Resist the Urge to Answer the Email Now

Email-client-applicationIt’s so easy to quickly reply to email as soon as you receive it. Consider scheduling times to process email throughout the day. Otherwise, you may end up buried in your inbox! If you are working on a critical project, consider using an Outlook Alert to let others know you won’t be processing email until a specific time. Here are tips to consider when processing email.

  • Delete It
  • Delegate It – Can this be assigned as a task or forwarded?
  • Do It – Will it only take a few minutes to process? Do it now.
  • Delay It – Calendar the item or put on your task list, so you will remember it later.

Interested in learning more about Outlook?

Outlook Productivity Webinar

Wednesday, Feb 4 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Do you ever feel like you are drowning in email and need some strategies to reduce inbox clutter? The Outlook Productivity session will help you beef up your inbox and calendar skills at the start of the new year! In this session, we will cover a number of time saving tips in Outlook 2013 to manage your electronic communications more effectively.

Learn how to:

  • Create quick steps to process mail in a timely manner
  • Minimize distractions by creating rules and alerts
  • Utilize task features including: categories, custom fields, view settings and more…

Tips for Using Student Email at SMU

CSC-SC2-Tip_2_02Navigate your email with ease

With Office 365, your email is even smarter. Find important messages, communicate confidently, and collaborate with others in real time.

CSC-SC2-Tip_2_05Quickly view your important messages

Take control of your inbox. People View lets you read important messages first—from those you communicate with most often. Expand or collapse this view depending on your needs.

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CSC-SC2-Tip_2_09Avoid common mistakes

Have you ever selected Reply All to a large group? MailTips warns you about common mistakes before you send an email. Turn MailTips on or off or customize which tips appear.

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CSC-SC2-Tip_2_13Always share the latest file

Your email is now fully integrated with OneDrive for Business, allowing you to easily share your work with others while always maintaining just one version.

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CSC-SC2-Tip_2_17Search your email

Find exactly what you’re looking while on the go for by searching your email directly from Outlook Web App. You can search by sender and date and filter to get what you want quickly.

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Email Calendar Availability

Here’s an easy step to send someone your Outlook calendar availability!

  • From the calendar tab, select E-mail Calendar.

email calendar

  • Select the desired Date Range.
  • In the detail section, select the desired availability options you want to share.


  • Select/deselect the working hours only options.
  • You can choose the layout you prefer by clicking the show button under the advanced section. To close, click ok.
  • An email will then populate with a screenshot of the layout you selected.

Calendar view

calendar viewList View

list view

Tips for Better Calendar Use in Office 365

CSC-SC2-Tip_3_02Simplify your scheduling

A busy day means a complicated calendar. With Office 365, students at SMU can easily set up and manage your meetings–saving you time to get more done.

CSC-SC2-Tip_3_05See other people’s calendars

Add a team member directly to your calendar view to see their availability whenever you want. Overlay their calendar with yours or hide it as needed.

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CSC-SC2-Tip_3_09Quickly set up a meeting

See the availability of all attendees and nearby conference rooms without leaving your meeting invitation.

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CSC-SC2-Tip_3_13Search your calendar

Need to find an event on your calendar but don’t know when it occurred? Whether you’re using Outlook or Outlook Web App, you can quickly search your calendar, or other people’s calendars, to find a particular event.

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For more information on Office 365 at SMU, please visit our webpage

Office Time Saver: Using Groups in Microsoft Outlook

I was just composing an email to a number of people I will be writing on a regular basis. Rather than reinserting each individual or wasting time searching for that last sent item and forwarding to all, I decided to create an Outlook group. It takes a few seconds to set up, and if you communicate on a regular basis with a particular group of people, this trick can save you a lot of time.

New Contact GroupTo begin, navigate to your Outlook contacts (People). From the Home tab, select New Contact Group.  Select Add Members and choose the appropriate Address List. Next, name your group and click Save and Close.

When you are ready to write your group, select the To…button, under the address book select Contacts. Next, go to the name of your group, double-click  and click OK.

Your group will display in your email and is available for you to use whenever you need it!


You can easily edit or delete a group by going to your contacts and searching for the group. Once you find the group, right click on the name and select Edit or Delete.