcoming showcases and competitions, we are excited to see what our talented cohorts will accomplish next.

Full list of awards:

Graphis International New Talent Annual // 2024 


Oreophoria / Maddie Otero and Savanna Hodes

Silva Auri Logo / Juan Silva

Alzheimer’s Association / Maddie Otero

1Password / Roshan Gupta and Kayla Hanrahan

Open AI / Timothy Chae and Savanna Hodes

Amtrak / Timothy Chae and Blake Lyster



BANYA Logo / Savanna Hodes

The Woods Logo / Savanna Hodes

Give Hugz Stuffed Animals Logo / Savanna Hodes

Maison Margiela REPLICA Fragrances / Morgan Martinez and Delaney Gendron

Skout’s Honor Pet Odor Eliminator / Helena Hargraves

Mountain House Camping Meals / Emma Clarke

Zildjian Cymbals / Timothy Chae and Ethan Jones

Fender / Kailyn Sawhny and Helena Hargraves

Insomnia Cookies / Ross Yenerich

Seedlip / Callie Oden and Emma Clarke

Evite / Caroline Davis and Blake Lyster

Hipcamp / Tyler Chapman and Linh Vu

Liquid IV / Nicole Zimmer and Andrea Torroni

AT&T It Can Wait / Roshan Gupta

L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanner / Blake Lyster and Morgan Martinez

Shakespeare Pizza Logo / Ethan Jones

Drunk Elephant / Kaitlyn Blan and Caroline Davis

Mejuri / Roshan Gupta and Morgan Martinez

Edible Arrangements / Savanna Hodes

Smartwater / Juan Silva and Delaney Gendron

Truth Initiative / Anti-Vaping PSA / Spencer Hogan, Bella Mac and Allie Weinstein

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (Print) / Roshan Gupta and Maddie Otero

Allianz Travel Insurance / Sydney Sam and Hannah Jacobbe

QuietOn / Ethan Jones and Atenas Vijil

Runderwear / Callie Oden

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (TV) / Roshan Gupta and Maddie Otero

FTND Pull Back From Porn / Tyler Chapman

Unite America / Morgan Martinez



Womanizer Logo / Morgan Martinez

Tuft & Paw / Morgan Martinez

Cry Wolf Logo / Morgan Martinez

Martinez Business Card / Morgan Martinez

Waze Logo / Kaitlyn Blan

Roshan Ocean Business Card / Roshan Gupta

Plan Blake Business Card / Blake Lyster

Stickermule / Juan Silva and Ethan Jones

ELF Cosmetics Logo / Juan Silva

Lovense Adult Toys Logo / Kaitlyn Blan

Acorns (Integrated) Maddie Otero & Morgan Martinez

Venmo /Juan Silva & Kaitlyn Blan

KILZ Primer / Spencer Hogan

RESY / Kayla Hanrahan and Savanna Hodes

Harry Potter World / Emma Georghakis and Will McKinnie

Acorns (Video) / Maddie Otero & Morgan Martinez

H&R Block / Linh Vu

Duolingo / Ethan Jones and Caroline Davis

TaskRabbit / Atenas Vijil and Timothy Chae

Dixie Ultra / Kaitlyn Blan & Caroline Davis



Class is in Session: High Marks at the 2024 Dallas ADDY Awards

On February 29th, the creative talent of Southern Methodist University (SMU) students was once again in the spotlight at the 2024 Dallas ADDY Awards, held at the On the Levee event center. Hosted by AAF Dallas President and TAI Adjunct Professor, Deja Sanders, the night was a celebration of creativity, hard work, and academic excellence. SMU students took home an impressive 20 awards, including 7 Gold, 10 Silver, 2 Judge’s Choice, and the coveted Student Best of Show. This marks the fifth consecutive year—and sixth in the last seven years—that SMU has won Best of Show, a testament to the continued excellence and consistent growth of Temerlin Advertising Institute.

