OIT Quick Tip: Using Playposit with Canvas

In this Quick Tip, Simmons Academic Technology Service Director Jennifer Culver shows us Playposit, a new video solution currently being piloted that allows you to add quiz questions and other interactive elements to any YouTube video. Check it out!

If you are interested in joining the pilot program, send Jennifer an e-mail.

Kaltura Unveils New Capture Software, Features

Kaltura has been hard at work releasing new features to their already robust video capture platform. We recently let you know about the new features in video quizzes. Now, an entirely new video capture application is replacing the previous software, CaptureSpace.

The new Kaltura Capture software.
The new Kaltura Capture software.

Kaltura Capture is a complete revamp of the application. Like the old CaptureSpace, Capture can record multiple video inputs like a webcam and your computer monitor, but now setting everything up is easier than ever. Select what you want to record, and click the big red record button. That’s it!

Once you’re done recording, uploading to Canvas is a snap. The Kaltura interface within Canvas has been improved as well, with more editing features that make it behave more like mainstream video editing software like Camtasia or iMovie. Once you have edited your work, placing the video in your Canvas courses is just like before.

New Kaltura CaptureReady to get started? Just go to your My Media page in Canvas and click on Add New, then click Kaltura Capture in the menu that appears. You will then have the option to download the new Capture software for Windows or Mac. If you have any questions, let the Help Desk or your ATSD know!

Kaltura Adds New Features to Video Quizzes

A photo of a Kaltura Video QuizIf you have built video quizzes in your Canvas courses using the Kaltura video capture service, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! Kaltura has introduced a few new features to improve the value of using video quizzes. If you have not used this feature before, video quizzes allow you to integrate questions directly into any videos you have recorded. These quizzes can also be graded just like a regular quiz. Continue reading Kaltura Adds New Features to Video Quizzes

Using Kaltura’s Media Analytics to Measure Video Effectiveness

KalturaUsing video media in education is nothing new, but wouldn’t it be great to measure the effectiveness of video materials in reaching individual students in individual courses? Now, using Kaltura Media Analytics, all instructors can view powerful video statistics and analytics with ease. Continue reading Using Kaltura’s Media Analytics to Measure Video Effectiveness

Kaltura to Replace Vimeo for Video Hosting

Embedded Vimeo videoFor the past several years, OIT has been using Vimeo as a host for SMU academic-related videos that would not be suitable for SMU’s YouTube channel. Recently, Vimeo has made a change to its service that will limit the number of email addresses that can access an account. This policy has already been implemented in the Basic and Plus accounts and will be implemented soon in the PRO, which we are currently subscribed, and Business accounts. Starting July 5, 2017, we will limit access to the SMU Vimeo account and move the service into an archive-only mode. Continue reading Kaltura to Replace Vimeo for Video Hosting