Campus-Wide Phone Deployments Coming in 2020

AudioCodes 445HD IP PhoneAs we wrap up 2019, OIT is gearing up for the phone deployment phase beginning in January. Over the past year, our efforts have focused on completing the various infrastructure requirements to support this new phone service. These efforts included networking cabling upgrades throughout campus, coordination, and updates to ensure location data is transmitted to law enforcement for 911 calls, and the various servers and software configurations to support Skype for Business. Continue reading Campus-Wide Phone Deployments Coming in 2020

#SMUCertified Contest Starts Now

MOS Study Prize PackWe recently celebrated our 1,000th Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification here at SMU. CCPA student and Senior, Matthew Brink, received his certification in Microsoft Word and became that honored recipient. For his efforts, Matthew was awarded a Study Prize Pack filled with goodies, such as a reusable LinkedIn Learning water bottle, a $25 Starbucks gift card, a $50 campus print credit, plus snacks and other treats. We want to offer other students a chance to win another Study Prize Pack. Continue reading #SMUCertified Contest Starts Now

Making Sitecore Approachable with Individual Instruction

Sitecore Individual InstructionWith Sitecore being the official web tool for the campus, we want it to not only be a success for the University but using it to be successful for you too. OIT provides regular training classes, webinars, and SMU-specific documentation for using Sitecore. Beyond that, we offer several Sitecore Clinics, walk-in sessions where users can get their questions answers, and Individual Instruction, where users can get personal assistance with using features and forms. Continue reading Making Sitecore Approachable with Individual Instruction

Sitecore at SMU 2018–2019 Infographic

Sitecore LogoThe Office of Information Technology (OIT) Web Team recently reviewed the usage of Sitecore on campus, support and training for Sitecore, and how the is being accessed. While this review can help with analyzing the effectiveness of the tool and our support, it will also help prepare us as we move to upgrade sites to the next generation of page layouts.

Some interesting tidbits are highlighted in the infographic, such as almost 4.2 million users visited SMU online last year. Of those users, most use Chrome or Safari to access This could be due to almost half of the users are accessing the site on mobile devices and those are the default browsers for Android and iOS.

As for Sitecore editors, of which there are almost 700, the top 7% of active editors – users that have logged in and made an edit within the last year – performed over 50% of all actions within Sitecore. Also, almost 10% of the editors are students.

More of these results can be seen in the following infographic.

Continue reading Sitecore at SMU 2018–2019 Infographic