“I can’t stop beaming after the 2024 Addy awards. So proud of our students and all of their hard work. I HAVE THE BEST JOB ON THE PLANET. (caps Willie’s)” – Professor Willie Baronet

The range of work presented at the awards was broad and innovative, spanning ad campaign projects for existing companies across many different media forms. Since all the work received Silver and above, they will now move forward to compete in the District 10 competition, one of the most competitive districts in the country.

Best of Show winners Spencer Hogan, Bella Mac, and Allie Weinstein pose with Professor Mark Allen

Professor Mark Allen noted that, “the work our students produced this year is truly impressive, and Temerlin’s reputation for creative excellence was on full display in front of the entire DFW advertising community.”

However, the evening was not just about accolades, it was a testament to the student’s dedication and commitment to quality work. Professor Cheryl Mendenhall expressed immense pride, noting, “The Addys give us an opportunity to celebrate all of their hard work and show off their talents to the industry.” The event also facilitated valuable connections between students and industry professionals. Mendenhall noted that several agency professionals congratulated and introduced themselves to TAI’s students, which in the past, has led to the potential for internships and job opportunities.

Gordon Law poses with his Educator of the Year award

In addition to the many student awards, Gordon Law, TAI’s own Executive in Residence, was honored as the Educator of the Year. This award was not only well-deserved, but it also underscored the high-caliber mentorship and education provided by SMU’s faculty across the board.

However, the TAI student’s work and awards does not end here. Allen said that, “as great as this night was for us, it’s just the beginning because we had so much good work that didn’t make it into the show. So stay tuned because there’s a lot more where this came from!”

This semester TAI will also be hosting their annual student Portfolio Night on March 27th.  Keep an eye on our social media pages to see more of the winning work and stay up to date on future events.

 The Temerlin School is very proud of the work of all their students and congratulations to all the ADDY winners listed below:



Drunk Elephant / Out-Of-Home / Kaitlyn Blan & Caroline Davis

Fender / Magazine / Kailyn Sawhny & Helen Hargraves

Replica / Magazine / Morgan Martinez & Delaney Gendron

Mountain House / Integrated / Emma Clarke

Insomnia Cookies / Out-Of-Home / Ross Yenerich

Amtrak / Integrated / Timmy Chae & Blake Lyster

QuietOn / Television / Ethan Jones & Atenas Vijil

KILZ Primer / Integrated / Spencer Hogan

Seedlip / Integrated / Emma Clarke & Callie Oden

Acorns / Integrated / Maddie Otero & Morgan Martinez


Truth Anti-Vaping / Art Direction / Spencer Hogan, Bella Mac, Allie Weinstein

Fight the New Drug / Cinematography /Tyler Chapman

Skout’s Honor / Magazine / Helena Hargraves

Venmo / Integrated /Juan Silva & Kaitlyn Blan

Dixie Ultra / Out-Of-Home / Kaitlyn Blan & Caroline Davis

Fight the New Drug / Television / Tyler Chapman

Truth Anti-Vaping / Out-Of-Home / Spencer Hogan, Bella Mac, Allie Weinstein


Alzheimer’s Association / Television / Maddie Otero

QuietOn / Television / Ethan Jones & Atenas Vijil


Truth Anti-Vaping / Art Direction / Spencer Hogan, Bella Mac, Allie Weinstein

2024 ExxonMobil Lecture Series: Celebrating the Decade of the Mexican Avocado featuring Avocados from Mexico CEO and President, Alvaro Luque 

On February 22, 2024, Temerlin Advertising Institute at SMU hosted their annual ExxonMobil Lecture Series on Sustainability at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. This event offered an immersive experience, blending educational discourse with a vibrant networking atmosphere for over 200 students, professionals, and sustainability enthusiasts. All gathered to hear from the man responsible for revolutionizing the avocado market, Alvaro Luque, President and CEO of the non-profit marketing organization, Avocados from Mexico (AFM). The expanding popularity of avocados took center stage as the event seamlessly wove together the threads of sustainability, and marketing innovation. Luque’s insights provided a rich tapestry of his 30-year marketing journey, emphasizing the strategic vision that catapulted Avocados From Mexico to its status as a household name and a symbol of sustainability in the produce market. The night was a great success and we are already excited for next year!  

