Conventional vs. modern: Repertoire drives opera house identity, market share

SMU, opera research, Cox, Bo Kyung KimIn new research, Cox School’s Bo Kyung Kim explores the options for opera companies competing for position.

Paradoxically, the authors find, to create space for unconventional repertoire choices it may be necessary to make yet more conventional choices.
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Women have made strides for equality in society, but gender gap still exists in art museum directorships

SMU, Cox, Gender Gap, MuseumsThe Association of Art Museum Directors and the National Center for Arts Research at Southern Methodist University have released findings from a research study designed to understand the gender gap in art museum directorships and to explore potential factors to help the association’s member institutions advance toward greater gender equality. Continue reading

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Search for dark matter covers new ground with CDMS experiment in Minnesota

CDMS Dark matter, Jodi Cooley, SMUScientists hunting for dark matter announced Friday they’ve made significant headway in figuring out a key characteristic of the mysterious substance.

Dark matter has never been detected, but scientists believe it constitutes a large part of our universe. Key to finding dark matter is determining its mass, or the volume of matter it contains. Continue reading

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NOvA experiment glimpses neutrinos, one of nature’s most abundant, and elusive particles

NOvA, SMU, Tom Coan, neutrinos 400x300Scientists hunting one of nature’s most elusive, yet abundant, elementary particles announced today they’ve succeeded in their first efforts to glimpse neutrinos using a detector in Minnesota.

Neutrinos are generated in nature through the decay of radioactive elements and from high-energy collisions between fundamental particles, such as in the Big Bang that ignited the universe. Continue reading

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Scientists issue call to action for archaeological sites threatened by rising seas, urban development

Western%20Site%20Margin%20400x300.jpgShould global warming cause sea levels to rise as predicted in coming decades, thousands of archaeological sites in coastal areas around the world will be lost to erosion.

With no hope of saving all these sites, an SMU archaeologist and others call for scientists to assess the sites most at risk.

Photo: A site at Anacapa Island, southern California, is in danger of eroding into the ocean. (Credit: Reeder)
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