Windows 10 Build 20H2 Update: What to Expect

Windows 10In order to keep SMU PCs secure and reliable, OIT is planning to update campus computers to the newest build of Windows 10, build 20H2, starting November 12. This major update includes the usual bug fixes and small quality-of-life changes, but also includes increased compatibility for Dolby Atmos headphones, more efficient search indexing, and much more. Here’s what to expect when your computer is ready to install the upgrade.
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Stepping Up Your Microsoft Teams Game

If you haven’t yet checked out Microsoft Teams, you probably want to. Last year Microsoft announced that they will retire support for Skype for Business come July 2021. While SMU won’t be pulling the plug on Skype for Business service immediately, there will come a time that embracing Teams will be a must.

For those of you who have never logged into Teams, you can log in and peruse by visiting The training team even has a sandbox that you can play in. All you have to do is shoot an email to, and we will add you to the sandbox site. You might also want to check out the Microsoft Teams Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning.

In a recent training, we received a few questions from trainees who wanted to step up their Teams game. Here are a few tips for users already immersed in Teams.

How can I post content to multiple channels on different Teams?
Information can be shared with multiple channels through distributing email or posting in conversations to numerous teams. This quick video will show you all the steps you need to do.

I want to add a calendar for my team. How do I do that?
Whether you are interested in using a calendar to coordinate vacation schedules or utilize group calendars for team events or projects. Teams has a couple of options for you.  This 8-minute demo provides you a sampling of a few options.

For additional tips on Microsoft Teams, we recommend the Microsoft Teams Tips Weekly moderated by Nick Brazzi of LinkedIn Learning.



Microsoft Certification Exams: 4 Tips for Success 

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Whether you are taking Word, PowerPoint, Excel Associate, or an Excel Expert exam, we have some proven strategies for you!

#1: Know what you are getting into!

You are about to take an industry-standard certification created by Microsoft’s experts and the most fluent in those applications across the country. Did you know that the average user utilizes about 5-10% of a particular application, and many users are only barely introduced to the power behind the software? So, if you think you can cram for this exam a day or two before the test, you may want to think twice. Continue reading Microsoft Certification Exams: 4 Tips for Success 

Summer Learning Opportunities: Certifications, Career Development, and more!

Now that the Spring 2020 semester is behind us, and with many of us still taking precautions in the fight against COVID-19, you may be wondering how to pass the time and learn new skills during the summer months. We’d like to present you with a few options to take advantage of during your downtime.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications

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Team Up! Microsoft Teams Makes it Simple.

Microsoft Teams Logo without TextLast spring, we rolled out Microsoft Teams to campus. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, now is a great time under our new “essential personnel only” mandates for SMU.

Microsoft Teams provides individuals a customizable workspace with access to many of your essential items in one interface. MS Teams can be used to create a collaborative team workspace for workgroups to organize projects, host different channels for various topics, chat with colleagues or classmates, and even easily retrieve documents filed in One Drive or Box without ever leaving the Teams application! Continue reading Team Up! Microsoft Teams Makes it Simple.