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SMU, Service, and (Connor) Saeli

Hey everyone! My name is Palmer, and I am a sophomore studying Public Relations and Advertising. I am originally from California, but I live in Lexington, Kentucky, now. Dallas is the perfect blend of the big city culture of Los Angeles and the southern hospitality of the Bluegrass state.

Some of the best and most memorable experiences of my life have been at SMU. There is always something to do, and always someone to do it with. Whether you are Boulevarding on a Saturday or studying in a coffee shop in Deep Ellum, it is easy to become busy and let the time fly by. But, if you have some extra time, one of my favorite ways to meet other SMU students and learn about the Dallas community is through service and philanthropy! It might not be as glamorous as beating TCU (Go Stangs!), but if you like to volunteer or need some service hours for a scholarship, here are a few of the service experiences that have shown me what it means to be a Mustang.

Mustang Heroes 

Mustang Heroes is the biggest service organization on campus. Mustang Heroes works with over ten nonprofits in the Dallas area, and so there are plenty of options for students to choose from, whether it is tutoring little kids or walking dogs at the animal shelter.

The Big Event 

The Big Event is the largest, one-day, student-run service project in the nation. The Big Event was established at Texas A&M University in 1982 and continues to impact communities 36 years later. Each Spring, tens of thousands of students nationwide gather to serve their communities. It is so much fun to get to see so many friends, faculty, and staff members on one day and get to hang out and have fun while we help the community!

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is a year-long fundraising initiative that raises money for Children’s Health in Dallas. At the end of the year-long effort, we have a big dance party for 6 hours to celebrate all of SMU’s work in supporting the kids and families at Children’s. There are games, family speakers, music, performers, and more! For Dance Marathon 2019, we had Connor Saeli, an SMU grad and contestant on The Bachelorette, come and help us out! I am on the exec board for Dance Marathon, and so I got to work with the hospital families that visited and introduced them to Connor. I have never seen The Bachelorette or The Bachelor (sorry Bachelor nation!), but it definitely shows “once a Mustang, always a Mustang.”

There are so many more ways to get involved on campus, but these are a few of my favs! If you have any questions about these organizations or involvement on campus, please reach out at

Pony up!

Palmer Beldy

SMU Class of 2022


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SMU Spirit and Traditions

I always knew I had made the right decision to come to SMU, but it wasn’t until the early end of the semester that I really looked back and realized how grateful I am for the memories I have made here. As the end of  my junior year was cut off due to the pandemic, I found myself thinking–  The next time I step foot on campus, I will be entering my final year as a Mustang. This thought led  my mind down a path of endless memories, as if I was watching a slow-motion movie of my time at SMU.

The memories that stood out the most were some of my favorite events and traditions that have made my time as a Mustang so special. First, convocation when I was nervously walking alongside girls I hadn’t met, little did I know they would become some of my closest friends. As we walked through Dallas Hall around the seal and were welcomed into the SMU community, I remember feeling goosebumps trying to picture what my next four years would be like. That walk was so symbolic for me and will forever be one of my favorite traditions here at SMU.

Fast forwarding a few weeks, I finally got to experience my first Boulevard. As I walked down the Boulevard,  I was surrounded by students wearing white, showing their school spirit. I was amazed by the lines of tents decorated with extravagant chandeliers, each blasting music, and even some with puppies sporting red and blue uniforms. It was then that I truly realized why it is called Boulevarding– it is so much more than just a tailgate. Families happily walk up and down the Boulevard running into old friends, and walking with their future Mustangs. However, you have never truly experienced the Boulevard until you take a picture with Peruna.

As I sat there reflecting on my favorite traditions, the Celebration of Lights instantly popped into my mind. This event happens every year around Christmas time. This tradition will always be close to my heart, not only because of the delicious hot chocolate, but because everyone is truly welcome to join together in celebration.  During the tradition, people from the Dallas community as well as those across Dallas gather together to sing Christmas Carols in front of Dallas Hall as we watch every tree light up the lawn. For me, this tradition symbolizes the community  that SMU creates. Not only is it a celebration of Christmas and friendship, but it is a moment to celebrate the honor of being a Mustang. SMU provides an incredible community with endless traditions that make the University so special. Not only has SMU given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in an academic setting, they have opened doors for further opportunities and have made me feel at home.

