Perceptive Content Upgrade Sets Stage for Better Document Management

Perceptive Content LogoHaving a “paper-free” society has been the dream of environmentalists, businesses, and software users for decades. A world without waste; with everything organized for easy access and efficient processing for those who need it. While institutions big and small have made some progress with eliminating paper from forms and documents, there are still areas within the workplace that need improvement. SMU manages such materials using Perceptive Content, also known as AdminImages.SMU, and in June 2019, OIT successfully upgraded to Perceptive Content version 7.2 setting the stage for better document management. I recently sat down with System Administrator Keven Jones to talk about the upgrade and what it means for users of AdminImages going forward.

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Microsoft Edge’s Chrome Makeover

Microsoft Edge LogoIt was reported a while back that Microsoft was planning to abandon its current Internet Explorer replacement, Microsoft Edge, and instead make Edge into a clone of Chromium. Chromium is the open-source browser project that serves as the foundation for Google Chrome, Opera, and several other web browsers.

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