SMU Launches Panopto for Campus-wide Video Content Management & Capture

Panopto LogoAs announced during the fall of 2019, SMU’s Academic Technology Council selected the Panopto video platform for campus-wide video content management, recording, and streaming.  As part of the announcement, SMU and Panopto are converting over 10,000 hours of existing content from the University’s legacy video platform, Kaltura. Continue reading SMU Launches Panopto for Campus-wide Video Content Management & Capture

Popular Linux Utility Security Flaw Found, Patched

Tux, the Linux mascotWe’re about halfway through Security Awareness Month, and we have another security vulnerability to report for Linux users.

The Hacker News recently reported a flaw that was discovered in the “sudo” utility, which is installed on most popular Linux distributions and allows administrators of a computer to run commands as the root user without changing desktop sessions. The flaw in question could allow a hacker to bypass security policies in place on the computer to run commands without proper authorization.

It has also been reported that this vulnerability is really only possible in very specific configurations. However, it is still essential to stay on top of these reports and to install security updates on your computer as soon as possible. This writer has checked two Linux devices – one running Ubuntu and the other running Linux Mint – and a patched version of sudo was already available for installation, so most Debian-based flavors of Linux should now have the update available.

If you are concerned about your Linux PC being affected, simply run your distribution’s default package manager’s update function (here’s info on Ubuntu and Fedora as examples) to see if a patch is ready!

Perceptive Content Upgrade Sets Stage for Better Document Management

Perceptive Content LogoHaving a “paper-free” society has been the dream of environmentalists, businesses, and software users for decades. A world without waste; with everything organized for easy access and efficient processing for those who need it. While institutions big and small have made some progress with eliminating paper from forms and documents, there are still areas within the workplace that need improvement. SMU manages such materials using Perceptive Content, also known as AdminImages.SMU, and in June 2019, OIT successfully upgraded to Perceptive Content version 7.2 setting the stage for better document management. I recently sat down with System Administrator Keven Jones to talk about the upgrade and what it means for users of AdminImages going forward.

Continue reading Perceptive Content Upgrade Sets Stage for Better Document Management