Pony Up,

Ana Paula Martinez

Class of 2021

Arlington, TX


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Dining Hall Hacks

Hi everyone! My name is Ankita and I’m majoring in Advertising and Sociology with minors in History and Graphic Design. Today I’m going to share my ultimate guide to the dining halls here at SMU. After three years of eating on campus, I’ve definitely learned a few tricks! Some of these require hopping around stations but they’ll really take your meals to the next level. 







  1. Upgraded Oatmeal: Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfasts at the dining hall. The oatmeal comes plain and unsweetened, so I make sure to add lots of toppings to  give it flavor and make it more filling. My favorite toppings are peanut butter (by the toaster,) bananas, granola, brown sugar, and raisins, but I’ve also added berries and apples.
  2. Breakfast tortilla: I get my eggs scrambled with some cheese and pico de gallo and throw them into a tortilla. You can add whatever proteins and vegetables you want to this. I always put some Cholula on mine!
  3. Breakfast sandwich: I recently discovered this, and it is so easy. Grab a croissant and fill it with whatever you’d like for an easy breakfast sammie. My favorite combos are eggs, meatless sausage, and cheese, but you could easily do this with bacon or sausage.


  1. Upgraded Fried Rice: My favorite way to spice up fried rice is by adding eggs from the omelet bar. Grabbing eggs and veggies from the other stations is an easy way to add protein and flavor. Sometimes, I get vegetables and sauce and then I make my way over to the salad bar for some quinoa to add extra protein.
  2. Loaded Nachos: Arnold’s Tex-Mex station has all the tools you need to make your own nachos. You can add any of the proteins offered and top with queso, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and whatever else you’d like!
  3. Pink Vodka Pasta Sauce: This hack changed the way I ate pasta at Umph completely. Get pasta with half marinara and half alfredo sauce, and when mixed it turns into a pink vodka sauce! The consistency and texture is perfect and the combination adds tons of flavor.


  1. Starbucks Cups: These cups are lifesavers and are great for taking snacks with you on the go. My favorite things to add are Goldfish (by the salad bar!), baby carrots, and cereal. 
  2. Arnold Palmers: Super easy! Mix equal amounts lemonade and sweet tea for your very own Arnold Palmer.
  3. Root Beer Floats: Add some ice cream from the soft serve station to root beer/your favorite soda for an easy float!


  1. Ice Cream Sandwiches: This hack works best during lunch in Umph when cookies come fresh out of the oven. Grab two and add ice cream for your very own ice cream sandwich!
  2. Upgraded Waffles: Mix and match different toppings to upgrade your waffle! My roommates and I used to make a “waffle of the week” where we would all split a Texas-shaped waffle with different themed toppings. We added ice cream, brownies, cookies, cereal, or whatever else looked interesting.
  3. Affogatos: Add some coffee to ice cream for a DIY version of an affogato! Super classy and also tastes amazing.
  4. Caramel apples: Grab an apple from the front and some dulce de leche/caramel syrup from the ice cream topping bar for an easy dessert!

And there you have it! Let me know which ones you end up trying out. Don’t be afraid to get creative and create your own culinary masterpieces!

Ankita Padarthy

Class of 2021

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SMU Res Life Survival Guide

Hi everyone! My name is Cristina Mauldin, and I’m a senior here at SMU! I’m on the Pre-law track with majors in Spanish and Education and minors in Philosophy and Religious Studies. I’m originally from Mansfield, TX (about 26 miles Southwest of SMU), and I currently serve as a Resident Assistant in Armstrong Commons! I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips for living in the Residential Commons; think of it as an SMU Res Life Survival Guide!


5. Bring supplies. SMU RLSH (Residence Life and Student Housing) has a website which lists all of necessary supplies for living in the commons. Some examples include Twin XL bedding, pillows, a mirror, shower caddy/shoes, surge protector, decorations, etc.




4. Pack seasonally. This means bring mostly summer/fall clothing (and maybe 1 or 2 winter coats) first semester and mostly winter/spring clothing spring semester. Your closet will thank you!



