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New SMU Placement Tests requirement for Calculus and Chemistry

At SMU, a few courses require placement tests for students to enroll. Placement testing determines a student’s current level of skills and knowledge, ensuring that they have the best chance for success.

On May 1, enrollment in MATH 1309, MATH 1337, and CHEM 1303 requires either:

  • a passing score on a placement test (see below);
  • or the corresponding pre-requisite course:
    • MATH 1303 or 1304 for MATH 1309 and 1337.
    • CHEM 1302 for CHEM 1303.

Students with previous credit in MATH 1309, MATH 1337, or CHEM 1303 (whether AP, transfer, or SMU) will be able to enroll in these courses without taking the placement test. Although effective on May 1st, this requirement only applies to Fall 2024, not Summer 2024 classes.

Students who pass the placement exam will be put into a my.SMU Student Group that allows them to enroll.

  • Students with a score of 20 or above (out of 35) on the MATH 1309 placement test will be put into “MTH 2 – Enrollment in MATH 1309.” They can only enroll in MATH 1309.
  • Students with a score of 20 or above (out of 35) on the MATH 1337 placement test will be put into “MTH 1 – Enrollment in MATH 1337 & 1309.” These students can enroll in either MATH 1337 or 1309.
  • Students with a score of 18 or above (out of 30) on the Chemistry placement test will be put into CHM1 – “Enrollment in CHEM 1303.”

These tests can be found within a Placement Test Canvas Course; students can enroll themselves in this course, but they should start with the University Testing Center’s website ( for the link and further information. This new course will also host the language placement exams, so continuing students no longer need to contact the World Languages and Literatures department before taking the exam.

Students are given a maximum of two attempts on each exam. If they encounter technical difficulties, they should contact the University Testing Center (

Students are told within the Canvas course that these permissions to enroll will be granted within 24 hours of finishing the test, although they can see their scores immediately.

Pre-majors with questions about their test or placement can contact the University Advising Center (; declared majors can reach out to the University Testing Center (

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