Office of General Education

Common Curriculum course search updated with new tags

The Office of General Education updated the Common Curriculum course search with added breadth and graduation requirement tags to the catalog.

The August 29, 2022 update reflects the following tag additions by course:

  • ADV 3305- Writing in the Major (WIM)
  • ANTH 3361- Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS)
  • ARHS 3363- Creativity and Aesthetics (CA)
  • BIOL 3170- Writing in the Major (WIM)
  • BIOL 4110- Writing in the Major (WIM)
  • BIOL 4380- Writing in the Major (WIM)
  • CHEM 4110- Writing in the Major (WIM)
  • CHEM 4398- Writing in the Major (WIM)
  • ENGL 2313- Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI); Writing (W)
  • ENGL 3340- Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI)
  • ENGL 3355- Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI); Writing (W)
  • ENGL 3362- Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI)
  • ENGL 3364- Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI)
  • ENGL 3367- Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI)
  • ENGL 3379-Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI)
  • ENGL 3385- Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI)
  • WGST 3370- Historical Contexts (HC); Oral Communication (OC)

Questions or concerns related to the course search update can be directed to

Mustang Scholars President’s Scholars University Honors Program

Now accepting applications for the Assistant Dean for Scholars Programs

SMU is excited to share an open position, the Assistant Dean for Scholars Programs, is live on the SMU Staff Career Portal. Please consider, share with your offices, and post within your professional networks.  

About the Position: The Assistant Dean for Scholars Programs (HR Title Associate Director 2) is responsible for the operations, strategy, and recruitment for two of SMU’s central Scholars programs: the President’s Scholars Program and the Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt Leadership Scholars Programs.  The Assistant Dean manages these two distinctive programs in their entirety—from the scholars’ point of application to the University, through graduation, and into the alumni experience.  Working closely with scholars from both programs, the Assistant Dean will plan, orchestrate and supervise ongoing programming as well as the limited teaching of courses integrated into the experience.  With a focus on leadership, the Hunt Leadership Scholars Program involves shaping the scholars into engaged leaders, while the President’s Scholars Program has its strongest focus on creativity, innovation, and academic pursuits.  In addition, this position will collaborate closely with faculty mentors assigned to the programs, as well as other key campus offices that support leadership development, new student transitions, retention and the academic excellence goals as stated in the SMU in Four.  The tracking of student involvement, academic progress, and providing support, when necessary, will be of central importance.  The Assistant Dean will also supervise the Director of the Mustang Scholars Program and First Gen Initiatives.  Candidates must have a master’s degree but a terminal degree is preferred.  The candidate must be very detail oriented, and have a passion for working with students, fostering intellectual discourse, and becoming fully engaged in the larger SMU community. 

Deadline to Apply: October 1, 2022. Priority consideration may be given to submissions received by September 15, 2022. 

A collaborative search committee comprised of SAES members, student affairs, admissions, and faculty advisors will be formed in the coming weeks to review applications, conduct virtual and in-person campus interviews, and make a recommendation for hire. We are targeting a November 1 start date. 

Please contact Dean David D. Doyle if you have any questions. 


University Testing Center

University Testing Center welcomes new Testing Assistants

The University Testing Center welcomes to its team three (3) new Testing Assistants: Cossy Ogburie, Matt Swigart, and Anku Upadhyay.

These Testing Assistants will work alongside the Testing Manager and Coordinator in preparing testing rooms, materials, and equipment for test administrations according to individual requirements and accommodation guidelines. Testing Assistants will also proctor online and conventional pen/paper tests.

Cossy says, “I enjoy doing volunteer community service which taught me how important it is to help others. It’s a habit I continue to practice and have used to help build positive relationships. I am a big fan of travelling and love taking pictures. I am that person that reads every ingredient list on skincare product before any purchase. Hey there buddy, SMU! I am happy to be here, and Dallas, my home away from home!”

Matt adds, “I came to SMU after performing with the Marine Band while in NC. I love to read, play saxophone, and travel during my free time. I would have to say my favorite place I had the opportunity to visit was Athens! I have had a great time so far at SMU and look forward to spending the next couple of years here completing my studies.”

Anku greets, “Nameste! I am a Master’s Student in SMU Guildhall Game Design & Development course. I like to read literary fiction. I also enjoy trekking and trying new cuisine. Not typically at the same time. My passion for learning has brought me to SMU, and I am excited to meet people from here, there, and everywhere.”

We are glad to introduce you to the team as we jump into the new semester!

Office of Engaged Learning Office of Engaged Learning – Research

Undergraduate Research Report 2021-2022

Read the latest report on Undergraduate Research from the Office of Engaged Learning. Click the images to view larger versions.

