Road to MOS5K Starts Now!

MOS5K Award
Since 2017, OIT has been offering Microsoft Office Specialist, or MOS, certifications to members of the SMU community. In 2021, we awarded our 3,000th certification, and, now, we are on our way to reaching 5K MOS certifications. To celebrate, we are announcing the MOS5K award!

With the successful completion and award of the 5,000th Microsoft Office Specialist certification proctored at SMU, we will present a MOS5K Study Pack to that student.

The MOS5K Study Pack includes the following:

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Winter 2023 Security Report Now Available

ChatbotOur latest OIT Quarterly Security Update edition is now available to the SMU community.

This issue focuses on the generative AI everyone is talking about—ChatGPT. We may have heard it mentioned on the news or by colleagues lately, so in this month’s edition, take a deeper dive into ChatGPT with the help of ChatGPT. Most everything written in this month’s newsletter was authored with the help of an AI. You’ll even see the prompts we used to get the AI talking. Continue reading Winter 2023 Security Report Now Available

Love Data Week Returns for 2023

Love Data Week iconSMU Libraries has teamed up again with the Office of Information Technology’s Research and Data Science Services Team for “Love Data Week.” This series of workshops, sponsored by the Research and Scholarly Initiatives Team, is targeted toward anyone with a burgeoning interest in the data sciences, all the way up to the most seasoned researchers. You can find the schedule of workshops, starting on February 13th, below.

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Phishing Email Simulations Return After Hiatus

AnitPhish (Anti-Phishing Campaign)Phishing attempts—those pesky emails that try to lure you into revealing personal info like passwords and financial information—are constantly evolving to thwart the University’s effort to stop them. While users only receive a small percentage of these emails in their inboxes, it takes one wrong click to start off a chain of new attempts.

For several years, SMU has worked to make our community more aware of these phishing attempts by sending simulated phishing emails. While we all have had to pivot and change our routines over the past couple of years, it was decided it was best not to add one more thing to everyone’s plate, so we took a break from the simulation. Yet, with the recent influx of successful phishing messages, the OIT Information Security Team will relaunch the simulated phishing email campaign in the coming weeks. Continue reading Phishing Email Simulations Return After Hiatus

Cyber Wellness Program Helps SMU Community Discover Its Strengths

Cybersecurity Wellness ProgramLast October, SMU offered employees the option of participating in a pilot of our first-ever Cyber Wellness Program. The Cybersecurity Wellness Program is based on the award-winning book, Well Aware: Master the Nine Cybersecurity Habits to Protect Your Future by SMU’s CSO, George Finney. Well Aware helps make security easy by making security a habit.

As we all should now realize, cybersecurity is critical for success in our modern world, and learning to master your cybersecurity habits will not only help you to protect your company and your career but also your family and your future.

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