Discovery News: Etruscan Inscription Reveals Name of Goddess

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Discovery News: Etruscan Inscription Reveals Name of Goddess

Science news site Discovery News covered a new discovery from the SMU-sponsored dig at Poggio Colla, a key settlement in Italy for the ancient Etruscan civilization. Archaeologists previously found a 2500-year-old slab in the foundation of a monumental temple at the dig, and have determined now that sacred text on the stele, as it's called, mentions the name "Uni," an Etruscan fertility goddess.

One of the most significant Etruscan discoveries in decades names female goddess Uni

Etruscan, stele, Uni, goddess, Poggio Colla, Italy, Gregory Warden, SMU, Mugello Valley ProjectArchaeologists translating a very rare inscription on an ancient Etruscan temple stone have discovered the name Uni — an important female goddess.

SMU’s engineering students to test new virtual reality game to practice solving hands-on infrastructure failure problems

SMU, Lyle, Engineering, Geo Explorer, Usama El ShamySMU’s engineering students will help test a new virtual reality game that will someday be rolled out to classrooms everywhere to help students design, inspect and test geotechnical systems virtually. SMU will receive $80,000 in funding as part of a larger $650,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, which was awarded to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y., to develop the game, Geo Explorer.