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University Testing Center welcomes new Testing Assistants

The University Testing Center welcomes to its team three (3) new Testing Assistants: Cossy Ogburie, Matt Swigart, and Anku Upadhyay.

These Testing Assistants will work alongside the Testing Manager and Coordinator in preparing testing rooms, materials, and equipment for test administrations according to individual requirements and accommodation guidelines. Testing Assistants will also proctor online and conventional pen/paper tests.

Cossy says, “I enjoy doing volunteer community service which taught me how important it is to help others. It’s a habit I continue to practice and have used to help build positive relationships. I am a big fan of travelling and love taking pictures. I am that person that reads every ingredient list on skincare product before any purchase. Hey there buddy, SMU! I am happy to be here, and Dallas, my home away from home!”

Matt adds, “I came to SMU after performing with the Marine Band while in NC. I love to read, play saxophone, and travel during my free time. I would have to say my favorite place I had the opportunity to visit was Athens! I have had a great time so far at SMU and look forward to spending the next couple of years here completing my studies.”

Anku greets, “Nameste! I am a Master’s Student in SMU Guildhall Game Design & Development course. I like to read literary fiction. I also enjoy trekking and trying new cuisine. Not typically at the same time. My passion for learning has brought me to SMU, and I am excited to meet people from here, there, and everywhere.”

We are glad to introduce you to the team as we jump into the new semester!

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