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WFAA: SMU to study recent North Texas quakes

SMU researchers will deploy seismic stations in North Texas in an effort to gather information about the recent spate of earthquakes in the area, according to a June 9 report by WFAA-TV Channel 8 news reporter Jason Whitely. Read the full story.


By Jason Whitely
DALLAS — In the frenzied pace of everyday life, few North Texans think much about what happens beneath their feet. However, the recent earthquakes in the Cleburne area have changed that for many.

There were two more earthquakes Tuesday. The first measured 2.4 and the second, which happened an hour later, was 2.1.

“This is not a place where earthquakes occur, so this is not a place where small earthquakes have been studied,” said Dr. Chris Hayward, a geophysics research projects director at SMU.

Southern Methodist University is preparing to embark on a first in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“This is the equipment we’ll be putting out in the field to detect earthquakes,” said Ashley Howe, a SMU earth science student, while standing over a portable hi-tech seismic station.

The university is deploying ten portable seismic stations to better pinpoint why the ground has started to rumble.

Read the full story

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