Lost your LinkedIn Learning invite? We have you covered!

R U In?You may have received an e-mail invite from LinkedIn Learning a while back. Like lots of things in our busy lives, it may have also fallen through the cracks. While you can always create your LinkedIn Learning account by visiting smu.edu/linkedin and logging in with your SMU ID and password, we also wanted to let you know that we will soon be re-sending invitations to those who have received an invite before but never activated their account.

If you receive an invitation, just follow the instructions in the message to gain access to the thousands of hours of fantastic training content from LinkedIn Learning! Don’t know where to start on your learning journey? We have several blog posts with lots of great courses to explore. Also, LinkedIn Learning will also soon begin sending helpful course recommendations and course progression information to your SMU e-mail.

If you have any issues with your invitation or have any other questions, let the IT Help Desk know and we will be happy to help.

Farewell to July: Ready for August!

Recently, I received the dubiously perfect birthday gift—someone who knows me too well presented me with a desk plaque which reads simply: “Let Me Overthink That.”  I’m a worrier, I’m an over-analyzer, and I’m the guy who—just before the meeting is over—prolongs the meeting by another 15 minutes anticipating all of the other things that might go wrong—and how we can strategize to keep those things from happening.  Generally, things go pretty smoothly despite my bias toward preparing for the worst.  To the best of our ability, we are committed to continually supporting and encouraging you in this challenging work toward preparation for the Fall 2020 term.  As it happens, I can vouch for your campus faculty support partners who share the similar characteristic I mention above—we make it our job to overthink things to improve support and experiences for our faculty and students.  Please remember that we’re here to help—if you have any instructional planning or preparation questions or challenges—don’t overthink or worry about it too long—let us partner with you to find answers to your questions and concerns. Continue reading Farewell to July: Ready for August!

Enhanced Authentication for On-Premises Exchange Starting July 30, 2020

Unfortunately, some users were experiencing issues with this change in the authentication. Our team has rolled back the change to reduce disruptions to campus operations and will reschedule for a later date.

Outlook & DuoStarting July 30, 2020, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will enhance the way authentication is done for on-premises Exchange users. Campus users of the desktop version of Outlook, Webmail, ActiveSync, and Outlook for Android and iOS clients will see a new multifactor authentication prompt similar to what is seen on Box, Canvas, other protected services. This change will help to protect email and other sensitive information. Continue reading Enhanced Authentication for On-Premises Exchange Starting July 30, 2020

Duo is Coming to Library Services on August 5, 2020

SMU Libraries & DuoComing soon, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will enable Duo multi-factor authentication for accessing many of the Library services. This new requirement was recently approved by SMU Libraries to better protect access to a number of library resources. These Library systems and subscription E-resources used by faculty, staff, students, and even retirees, will begin prompting for Duo starting on August 5, 2020. Continue reading Duo is Coming to Library Services on August 5, 2020

Closing in on Fall 2020: Classrooms & Resources Taking Shape

Last week, a colleague encouraged me to reconsider using the word “unprecedented” in any further official communications—citing that the whole world was quite exhausted by the term. We are traveling through uncharted instructional readiness territory as we rapidly near the beginning of the Fall 2020 term. We recognize the unparalleled, unequaled, unmatched, unrivaled, extraordinary, uncommon, and remarkable efforts and preparations that you are making for your students’ Fall 2020 instructional readiness. As you navigate this significant work, remember that your support partners in the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), and the SMU Libraries are here to help. Continue reading Closing in on Fall 2020: Classrooms & Resources Taking Shape