Student Academic Engagement & Success

Updated Division of SAES organization charts

AY23-24 is coming to a close, and AY24-25 brings with it several organizational changes! As announced at the Division of Student Academic Engagement and Success (SAES) meeting in February, these organizational changes will take place on June 1.

We’ve refreshed our organization charts to reflect these changes and posted them on the SAES website.

A summary of changes effective June 1 include:

  • The Office of Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies has moved from Student Academic Success Programs to Undergraduate Education and Student Success under the leadership of Dustin Grabsch.
  • The area of Student Academic Success Programs and the University Advising Center have merged under the leadership of a new Assistant Provost. This merged unit is now called the area of Student Advising and Academic Success Programs.
  • A new academic program, the Department of University Foundations, has been created under the leadership of Caitlin Anderson. This new program houses all UNIV courses and PRW courses.

We’re thrilled to move forward with this new framework across our division, and we look forward to both new and continuing partnerships that will result from these changes.

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