SMU in Four Student Academic Engagement & Success

Advising @ SMU infographic now available

SMU in Four has released a new Advising @ SMU infographic designed to make student and advisor expectations transparent throughout their academic journey, from orientation to graduation.

In addition to clarifying the advising process and timeline, the infographic will help first-year admit undergraduate students understand the benefits of regularly meeting with their academic advisors.

Midsize posters will be distributed to advisors to place in their offices, and larger prints will hang in other campus offices and common spaces. To request copies of the flyers and posters, please email Dallas Forbes at

The infographic will also be socialized at SMU’s inaugural Success Fest, planned for Thursday, February 28th. This event will promote the completion of Degree Planner by the March 1st deadline – with food, swag, and a gift card giveaway to students who show that they’ve completed a degree plan. More information on Success Fest is to come… but, for now, save the date.

Office of General Education

New Common Curriculum course and experience proposal forms available

Updated Common Curriculum course and approved program or organization proposal forms are now available for download.

Based on recommendations from the Council on General Education and to improve proposal experience, each Common Curriculum (CC) Foundation, Breadth, and Proficiency & Experience will have its own form. Individual forms will aid the proposer in addressing all requirements during the first submission, improve the ability of CoGE to offer targeted feedback to the proposers when necessary, and aid in the CoGE review process to ensure all criteria are met.

Departments and proposers can submit course or experience proposals for any CC Foundations, Breadth, or Proficiencies & Experiences components via the Office of General Education online proposal system. At the same time, sponsors of programs and organizations will be able to submit proposals for Proficiency & Experience components via the same system.

Updates that make the new proposal forms more user-friendly include:

  • fillable PDF formatting,
  • more space for descriptions and explanations,
  • links to the CC rubrics to ensure accuracy, and
  • individual forms for each component rather than selecting one component via a checkbox.

If you have any questions about the new forms, proposing a course or experience, or the Common Curriculum, please contact the Office of General Education.