Dallas Morning News: SMU researcher, Garland students are using smartphones to monitor bridge safety


Dallas Morning News: SMU researcher, Garland students are using smartphones to monitor bridge safety

Brett Story DALLAS (SMU) – Seems like smartphones can do everything these days. Add to that list gathering information on bridge’s structural health. Brett Story, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at SMU's Lyle School of Engineering, and students at Garland High School are using smartphones in passing cars to check if [...]

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Attackers could be listening to what you type

SMU researchers were able to detect what is typed with remarkable accuracy using just a smartphone DALLAS (SMU) – You likely know to avoid suspicious emails to keep hackers from gleaning personal information from your computer. But a new study from SMU (Southern Methodist University) suggests that it’s possible to access your information in a [...]

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SMU Research with Impact

  SMU’s faculty and students join forces as co-creators of knowledge that spans the arts, sciences, engineering, business and the humanities. Students become hands-on contributors to significant discoveries. In collaboration with industry, nonprofit organizations and other institutions, our researchers forge paths to results that can be applied ethically on a local, national and [...]

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SMU Engineering Profs Receive NSF Grant to Build Multi-Dimensional Drone Communication Framework

DALLAS (SMU) – Faculty and students in SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering will use an $849,839 grant from the National Science Foundation to improve unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) communications, with the potential to enable the next wave of drone applications ranging from delivery of consumer goods to supporting autonomous combat and search and rescue efforts. [...]

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SMU Physicist Explains Significance of Latest Cern Discovery Related to the Higgs Boson

Stephen Sekula says observation of the Higgs particle transforming into bottom quarks confirms the 20th-century recipe for mass DALLAS (SMU) – Scientists conducting physics experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider have announced the discovery of the Higgs boson transforming, as it decays, into subatomic particles called bottom quarks, an observation that confirms that the "Standard [...]

KERA: 8 Questions For The Government To Consider Before Investigating Encrypted Data

KERA public radio interviewed SMU cybersecurity expert Fred Chang about new government guidelines for investigating encrypted data from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

Cyber grad and U.S. Marine Corps vet Michael Taylor proved his mettle as an outstanding student researcher

‘Outstanding student in computer science & engineering’ graduates Dec. 16 with master’s degree and Raytheon ticket to a Ph.D.

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