3. Use commons resources. Each commons has a leadership team which is the combination of your RCD, FIR, RA’s, and Commons Council with members who are extremely involved in the commons/on campus. Ask them every question you have! In addition, each building comes equipped with lounges, game rooms, and study rooms for you to use and even special rooms such as music studios, meditation rooms, or libraries for entertainment. We also get AWESOME swag (check out my Armstrong Commons hat and my roommate Anna’s Armstrong shirt).


2. Get involved. Every commons has this thing called “Commons Council” which is the governing council over your commons. As a member, you can help plan events, take on leadership positions, and help your commons compete for commons cup points! (The Commons Cup is SMU’s version of the Triwizard Tournament from Harry Potter).





1.BE YOURSELF! The commons are meant to be your home away from home! This is the place where you will make your first friend group that feels like family and possibly join a leadership team the works for the betterment of your commons community. Your authentic self is an asset to both of these things so 100% bring it!

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What I Miss Most About SMU

Hey guys, I’m Zac from San Diego,CA majoring in Finance and Corporate Communication & Public Affairs.

College students across the country are struggling with the reality that their time on campus has been cut short. I know for me; it has been hard to walk away from the friendships that I have made here, especially with the seniors who won’t be returning to campus the next time I do. SMU has been my home for the past three years, and I have grown to love the culture that encompasses our beautiful campus in Dallas, Texas. Other than being away from the amazing friends I have made at school, there are a few other things that come to mind when thinking about what I miss most about SMU…

The Katy Trail

A beautiful 3.5-mile trail that begins at the edge of campus and stretches all the way downtown to the American Airlines Stadium. A few miles down the trail you can find the Katy Trail Ice house, which is a classic destination for good food and drinks.


Dallas Hall Lawn 

Dallas Hall Lawn is the ideal place to sit and enjoy a sunny Dallas day with your friends. There are dogs running about, people playing spikeball and hammocks in between trees. It’s a special place that is also home to many of our long-standing traditions like Boulevarding, Peruna Palooza (our mascot, Peruna’s, Birthday party) and Celebration of Lights.

Fondren Library 

Or what most students refer to as “Club Fondy,” is the first floor of Fondren Library. It is the ideal place to grab a quick snack, work on a group project, chat with friends or even meet with a mentor for a cup of coffee.


Armstrong Commons  

I am fortunate that Armstrong has been my home on campus for the past 2 ½ years. Some of my best friends and memories came from living in Armstrong. I now serve as a Resident Assistant and greatly miss the residents I used to interact with each and every day.

Dallas Food 

The restaurants in Dallas are like none other. A few of my favorite spots include Velvet Taco, Mi Cocina, Sixty Vines and GapCo. However, my favorite place when I am craving really good food, is the Honor Bar. You have to order the Ding’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

I am already counting down the days until I step foot back on campus for one last time, as me and my friends start our senior years together.

Pony up!

Zac Scornavacco

Class of 2021


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Enjoying Winter in Dallas

Forget the cold of the north! Nothing beats cool days in Dallas – especially a winter day at The Rustic.  The Rustic is an indoor and outdoor restaurant that is located in the Uptown of Dallas.  With its warm atmosphere, it pairs phenomenally with a brisk winter morning. Days become even more enjoyable at the Rustic every Saturday and Sunday, when bands come and play on a stage that plays to both of the indoor/outdoor environments.  This restaurant is family friendly so you will always see a wide range of ages; from the cutest baby crawling on the grass to college students to prominent members within the Dallas community, the Rustic is full of people.

The restaurant is celebrated for its authentic southern-style menu and array of creative drinks such as the frozen popsicle drink.  I have been there more times than I can count and it is still my favorite place to go on an away-game-Saturday.  In fact, I love this restaurant so much that I have also taken my parents there on multiple occasions during parent’s weekend.  If you are ever in the area, or know someone that will be, The Rustic is a sure fire recommendation to give that you won’t be worried about living up to its hype. Enjoy!

– Baxter Cantrell

Ambassadors Athletics Campus Life Spirit and Traditions

ESPN College Game Day

This past month, College Game Day came to SMU, and it was one of the best days for SMU basketball. The day started at 8AM bright and early on a Saturday when they aired the show at our very own Moody Coliseum. As soon as I arrived, we were given free grilled cheese (who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese), and I got to take a picture with our live mascot Peruna. They also handed out tons of spirit items such as game day hats and posters.