The evening began with a networking hour where guests could connect over drinks, avocado focused hors d’oeuvres and sweets, as well as AFM’s signature build your own guacamole cart. The cart allowed guests to pick and choose their favorite ingredients and experience AFM’s brand message of always good by showcasing how avocados can be delicious, healthy, and fun! 

When it came time for the lecture, Luque was an immediate crowd pleaser with his utilization of AFM’s  famous jingle to kick things off. His discussion centered on the remarkable journey of Mexican avocados in the U.S., where today, 8 in 10 avocados consumed are from Mexico, contributing over $11 billion in economic output. He went on to emphasize the importance of understanding their target audience and how being the first fresh produce brand to advertise in the Super Bowl played a large part in evening the playing field for them as a brand, increasing awareness in such a large market, and setting a precedent for industry innovation. 

 At the presentation’s conclusion, TAI’s Dr. Carrie La Ferle went on to engage in a lively Q&A with Luque. La Ferle shared how delighted she was by his genuine care about the next generation, engaging in every question presented, and further sharing words of wisdom with the students in the audience. Dr. La Ferle later stated how impressed she was “by Mr. Luque’s passion for strategy and his keen eye for how to, in the words of Luque, “Make AFM in the produce category, like Pepsi or Coke were to beverages.”


“If you ever doubted the ability to market produce like a CPK, developing a visible brand in a brandless category, doubt no more,” said Dr. Carrie La Ferle of the Temerlin Advertising Institute. 

Guests left the evening with more than valuable insights on developing visible brands in brandless categories. Each attendee received a goodie bag which included their very own Avocados From Mexico. 

The 2024 ExxonMobil Lecture Series: The Decade of the Mexican Avocado, highlighted the Temerlin Advertising Institute’s dedication to integrating sustainability with marketing excellence and moto of “Better Advertising. Better World.” 

Watch the full lecture here:

Previous ExxonMobil Lectures included brands like Publicis, Pepsi Co, Honest Company, Nike, Chick-fil-A, and Monster, features like Signs of Humanity and David Baldwin, and topics like Spirituality.

Dr. Quan Xie Earns Esteemed AAA Research Fellowship Award

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising and digital marketing, Dr. Quan Xie, an accomplished assistant professor at the Temerlin Advertising Institute, Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University, has earned herself a spotlight moment. Last year, she not only added another accolade to her impressive resume but left an indelible mark on the industry by clinching the prestigious AAA Research Fellowship Award at the 2023 American Academy of Advertising Annual Conference in Denver.

Dr. Xie is now a two-time recipient of the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Research Fellowship Award (2023 and 2017) and also received the fellowship from the ANA Educational Foundation Visiting Professor Program in 2018, partnering with Publicis Media in New York City. Her commitment to education extends to serving on the Educational Board of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Dallas.

This coveted national award is a testament to Dr. Xie’s exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to the field. Her winning proposal, “Product Endorsement of Wellness Influencers Who Fuel the Anti-Vaccine Movement,” reflects her commitment to exploring uncharted territories within influencer marketing. Dr. Xie’s research delves into the impact of misinformation labels on influencer meanings and endorsement effectiveness, addressing a critical gap in the current marketing literature and navigating the complexities of the post-pandemic era. Dr. Xie’s research confronts the challenges of the anti-vaccine movement, a timely and pressing concern. She poses intriguing questions such as, “How does anti-vaccine advocacy impact endorsement effectiveness, and what distinctions emerge between supporters and opposers of the movement?” Dr. Xie aims to unveil the intricate dynamics of misinformation labels, pre-existing schemas, and social proof in influencer marketing through meticulously designed experiments.

Beyond the walls of academia, Dr. Xie’s work holds promise for reshaping influencer marketing strategies. Her research aims to empower practitioners with valuable tools for proactive influencer evaluation and selection. She said, “Results will extend influencer marketing literature and provide insights for practitioners.”Dr. Xie’s accomplishments in the realm of influencer marketing research are undeniable. Her dedication to understanding the broader social-cultural context of influencer meanings sets a precedent for aspiring researchers. Grounded in her established expertise, Dr. Xie’s unique perspective adds depth and nuance to her exploration of the effects and implications of digital technology in advertising. Her work exemplifies the Temerlin Advertising Institute’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in advertising and digital marketing.

