Road to MOS5K Starts Now!

MOS5K Award
Since 2017, OIT has been offering Microsoft Office Specialist, or MOS, certifications to members of the SMU community. In 2021, we awarded our 3,000th certification, and, now, we are on our way to reaching 5K MOS certifications. To celebrate, we are announcing the MOS5K award!

With the successful completion and award of the 5,000th Microsoft Office Specialist certification proctored at SMU, we will present a MOS5K Study Pack to that student.

The MOS5K Study Pack includes the following:

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Annual IT Computer Verification

computer check iconDuring the month of February, faculty and staff with an SMU computer will receive an email requesting verification of their assigned devices.  The email will contain a personalized link to a Qualtrics survey.  Do not forward that email to anyone else!  When you take the survey, you’ll see a list of all devices that are assigned to you.  We ask that you take a moment to either indicate that our records are correct or that you provide the information that is missing. Continue reading Annual IT Computer Verification

Safeguarding SMU with Duo: New Anomalous Protection

DuoEffective February 27, 2023, OIT will implement Duo Two-Factor authentication changes to our application. As mentioned in our recent newsletter, our campus has recently experienced a new cybercriminal threat where hackers attempt to access an account. This is accomplished by repeatedly attempting to send Duo requests until the end user approves the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) prompts. This method is referred to as “MFA Fatigue.” Continue reading Safeguarding SMU with Duo: New Anomalous Protection