ESPN Game day

Then SMU and its biggest fans filled the coliseum to support our basketball team. T-shirts were thrown throughout the whole event, and I actually caught one, which was a first for me. The day continued with a half court shot contest where an SMU student won $18,000 right at the buzzard. It is the second time this season that State Farm has given out $18,000.

The day continued with the big game that night against UCONN. SMU basketball ended up winning 73-55 making the college game day one for the books.

GAme day 2

By Kelsey Buttrell

Ambassadors Athletics Spirit and Traditions

A New Era For SMU Football

On December 1st, 2014, Chad Morris was named the new SMU Head Football Coach. Coach Morris comes to the Hilltop after five seasons as the offensive coordinator for Clemson. Morris brings a new level of excitement to the team, something we haven’t seen in a while. In just 64 days, Coach Morris and his staff were able to attract a strong initial recruiting class of 22 Texas guys. I can’t even begin to imagine what he will be able to do with an entire year of recruiting. There are however a few things everyone should know about Coach Morris and his staff before our first football game at home against Baylor on September 4th, so here they are:

Athletics Football Head Coach Chad Morris Announcement

1. Everything is fast paced. Have you seen #Tempo or the amount of Red Bull Coach Morris drinks?
2. “You never answer the phone on the first ring and you never show anybody that you’re tired” – Coach Morris
3. This coaching staff knows that there are a lot of players within a $10 tank of gas so they want to keep recruiting within Texas and especially within DFW.
4. Coach Morris has a “you’ve got to kill me to beat me attitude” and is ready to overcome in obstacles or challenges that are put in his way.
5. Lastly, Coach Morris WILL turn this football program around. He hasn’t taken a break from recruiting or working on the playbook since he arrived on campus. Coach Morris said it best himself, “You’re going to see an exciting brand of football. We’re going to be on of the biggest turnarounds in college football before this is over with.”

Spring practice begins after spring break. I can’t wait to see all the hard work that these players and coaches have put in this off-season in the weight room and on the field pay off. It’s a new era of Pony Football and I hope you all will be there to support Coach Morris and our SMU football team this fall!

SMU Football Schedule

Check out and use the hashtag #PonyUpTempo on social media throughout the season to track SMU’s success!

By Sarah Woodruff

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A Passion Rediscovered

When I was 6 years old, my mom bought my twin sister and me our first Dixie Chicks CD. She used to travel for work a few times a month, and one of the weeks that she was away, my dad helped my sister and I learn to sing the song “Long Time Gone” together. After a whole week of practicing, we performed it for my mom, and that performance was the beginning of my passion for music and – more specifically – for singing. My sister and I started singing everywhere we went: Christmas parties, the streets of downtown Dallas, the French Quarter in New Orleans, Times Square (right next to the “Naked Cowboy”!), and pretty much anywhere we could get the attention of a few people and sing for them. As I grew up, I got so distracted with preparing for college and doing homework and filling out applications that I stopped focusing on music. My junior year of high school, I started a local indie-rock band with my best friends, and we started playing at benefit concerts and coffee shops, and all of a sudden, I fell in love with singing and performing again.


But wait – what does any of this have to do with SMU?

Well, fast forward to college. Life gets busy again, band members scatter amongst different universities, and I forget, once again, to pursue what makes me feel the most alive. Thankfully, though, SMU helped me to remember.

At SMU, during Family Weekend every year, we have a talent show with acts ranging from singing to dancing to beat-boxing. The new drummer in my band and I got together and decided to audition with one of our original songs. We made it through auditions and we were able to actually perform at the talent show. It was absolutely exhilarating. If you’ve never performed something personal and precious on stage for your peers and family members, you might not know how nerve-wracking, yet rewarding it feels, and words could never do this feeling justice. But because of the opportunities that SMU provides for its students to really engage in what they love, I got to experience this feeling once again.


