Kaltura Adds New Features to Video Quizzes

This pilot has ended and Kaltura is no longer available to the SMU campus. Panopto is now the preferred video platform. More information is available at smu.edu/Panopto.

A photo of a Kaltura Video QuizIf you have built video quizzes in your Canvas courses using the Kaltura video capture service, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! Kaltura has introduced a few new features to improve the value of using video quizzes. If you have not used this feature before, video quizzes allow you to integrate questions directly into any videos you have recorded. These quizzes can also be graded just like a regular quiz.

New Question Options

An example of selecting different question formats.Kaltura has added two new question options to choose from: True/False and Reflect Point. True/False is exactly what you’d expect, and Reflect Points allow you to pause a video and display vital text to help reinforce topics.

Do Not Allow Skip

Before, a student could skip through video quiz questions without answering them. You now have the option to require them to answer a question before they continue watching the video.

No Forward Seeking

Another restriction you can now add is the forward seek disable. This means that a student can’t skip forward or scrub through the video to jump ahead. They will only be able to seek through the parts of the video they have already watched.

If you have any questions regarding the use of video quizzes in your courses, contact the IT Help Desk or your school’s Academic Technology Service Director.

Screenshot credit: Kaltura, Inc.

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