Important information about Windows 10

We are receiving several reports of machines crashing after applying updates in Windows 10.  In most of these cases, the computer has to be fully reloaded.  While we are looking for the specific update causing the issue, SMU employees, please take a moment to ensure you have a current backup of all your data. Continue reading Important information about Windows 10

Get Your Projects into Shape with OneNote

OneNoteIt is now that time of the semester when things get hectic! This time is filled with even more studying, exams, and sometimes those big projects. As your workload gets busier this time of year, large projects can appear especially daunting.

Thankfully, there are resources that can help you keep your projects organized and on track! Continue reading Get Your Projects into Shape with OneNote

Apple’s iLife and iWork are now available for free.

iLife and iWork now freeWith Apple’s recent updates to the iLife and iWork applications at the end of March, Apple has made the software available for free to all users. Previously, you had to purchase a new device or Mac to get the software at that price. Now users with older Macs can have access to the latest tools freely. The only downside is the Apple apps usually require more recent versions of the OS and/or computer processor. Continue reading Apple’s iLife and iWork are now available for free.

OIT Spotlight: Guillermo Vasquez, Linux & Research Technology Specialist

In this month’s OIT Spotlight, we meet Guillermo Vasquez, the Linux & Research Technology Specialist for Academic Technology Services.

Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from?

Guillermo VasquezMy name is Guillermo Vasquez, and I’m a natural researcher, a technology enthusiast, and an amateur photographer. I’m also a Linux professional and a cyber-security expert with specializations that include ethical hacking and technology forensics investigation. I was born to a loving family of farmers in the heart of Chihuahua, Mexico. I consider Linux to be my first language. Continue reading OIT Spotlight: Guillermo Vasquez, Linux & Research Technology Specialist

Pony Express Ending in May

Pony Accepted Here
Pony Accepted Here window sign.

Pony Express, the pre-paid debit account available to all students, will be discontinued at the end of the semester. While Pony Express accounts were honored at all dining facilities on the SMU campus and a few other establishments off-campus, the program will be ending on May 17, 2017. Going forward, Flex Dollars is the recommended alternative for dining on campus without a meal plan. For Copy and Print funds, students will need to begin using their PaperCut account for their printing charges.  Continue reading Pony Express Ending in May

Quarterly Security Update for April 2017 Now Available

OIT Quarterly Security Update (April 2017)

Our latest edition of the OIT Quarterly Security Update is now available to the SMU community. In this edition, we discuss how technology is helping the police in an interview with SMU Police Chief Rick Shafer, how the Clery Act reveals campus crime on college campuses, how campus lockdowns work, how toll tags can speed up your parking in the morning, and how the Access Control Initiative is improving the requesting and approving cards and codes.

To access the report, click the link below.

View Report

Authenticating to Box@SMU is required before viewing or downloading the report.
This report is confidential and not intended for distribution outside the University.

Vista’s Out, Creator’s Update is In

TWindows Vista Logooday is the day. April 11, 2017 is the day that Microsoft officially ends support for the beleaguered Windows Vista operating system. First released in 2007, mainstream support for Vista ended five years ago. Now, all support has ended and it moves to the big hard drive in the sky. Continue reading Vista’s Out, Creator’s Update is In