In addition to the Family Weekend Talent Show, I was given another opportunity to perform the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with one of my best friends at Celebration of Lights, one of SMU’s most notable traditions that takes place in early December every year and involves hot chocolate, live music, and Christmas lights. Once again, SMU afforded me the opportunity to show an audience what I love and what keeps me excited about life. I’m not a music major, and I could probably never be at the talent level of the students in Meadows School of the Arts, but I still get to live out my passion for music on a large scale because of SMU.

So, I might not be singing Dixie Chicks songs anymore, but I’m constantly reminded to pursue that 6-year-old’s dream here at SMU, 14 years after it all started.


By Jacqui Jacoby

Ambassadors Careers

Making an Impact at SMU

At the end of last semester I had the incredible opportunity to attend the annual Net Impact Conference in Minneapolis with students and business professionals from all across the country. SMU sent 5 students to the conference to explore fields such as corporate social impact, entrepreneurship, clean energy, international development, impact investing, and many more. After realizing my personal interest in pursuing a career that incorporates business and sustainability, this conference was the perfect way for me to explore opportunities with businesses nationwide as well as network with potential employers and fellow peers with similar interests.


Going to the conference opened my eyes to how many sustainability issues our global population is facing, but at the same time I was motivated to further educate myself about these issues and learn what I can do to help. We all come to college looking for ways that we can make an impact on the world through our careers, but one of my favorite things about SMU is the amount of opportunities there are provided for students to explore whatever they’re passionate about! This conference was just one opportunity SMU has given me to think outside the box and expose myself to tons of unique careers and prospects in order to determine what I’m most interested in. The SMU network is incredibly far-reaching and even all the way up in Minneapolis, I ran into the Executive Director of Philanthropy for AT&T who recognized me from an event she had spoken at on campus – a true testament to the positive reputation SMU has nationwide!

Nikki 2

By Nikki Carenza

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Dogs of SMU

My family has had a dog for my entire life. Whenever we moved (which was 6 times), our dog, Coco the Chocolate Labrador came with. So when I came to SMU, I was very sad to leave my dog. However, I didn’t really dwell on it when I was packing up my bags.

I quickly found out that I really missed having a pet to play with! However, when I moved into Loyd Residential Commons this year, I found out that I could add a new addition to my pet family; Buster and Winston. Our FIR (Faculty in Residence) Professor Fontenot has two Shih Tzu puppies who happen to be brothers! Better yet, we have opportunities as Loyd Residents to play with the puppies every week at Professor Fontenot’s “Breakfast Crew” events every Sunday at 8:30, and can sign up to go walk the dogs around campus!

Buster wants to play!
Buster wants to play!

I have found out that it isn’t just my Residential Commons that has a dog, many of the SMU Commons’ FIR’s are following in Fontenot’s footsteps. Almost every Residential Commons has a Common Dog, and they are around for any SMU student to play with.

As I have attended more events in my Commons, I have found out how thankful I am that SMU Professors understand how much dogs mean to us! I am so excited to watch Buster and Winston grow, and I can’t wait to come back and see them when I’m an Alum!

(PS. The dogs in the Commons are hypoallergenic so everyone can join in on the puppy loving!)

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The Method to my Madness

Dallas coffee shop, Method: Caffeination and Fare, has become a second home to me and immediately came to mind when I was tasked with finding a client for a news writing class’ semester-long project. The young, energetic owner Louie Corwin and his staff of expert baristas were already familiar faces, and I was excited for the opportunity to bring them publicity.

Over the span of this semester, I am volunteering to create a media kit, consisting of items such as a backgrounder, news story and press release for the coffee shop. From the project’s writing and publishing side to the shop’s main focus—the “method” behind coffee making, I am eager for all that I will learn. Already, I have had the chance to interview Corwin and have attended one of Method’s occasional, weekend brewing classes where I learned to brew my own cup of pour over coffee. DSC_0155

In pursuing this assignment and working to get my writing published in local papers, I am so grateful to SMU for affording me engaging, real world experiences that push me to learn beyond the classroom. Because of SMU, I am not just another statistic or name muttered during roll call but rather a “World Changer.”

By Austin Whittle

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Career Center Help Leads To Internships

It was a busy fall semester full of football games, boulevards, tests, quizzes, RC banquets and deadlines for summer internships. I spent just about every Saturday in September applying for summer internships online and through the Cox Career Center Luckily by the end of the semester I had a bit of good news.

