How to Download and Install Older Versions of Adobe Applications

Adobe Creative Cloud iconAs Adobe rolls out updates to Adobe Applications at an accelerated pace with Creative Cloud, as compared to the old Creative Suite days, there might be times when you need to use the older version of an application, compatibility with plug-ins is one example. Here is how to download the previous version of the applications in the suite. Continue reading How to Download and Install Older Versions of Adobe Applications

Student Software Installation Service Sets Up for Success

Student Software InstallsIt seems like obtaining and using all kinds of software has just gotten easier and easier. You can access an online version of Microsoft Office from your browser in seconds, powerful photo editing and other art tools are accessible in an instant from your PC or even your phone, and storage and processing of large files can simply be taken care of in the cloud. However, some software is still not as simple as we would like.

That’s where the IT Help Desk comes in. There are still many program installations for course requirements that are either lengthy, complicated, finicky, or all of the above. Starting in January 2017, the IT Help Desk began a student software installation service to assist with these difficult programs to make sure students have what they need for classes. Continue reading Student Software Installation Service Sets Up for Success

OIT Solutions Cheat Sheet

The Office of Information Technology AvatarIt is that time of year when new faculty and students come to campus wanting to take advantage of all that SMU has to offer. Many will come with experiences using different software and tools than those found on campus. While we are not a Google for Education school or use Dropbox Education, we have other solutions that will meet those needs. Continue reading OIT Solutions Cheat Sheet

Adobe Applications Now Require Sign In

Adobe Creative Cloud folderAdobe recently changed its licensing model for all products.  Unfortunately, this has added complexity to all installations of the software – particularly those in the classrooms or labs.  If you launch any of the Adobe products from a shared computer you’ll be prompted to login.  Don’t panic– it’s a very easy fix! You will simply need to sign in to the Adobe apps with your SMU ID and password to unlock the functionality on that device.  That sign-in will persist during that login session on all Adobe products.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to sign in each time you login to the computer.

Note: If you are simply accessing PDF files from within a web browser, you will not need to sign into the Adobe application. Those should display in the browser window normally. Continue reading Adobe Applications Now Require Sign In