Phase I of SMU’s Phone Replacement Project Completed

Phone Project Phase 1 StatsIn September, we wrapped up the completion of Phase I of the Phone Replacement project.  This multi-year project kicked off with over 900 cabling upgrades and enabling layer 3 routing to ensure infrastructure readiness. Once these initial upgrades were complete, OIT kicked off a pilot to test functionality and ensure the successful rollout of new phones on campus.  Implementing this new system was a massive undertaking, with OIT staff canvassing The Hilltop to audit, plan, train, and deploy. From the University Data Center to Expressway Tower to the Law quad, every campus building required exceptional attention to detail. Continue reading Phase I of SMU’s Phone Replacement Project Completed

Microsoft Certification Exams: 4 Tips for Success 

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Whether you are taking Word, PowerPoint, Excel Associate, or an Excel Expert exam, we have some proven strategies for you!

#1: Know what you are getting into!

You are about to take an industry-standard certification created by Microsoft’s experts and the most fluent in those applications across the country. Did you know that the average user utilizes about 5-10% of a particular application, and many users are only barely introduced to the power behind the software? So, if you think you can cram for this exam a day or two before the test, you may want to think twice. Continue reading Microsoft Certification Exams: 4 Tips for Success