University Advising Center

Classes start! Last day to edit schedule on August 26th!

Today, August 22nd, SMU students are welcomed to the first day of the Fall 2022 Semester. Throughout the week students are able to make changes to their classes and schedules by adding and swapping courses in my.SMU.

On Friday, August 26th, the ability to do so will pass! Students wishing to adjust their class schedule will only be able to drop courses moving past this date.

Be sure to be in contact with your Academic Advisor if you are thinking about adding, swapping, or dropping courses that make changes to your schedule. You can make appointments through, contact your advisor through email or phone, or make an appointment in person to visit them in their office.

The University Advising Center is located in Blanton 408 on the 4th Floor, and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:00pm, and 1:00pm-5:00pm.


Office of Engaged Learning Office of Engaged Learning - Entrepreneurship

Big iDeas and Incubator@SMU Entrepreneurship Report 2021-22

Read the latest report on Entrepreneurship Programs from the Office of Engaged Learning. Click the images to view larger versions.

First-Generation Initiative Mustang Scholars

Cesar Quezada joins SMU as the inaugural director of Mustang Scholars and the First-Generation Initiative

Student Academic Engagement & Success (SAES) is excited to announce Cesar Quezada as the inaugural director of Mustang Scholars and the First-Generation Initiative effective August 29.

Quezada brings his experience with first-generation students, cohort-based mentorship programs, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and undocumented students to the Hilltop. He is a first-generation college student and DACA recipient originally from Durango, Mexico who earned a degree in psychology from Texas A&M University-Commerce.  In his previous roles, he has been the associate director of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Division at Creighton University and assistant director for the Multicultural Center at the University of North Texas.

When asked about what he is most excited about, Quezada remarked “I am very excited to get to campus and begin working with everyone in order to start to impact students as soon as possible. The opportunity to get to work with Dr. Grabsch, the Mustang Scholars, and the large group of first-generation students is what has led me to take this opportunity.”

Quezada’s platform as a higher education professional gives him the advantage to incorporate both the student perspectives and needs into this overall work which includes teaching others what they can do in order to help and better serve first-generation student communities at their institutions. Since his undergraduate years, he has also been a part of various professional associations where he has presented at state and national conferences, among them the NatDC’s Diversity in Leadership Conference, NCORE, Excelencia in Education, and participating in Men of Color Consortiums hosted by Project Males out of the University of Texas at Austin. He also has received national recognition for his work from Excelencia in Education.

Please join us in welcoming Cesar Quezada to the SAES team!


University Testing Center

University Testing Center opens today, provides accommodated testing services to SMU community

The University Testing Center (UTC) opens today and begins to offer accommodated testing services to the SMU community.

Today begins a three-phased opening of the center. In phase one, most accommodated testing – for students with testing accommodations approved by Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies (DASS) – will be proctored by the center. Accommodated testing will be conducted by the UTC as a backup to instructors and academic departments. The test proctoring process and reservations of testing seats remain the same within DASS Link.

In spring 2023, phase two will pilot the expansion of services to student athletes during their sport’s competition season.

Depending on space usage and demand, the final phase will be to add placement testing and evaluation services. A handful of other campus test proctoring services will remain operational and resources to instructors. Learn more about the new testing center, eligibility for testing, policies, and booking processes at

UTC Open House Reminder

On August 24, from 2-4pm, join us in the basement of Clements Hall (G15) to learn about the space, the services offered, and how we support you in providing a secure and reduced distraction environment for students.

Food will be served and information sessions and tours will be led by our Testing Manager and Coordinator every 20 minutes. We hope you’ll stop by and join us in welcoming this new department to campus.

Reach out to us via email at or by phone at 214-768-6064.

First-Generation Initiative

First-Generation Initiative to host Welcome (Back) Reception

First-Generation Initiative was established in 2019 to support first-generation college students on campus. The initiative will host its first-annual reception on August 25 in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center Varsity.

The Welcome (Back) Reception is for new and returning first-generation college students and supporting faculty/staff. Food and drinks will be provided while students are given opportunities to make connections and learn about resources.

Faculty, staff and first-generation students can RSVP via SMU Connect.

First-Generation Initiative

First-Generation Initiative publishes refreshed and expanded website

The First-Generation Initiative (FGI) published a refreshed website ( for the SMU community on August 13. Just in time for the new academic year, the refresh expanded web-based resources and new features including:

Faculty and staff are encoruaged to direct students to the first-generation initiative via Feedback and recommendations of additional resources/scholarships are welcome; please email