Studying for MOS Certification? Don’t Update Office!

If you are currently working towards a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification and studying on your personal computer, make sure that Microsoft Office does not update automatically just yet!

Office 365, the Office subscription service provided to you by SMU, normally updates automatically on your computer. Since Office 2019 is now being introduced, some students have reported that after updates were applied their MOS practice exams in GMetrix no longer work! This is because the exam focuses on Office 2016 and is not compatible with newer versions.

Here’s how you can stop automatic updates so you can continue practicing for your Office 2016 exam:

  1. In any Office program, click File in the top left of the window.
  2. On the File screen, click Account.
  3. One the Account page that appears, click the Update Options icon.
  4. Select Disable Updates.
The Update Options button as seen in Microsoft Word.
The Update Options button as seen in Microsoft Word.

That’s it! However, if your computer has already updated to the latest version, you will need to use Gmetrix to study on any of the public computers available in the Fondren Library, the Cox Business Library, the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center, or the ADSA office.

Microsoft will be releasing Office 2019 exams in the near future. Once we start offering those exams it should then be safe to re-enable Office updates. If you have any issues with this process, let the IT Help Desk know!

Duo “Remember Me” Feature Issues Reported for Safari

DuoSeveral Universities have reported over the past few days that Duo no longer allows users to select the “Remember Me for 1 Day” option when using the Safari browser.

This issue has been reported to Duo and they are currently working on a fix for the problem. The root cause is most likely due to the most recent Safari update to version 10.14. Duo expects the fix to be implemented in the first week of December 2019. In the meantime, if you would like to have Duo remember your login for one day, you will need to use a different browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

We’ll keep you notified on Twitter when this issue gets resolved!

Campus-Wide Phone Deployments Coming in 2020

AudioCodes 445HD IP PhoneAs we wrap up 2019, OIT is gearing up for the phone deployment phase beginning in January. Over the past year, our efforts have focused on completing the various infrastructure requirements to support this new phone service. These efforts included networking cabling upgrades throughout campus, coordination, and updates to ensure location data is transmitted to law enforcement for 911 calls, and the various servers and software configurations to support Skype for Business. Continue reading Campus-Wide Phone Deployments Coming in 2020

Adobe Creative Cloud Security Breach Affects 7 Million

Adobe Creative CloudWe’d like to make you aware of a recent report of a security breach that occurred on one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud servers.

Security researchers recently found a publicly available server that was not password protected that contained some customer information. Adobe has responded to this report by securing the server in question and providing more information as to what was exposed. The information revealed was as follows:

  • Email addresses
  • Account creation date
  • Which Adobe products they use
  • Subscription status
  • Whether the user is an Adobe employee
  • Member IDs
  • Country
  • Time since last login
  • Payment status

Adobe has also made clear that no payment information or passwords were revealed. So, what does this mean for us at SMU since we are users of Adobe Creative Cloud? Thankfully, not much! This breach did not affect any SMU computers with Adobe software.

We must always remain vigilant in our modern world of security breaches. With the information that was exposed, there is always a possibility that the info could be used for phishing campaigns. Always be on the lookout and let the IT Help Desk know if you receive any suspicious messages!