Stay tuned for updates on Dr. Xie’s research journey and further accolades from the Temerlin Advertising Institute. Driven by enthusiasm and professionalism, Dr. Quan Xie continues to pave the way, leaving an enduring legacy in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Learn more about the AAA Research Fellowship Award and more below and here:

Research Proposal Abstract

Although extant literature provides valuable insights into the mechanisms of influencer marketing, one research gap remains: there is a lack of understanding of how the broad social-cultural context shapes consumers’ interpretations of an influencer’s meanings, which, subsequently, affects the influencer’s endorsement effectiveness. To address the gap, we will focus on the misleading anti-vaccine advocacy sent by wellness influencers and explore how the misinformation label (attached to an anti-vaccine post) affects perceived influencer meanings and endorsement effectiveness. Through three experiments, we will unveil the interaction effect among the use of a misinformation label, people’s pre-existing schema of vaccination, and two types of social proof (expert counterargument, number of “likes”) on influencer credibility, influencer transparency, influencer-follower relationship, product attitudes, and purchase intentions. Results will extend extant influencer marketing literature and provide insights for practitioners to adopt a proactive influencer evaluation and selection strategy.

Intro to the Research Question

In the post-pandemic era, vaccination is critical in the fight against COVID-19. According to federal health officials, Americans may need yearly shots to protect against the virus. Nevertheless, the anti-vaccine movement is still accelerating, given the widespread vaccine hesitancy. Many wellness influencers (influencers who cover topics of health, fitness, nutrition, and spirituality) have been fueling this movement, via posting fiery but false content questioning the safety of vaccinating, which was often labeled as “misinformation” by social media platforms.  As such, for wellness influencers, how will their misleading anti-vaccine advocacy (with the misinformation label) affect their endorsement effectiveness? And how will such impacts differ between the supporters and opposers of the anti-vaccination movement? The proposed study aims to answer these questions. 

The Decade of The Mexican Avocado

Temerlin Advertising Institute Presents Annual Sustainability Lecture, The Decade of the Mexican Avocado, Featuring Alvaro Luque, President & CEO of Avocados From Mexico.

Free, Registration Required!

Join us for a discussion with Alvaro Luque, the driving force behind Avocados From Mexico. Discover the innovative strategies that escalated AFM to a leading brand and network with key players over avo-inspired bites!

Key Information: 

  • Date: February 22, 2024 (Thursday)
  • Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Location: Angelika Theater

Event Overview:

Each year’s lecture is dedicated to promoting sustainability in the marketing and advertising industries, echoing the institute’s ethos of ‘Better Advertising, Better World.’ It’s an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to network, explore current trends, and engage in pivotal discussions about the future of sustainable marketing.

Notable Speaker:

Highlighting this year’s event is a keynote address by Alvaro Luque, President & CEO of Avocados From Mexico. Luque is acclaimed for his visionary leadership, which has been instrumental in Avocados From Mexico’s rise as the leading avocado brand in the U.S., noted for its innovative marketing approaches. Under his guidance, the company has not only doubled the volume of Mexican avocado imports but also made avocados a staple in American diets, with 80% of avocados in the U.S. now sourced from Mexico, generating an economic impact exceeding $11 billion.

Alvaro has transformed the produce industry by delivering innovative marketing strategies that not only defy established paradigms but also deliver impressive results. With more than 30 years of marketing experience in the CPG and produce industries, Alvaro has successfully built a brand in a brandless category. Under Alvaro’s leadership, Avocados From Mexico (AFM) has led the growth of U.S. avocado consumption to more than 2.5 billion pounds per year, and today, 8 in 10 avocados in the U.S. come from Mexico. Alvaro’s vision for making AFM the first fresh produce brand to advertise in the Super Bowl is one of many industry firsts that have positioned AFM as the most preferred brand of avocados in the U.S. and one of the most innovative produce companies in the world.