Microsoft Certifications: 700 and Counting

Get Certified with MOS CertificationOver 700 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications have been issued since the MOS pilot program began in September 2017. This semester, nearly 300 students from Cox, Dedman, and Simmons will be participating in the program as faculty representing eight class sections are utilizing the Microsoft Office exams in their coursework. In total, OIT has worked with 24 class sections since the pilot program’s inception. Continue reading Microsoft Certifications: 700 and Counting

New In-Person Training Available This Spring

This spring, we are offering several in-person training courses for the SMU students, faculty, and staff.

Upcoming In-Person Training

As always, OIT offers a selection of in-person courses each semester for commonly used software and services. Here’s what’s on offer for the spring! Register at or click the course title below. Continue reading New In-Person Training Available This Spring

Fall in love with LinkedIn Learning this Valentine’s Day

I ❤️ LinkedIn LearningLove is in the air at SMU this month, so why not fall in love with learning?

If you haven’t heard, LinkedIn Learning is now available to all full-time eligible employees and students. LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform offering over 13,000 digital courses taught by industry experts with content from Watch videos on business, software, technology, and creative skills then promote your new skill set on your LinkedIn profile for professional networking and prospective employers to see. You can also download and view learning videos offline using the LinkedIn Learning mobile app.

The benefits and rewards of LinkedIn Learning are huge for both students and employees: Continue reading Fall in love with LinkedIn Learning this Valentine’s Day

Security is No Joke: Let’s Duo

DuoBeginning April 1, 2019, all matriculated students will be required to use Duo Security’s Two-factor authentication (2FA) when accessing my.SMU. Yes, we know that’s April Fools Day, but this is no joke!

Duo Two-factor authentication will be used to verify a student’s identity when logging into my.SMU. This security measure will be enforced to prevent unauthorized use of a student’s SMU account. Continue reading Security is No Joke: Let’s Duo

New Version of Zoom Client: One Window, More Features

Zoom LogoZoom has been SMU’s video conference system of choice for a couple of years now, and plenty of you have taken advantage of its ease of use and stellar call quality. Recently, Zoom released an update to their desktop client, and here are some highlights of what’s new!

Continue reading New Version of Zoom Client: One Window, More Features

New gift card phishing scam using fake supervisor email addresses

As we begin the Spring semester, we would like to remind you to be diligent in watching for phishing emails. Over the last several weeks, OIT has been notified by a number of faculty and staff members who have received messages that appear to come from supervisors. The email will urgently request that the individual purchase a gift card (Walmart, iTunes, etc.). The emails have used an external email address like instead of their SMU email address.

The phisher will request that the gift card numbers and pin need to be emailed or texted to the supervisor. These scammers do their research to get the name of the boss and details of his/her employees. Tracing their source is very difficult.

Don’t be fooled!

Below is the sample email exchange in chronological order. Never comply with a request like this and always confirm either in person or with a phone call with the supervisor to make sure this is not a scam. In the example exchange below, Sally ABC is the chair of the Alternative History department of “” and was spoofed by the bad guys. Dave XYZ is Sally ABC’s personal assistant.

From: Sally ABC<>
To: Dave XYZ <>
Subject: Respond
There is something I need you to do. Can you get this done ASAP? I need couple of Walmart gift cards (worth $100) for some a giveaway for a student club. Please get the physical card from the store. I need to send them out in less than an hour. When you get the cards, scratch out the back to reveal the card codes, and email me the codes.
I am going into a meeting now with limited phone calls, so just reply my email.
Sally ABC
Sent from my iPad
Subject: Re: Respond
From: Dave XYZ <>
To: Sally ABC<>
Find below the codes below:
Xxxxx 12234 xxxyyy
Abcde 12345 12344
Sent from my iPhone

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk at 214.768.HELP (4357) or at

Microsoft’s Windows 7 Update Support Ends January 2020

Windows 7 LogoLike Windows Vista and XP before it, Windows 7 will reach the end of its update support cycle early next year.

Full support and updates for Windows 7 have been halted since 2015, but January 14, 2020, will mark the day when even critical security updates stop for the operating system that made its big debut in 2009. That year was the heyday of the tiny and eccentric netbook craze, FarmVille was big on a burgeoning Facebook, and some tech news outlets were claiming that Apple’s rumored tablet computer would never happen. A lot has changed in the tech world since 2009, but Windows 7 has been one of the most long-lasting and popular versions of Windows. But nothing lasts forever in the IT realm. Continue reading Microsoft’s Windows 7 Update Support Ends January 2020

LinkedIn Learning plus the Watch and Win Contest Now Available

Training Anytime with LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is now LinkedIn Learning! The same great content from Lynda.cοm is now delivered through an intuitive, new learning experience that’s more personalized and easy-to-use with LinkedIn Learning.

All active students, faculty, and staff now have full access to LinkedIn Learning and the over 13,000 expert-led courses covering business, design, technology, and much more available 24/7. Visit to get started. Continue reading LinkedIn Learning plus the Watch and Win Contest Now Available