OIT Security Showdown Tomorrow!

The Shredder
On Friday, October 21st, we are hosting our first Security Showdown from 1–3 in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center Ballroom. Please join us to learn how to better protect yourself and the University. We will offer mini sessions on security topics, games, prizes, and much, much more. Continue reading

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Fall 2016 Security Report Now Available

OIT Security Report 2016

Our Fall 2016 Edition of the newly revised OIT Security Report is now available to the SMU community. In this edition, we discuss Cybersecurity Awareness Month, how ransomware is impacting industries and you, a warning from a victim of a scam, credit card fraud, how to secure your smartphone, and how our simulated phishing emails help our community learn to spot the red flags of spam and phishing attempts.

To access the report, click the link below.

View Report

Authenticating to Box@SMU is required before viewing or downloading the report.
This report is confidential and not intended for distribution outside the University.

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Internet Applications, Internet Safety, and You

As more applications are run from the internet, rather than installed locally on a device, each of us needs to become more cognizant of browser security settings and internet safety practices.  The following are a few key tips for internet safety. Continue reading

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IT Shared Services: Quarterly Report Now Available

As part of our continuing efforts to make as many of our processes as transparent as possible, our third quarter reports for all campus IT departments are now available for your reference. Click here for a list of all of the documents.

Each document is a separate report for each school and the Central University Libraries. They contain details on the amount of incidents that were reported and how they were handled. There are also updates from our Director of Customer Service, Rachel Mulry, on the large-scale IT projects taking place in each area.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these reports, feel free to drop us a line at help@smu.edu.

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Canvas Corner: WalkMe Guides, Attendance, and Quizzes

Canvas CornerEvery month in Canvas Corner, we discuss the new features and enhancements available in Canvas. This month, we cover new WalkMe guides, how students can see their attendance, notifications updates, and expanding quiz questions. Continue reading

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The OIT Security Showdown is Next Week!

I work with Cybersecurity Superheroes!

As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we will be hosting our first Security Showdown on Friday, October 21st from 1–3. Join us for tips and tricks, and learn how to better protect yourself and the University. We will offer mini sessions on security topics, raffle off prizes, and much, much more.

1:15 p.m. Protecting Your Identity.
You don’t need superpowers to activate your identity protection. Presented by InfoArmor.
1:45 p.m. The History of Lock Picking.
A look at locking mechanisms, and their evolution through time in the arms race between ‘Keep Out’ vs. ‘Let Me In.’
2:30 p.m. Cyber Security Superheroes Revealed.
We will unmask our campus cybersecurity superheroes in this fun awards ceremony. Light refreshments will be served.

OIT Security Showdown Comics Covers
Test your cyber security skills at our interactive booths. How will you fare against our cyber villains? Can you beat the Blue Screen at gaining access to a employees computer? Will the Professional Conjecturer be able to reset a password by browsing your social media profiles? Find out next week at the Security Showdown.

Review your IT account security with Duo and the password reset tool, which now offers more secure challenge questions. Stop by and learn about the Top 5 security actions you should take today to protect your SMU data.

Need your personal documents shredded? We will have secure bins for your personal shredding needs.

Prizes and giveaways include Vacation Days, Campus Dining Pony Certificates, Movie Theater Gift Cards, “I work with Superheroes” T-Shirts, SMU Football Tickets, Tate Lecture Series Tickets, and much more.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Security Showdown.


OIT Security Showdown
October 21, 2016.
1:00 p.m. — 3:00 p.m.
Hughes-Trigg Ballroom

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Duo Required for my.SMU Starting October 10th.

DuoSince April, the University has required Duo two-factor authentication (2FA) for all SMU employees to access the Payroll, time reporting, HR & Benefits areas of my.SMU. Beginning October 10th, Duo will be required to access any part of my.SMU. In an effort to protect our systems, we need all employees to register at least one device with Duo. We encourage you to follow the instructions at smu.edu/duo to enroll in Duo today to continue uninterrupted access to my.SMU. Continue reading

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Our HR Fair Winner & Another Chance to Win

Laurene Klassen & Rebecca Sampson, the winner of the OIT/HR Fair Batman Voice Changer Helmet.Thank you to everyone that took the time to stop by our booth at the annual HR Fair. We want to congratulate Rebecca Sampson on taking home the Batman Voice Changer Helmet in our booth raffle. Now, just because you didn’t win the helmet, doesn’t mean you still can’t be a winner.

There are a few days left to enter to win a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. To enter, just go to smu.edu/lynda and watch one Lynda.com video tutorial video before the end of business on October 11, 2016. That’s it. We will select one random SMU employee from those viewers. The winner will announce on October 12th.

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the OIT Security Showdown on October 21, 2016, at 1 p.m. in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center Ballroom.

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Do You Know How to Spot A Phish?

AnitPhish (Anti-Phishing Campaign)Phishing is a method of identity theft which requests confidential information such as usernames, account numbers, passwords, etc. by masquerading as a legitimate, trusted company.  This term typically refers to attempts through email.  However, this same type of attack can occur in person (social engineering) or over the phone (farming).

Phishing emails have become very sophisticated.  It used to be that they were so poorly written that you could just rely on really bad grammar or spelling errors to determine their legitimacy.  That is no longer the case.  The emails can appear to come from trusted addresses and cleverly designed with graphics, disclaimers, etc.  So how can you determine if an email is legitimate?

Continue reading

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IT Roundtable Event: A Great Conversation

Roundtable Discussion with the IT Leaders

Yesterday, the IT Leadership met with various faculty and staff in an open roundtable discussion.  We had prepared a PowerPoint presentation outlining where we’ve been and a few strategic items on the horizon.  Prior to the event, we decided that we’d much rather facilitate a conversation with the attendees and answer their questions.  Of course, we had the presentation to fall back on if there weren’t questions at the IT Roundtable.  Fortunately, what resulted was a candid and collaborative discussion taking the full hour and a half! Continue reading

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