I was invited to interview with four of my top choice firms for a summer internship in New York, NY, Chicago, IL or San Francisco, CA. I immediately had to schedule some interview prep in the Cox Career Center. I met with my career counselor about 7-8 times before I flew out for my first round on interviews in New York, NY.

New York was amazing and the prep I had done in the career center more than prepared me for the Wall Street Style interviews. I was able to network with students across the country, visit the city, and dine with associates and managing directors from various departments within the firm. I interviews in January and thought it was incredibly cold, until I flew out to Chicago and realized just how windy, the Windy City really is.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


Walking around in -15 degrees Fahrenheit (with wind chill) was something this Louisiana boy had never done before. I stayed in Chicago for three days and really utilized my mock case preparation I received from the career center. The cases we reviewed at Cox was very similar to what I encountered in Chicago, however, the weather was not.

All in all, it was a very interesting journey. Earlier this semester, I planned on going abroad for the summer to Bali, but now it looks like I will be working stateside, which I couldn’t be any happier about. The Cox Career Center went above and beyond in training and preparing me and i couldn’t be anymore grateful.

By Kaleb Lee

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D-Town Dining

Being from Dallas is excellent if you, like me, love food. Having the most restaurants per
capita in the entire United States ensures that every meal eaten off campus is not just a meal,
but an experience. The variety in cuisines and atmospheres in Dallas’ plethora of restaurants
make it the perfect place to live for a college foodie. When I arrived at SMU last year I made it
my mission to try as many places as possible before I graduate. So far I’d say I’ve done pretty

I’m a burgers and fries girl, so my quest for the perfect burger started just about the day I
moved in. Myself and my neighbor decided to check out The Porch, an up-and-coming,
self-described “down home” diner with a modern vibe. The burger I had there – complete
with bleu cheese and bacon – was incredible. Since then I’ve tried Grub Burger Bar, Hopdoddy’s,
East Hampton Sandwich Co., and Lark in the Park in Klyde Warren Park, among others.
They’ve all been fantastic, and that list will only grow as I branch out even further!
I’ve always been somewhat of a picky eater so getting me to try something new is kind of
like trying to get your cat to sit still for a bath. This year however, I’ve really tried to expand my
food horizons. To my surprise, the world hasn’t ended. I really enjoy Start, a restaurant
specializing in organic food off of Greenville Ave, and Rise No. 1, a restaurant that serves
soufflés – exclusively. Trying different foods offers a new dining experience; sometimes it’s
great, sometimes it’s not so great, but learning what you like and don’t like is half the battle of
becoming a foodie. image1

If one of the things you’re looking for in a city is a place with a vast array of restaurants to choose from, Dallas definitely is for you. From nationwide favorites like Pei Wei and Chipotle to local gems like Campisi’s and Mr. Mesero, Dallas offers a unique dining experience for you no matter what
your preferences are. My advice to SMU students, visitors and residents of Dallas is to take
full advantage of the restaurant scene here. Dallas dining is spectacular!

By Tammy Winters

Ambassadors Campus Life Spirit and Traditions

Sing Song

I could not act, sing, or dance even if my life depended on it. Before college the only musical role I ever played was a pig that just oinked in the background when I was in elementary school. That was the extent of my acting career. After being at SMU for a year and a half now, I’ve had so many experiences that I never thought I would have been able to do including Sing Song. SMU Program Council, a student organization, hosts this annual event every spring where Fraternities, Sororities, and other student organizations audition to be a part of this huge musical show, Sing Song. Even though I wasn’t much of a musical type of person, I ended up being in my fraternity’s group. Our fraternity was paired with another sorority, and we started to get to work. We practiced twice a week, about an hour per practice. It was hard work, but it was a ton of fun. 10271443_478342442295037_5801221688479936640_oBy the day of the show we were prepared. Basically our musical was about cavemen falling in love and dancing to Kesha. We ended up winning 3rd place, along with a nice cash prize! Our hard work had paid off, and it was an incredible experience. I had never thought I would have done anything like this in college. We actually just started to prepare for this year’s Sing Song, and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

By James Jang