Windows 7 Must Go!

No Windows 7With less than four months until Windows 7 is no longer supported, there are still approximately 1,000 University-owned computers running this older OS on campus.  Over the next few weeks, we will be working diligently to ensure Windows 10 is installed on all of these SMU devices.  This is not an optional upgrade, and we need your help to ensure all computers are updated in time! Continue reading Windows 7 Must Go!

Adobe Applications Now Require Sign In

Adobe Creative Cloud folderAdobe recently changed its licensing model for all products.  Unfortunately, this has added complexity to all installations of the software – particularly those in the classrooms or labs.  If you launch any of the Adobe products from a shared computer you’ll be prompted to login.  Don’t panic– it’s a very easy fix! You will simply need to sign in to the Adobe apps with your SMU ID and password to unlock the functionality on that device.  That sign-in will persist during that login session on all Adobe products.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to sign in each time you login to the computer.

Note: If you are simply accessing PDF files from within a web browser, you will not need to sign into the Adobe application. Those should display in the browser window normally. Continue reading Adobe Applications Now Require Sign In

New SMU Password Requirements Coming Soon

On May 30, 2019, the University will implement a change to the existing password requirements.  Your new SMU password will now have a minimum length of 12 characters and will expire after 365 days versus the current 180 days. The password complexity requirement will not be changing, meaning your password must still have a combination of 3 of the following character types: Continue reading New SMU Password Requirements Coming Soon