Your New Phone: What to Do When Returning to Work

Campus Phone ServicesAs we begin returning to the Hilltop, we know there are already plenty of tasks on your list for getting back into the swing of things. But, one of those tasks should definitely be to log into your new telephone!

If a new AudioCodes telephone was installed at your desk and you never had the chance to log into it before having to work from home, the process is easy:

  1. On your phone, press the Sign In button. Then, select the Web Login option.
  2. You will be given a four-digit code which could also include letters.
  3. Visit
  4. On the phone setup page, enter the code on your phone’s screen, then your e-mail address into both the e-mail address and username fields, and then your password.
  5. Click Sign In. Your phone should then log in after a few seconds.

If you changed your password while working from home, don’t worry! You can still make and receive phone calls on your telephone. However, you will need to sign out of the phone and then back in in order to access your calendar features on the phone. To sign out, press the Status button on your phone, then Sign Out. Once signed out, follow the instructions above to sign back in.

What about my old phone?

If your old Intecom PBX phone is still beside your new phone and your new phone is up and running, feel free to unplug the old phone and set it aside. We hope to pick up these phones in a safe manner later this summer!

As always, let the IT Help Desk know if you have any questions regarding your new phone. Welcome back!

Teams pivot to support simultaneous in-person and online classes this fall

Epson ScreenClassroom instruction has been turned upside down this year, shifting from 100% in-person to 100% online.  As we return to the Hilltop for Summer 2, we are anticipating yet another transition where instruction occurs in both online and face-to-face modalities simultaneously.  Pedagogically, this will require a good bit of flexibility for faculty. The classroom technology to support this hybridized approach is also very different and complex. Continue reading Teams pivot to support simultaneous in-person and online classes this fall

Phone Replacement Project Update: May 2020

AudioCodes 445HD TelephoneWith the recent impact of COVID-19, the phone deployment schedule had to be adjusted temporarily. However, phone deployments on campus have resumed.  Prior to phones being deployed, users will receive a communication indicating the date that their phone will be deployed. They are also alerted that a fiveminute outage of service could impact those users who are utilizing Remote Desktop services. Users will have the option to request that their phones be deployed before 8 a.m. in order to avoid service disruption. To date, over 47% of physical phones on campus have been deployed. 

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Summer Learning Opportunities: Certifications, Career Development, and more!

Now that the Spring 2020 semester is behind us, and with many of us still taking precautions in the fight against COVID-19, you may be wondering how to pass the time and learn new skills during the summer months. We’d like to present you with a few options to take advantage of during your downtime.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications

Get Certified (Featured Image)During this unprecedented time, Certiport, SMU’s Microsoft certification vendor, is now offering Continue reading Summer Learning Opportunities: Certifications, Career Development, and more!

Interactive Tips for Zoom with Diane Gifford

Diane GiffordDr. Diane Gifford is a clinical assistant professor in the Simmons School of Education and Human Development. On May 12, 2020, Diane participated in SMU’s Remote Learning: From Survival to Exceptional series with a session on Interactive Synchronous Tips. During the action-packed workshop, Diane provided attendees with tips and tricks for faculty to help keep students highly engaged and connected when presenting remotely with Zoom. Continue reading Interactive Tips for Zoom with Diane Gifford