Software developed by SMU stops ransomware attacks

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Software developed by SMU stops ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks have become more common since COVID-19 pandemic DALLAS (SMU) - Engineers from SMU's Darwin Deason Institute for Cybersecurity have developed software that detects ransomware attacks before attackers can inflict catastrophic damage. Ransomware -- a type of malware infection that causes important data files to be locked and prevents users from accessing their important [...]

2020-05-13T08:39:02-05:00 May 13, 2020|Categories: SMU In The News, Subfeature, Technology|

Dallas Innovates: Gamers join scientific research to help end the COVID-19 threat

BALANCED Media|Technology and Complexity Gaming have launched a citizen science effort that will test drug compounds against coronavirus, helping SMU sift through possible treatments faster Source: HEWMEN DALLAS (SMU) – While medical professionals everywhere have been hard at work for months searching for a cure to the COVID-19 virus, an unlikely industry has [...]

2020-04-30T08:21:53-05:00 April 29, 2020|Categories: Health & Medicine, Researcher news, SMU In The News, Subfeature, Technology|

Psychological study teaching people to experience and recognize joy has been adapted for COVID-19

DALLAS (SMU) – SMU has adapted their study on a psychological condition known as anhedonia to reflect new restrictions in place because of the coronavirus pandemic.   Researchers at SMU and UCLA have been involved in a five-year study of a treatment for anhedonia – the inability to find pleasure in any aspect of life – since [...]

2020-04-30T14:36:47-05:00 April 23, 2020|Categories: Health & Medicine, Mind & Brain|

New study by SMU professors details how homeless students are doing educationally in Houston ISD

DALLAS (SMU) – A new report by SMU professors Alexandra Pavlakis and Meredith Richards details how homeless students in Houston ISD are faring educationally. SMU's Simmons professors Alexandra Pavlakis and Meredith Richards look at research information with Kessa Roberts, post doctoral fellow. Released by the Houston Education Research Consortium at Rice University, the report [...]

2020-04-23T14:33:38-05:00 April 23, 2020|Categories: Learning & Education, SMU In The News, Subfeature|

SMU Center for Family Counseling offers free remote services

DALLAS (SMU) – SMU’s Center for Family Counseling is now offering free telehealth counseling to anyone who needs it during the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as a work-around to help the community during this period of mandatory social distancing has proved to be so successful that the center will continue offering remote counseling even after the [...]

2020-04-13T16:11:03-05:00 April 13, 2020|Categories: Health & Medicine, SMU In The News, Subfeature|

Cybersecurity matters more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic

DALLAS (SMU) – The coronavirus pandemic isn’t just a serious threat to people’s health. It’s also giving cybercriminals the perfect opportunity to access your computer and potentially steal sensitive information, warns an SMU cybersecurity expert.    Mitch Thornton, executive director of the Deason Institute for Cyber Security in SMU's Lyle School of Engineering, said there are a number of factors [...]

2020-03-31T11:44:35-05:00 March 27, 2020|Categories: SMU In The News, Subfeature, Technology|

Kids who blame themselves for mom’s sadness are more likely to face depression and anxiety

DALLAS (SMU) – “Even if she doesn’t say it, I know it’s my fault that my mother gets sad.”    Kids who believe comments like this – assuming blame for their mom’s sadness or depression – are more likely to face depression and anxiety themselves, a new study led by SMU has found.   “Although [...]

2020-05-15T11:39:19-05:00 March 10, 2020|Categories: Mind & Brain, Researcher news, SMU In The News, Student researchers, Subfeature|

A year of surprising science from NASA’s InSight Mars Mission

A new understanding of Mars is beginning to emerge, thanks to the first year of NASA's InSight lander mission. Findings described in a set of six papers published today reveal a planet alive with quakes, dust devils and strange magnetic pulses. Five of the papers were published in Nature. An additional paper in Nature Communications details [...]

2020-02-25T11:59:54-06:00 February 25, 2020|Categories: SMU In The News, Subfeature|

If women scientists wore fake facial hair, would men take them more seriously?

DALLAS (SMU) – Bonnie Jacobs is a world-renowned paleobotanist at SMU (Southern Methodist University) who specializes in the plant fossil record and what it reveals about past communities, ecosystems and climate. Her work in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia has helped document the origins and evolution of Africa’s modern biomes, as well as shed light on the [...]

2020-02-27T13:42:48-06:00 February 24, 2020|Categories: Fossils & Ruins, Researcher news, SMU In The News, Subfeature|
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