Rare earthquake activity in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has prompted the National Science Foundation to loan SMU 10 seismic stations to study the phenomenon. News reports about the research have been filed by The Wall Street Journal, WFAA-TV Channel 8, the Dallas Morning News and others.


By Ben Casselman
The Wall Street Journal
CLEBURNE, Texas — This small city at the epicenter of the region’s natural-gas boom has been shaken by another arrival from underground: earthquakes.

Five small temblors this month have some people pointing the finger at technology that drilling companies use to reach deep into the earth to shatter rock and release new stores of natural gas — the same technology that has made many of the locals rich.

Thousands of wells have been drilled in the past five years. Now, a wave of small earthquakes is leading some residents in the north Texas town to link the two developments and some seismic experts to wonder about the cause.
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By Jason Whitely
Geophysics researchers at SMU said they will send several portable seismic stations to Cleburne after a scheduled meeting with city officals next Monday. City officials want to begin taking more precise measurements after five minor earthquakes have shaken the Johnson County city south of Fort Worth in the last week.
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By David Tarrant
Dallas Morning News
The recent swarm of small earthquakes has stirred more than a passing interest among local scientists, and a team from Southern Methodist University plans to deploy portable seismic stations for a better reading on what’s shaking down below.
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