Enjoying Winter in Dallas

Jan 26, 2017|Ambassadors, Life Around Dallas|

Forget the cold of the north! Nothing beats cool days in Dallas – especially a winter day at The Rustic.  The Rustic is an indoor and outdoor restaurant that is located in the Uptown of Dallas.  With its warm atmosphere, it pairs phenomenally with a brisk winter morning. Days become even more enjoyable at the Rustic every Saturday [...]

Serving the Dallas Community

Oct 13, 2016|Life Around Dallas, Student Organizations|

SMU has over 180 different student organizations to get involved in, which became perfectly clear when I attended SMU’s student involvement fair, “Night at the Club” my freshman year. During that fateful night, I signed my name on probably 20 different organizations that I was interested in. However, although I would like to, I don’t [...]

From a Tour Guide on Campus to a Tourist in a Carriage

Oct 13, 2016|Life Around Dallas|

This semester, as a senior, I had the privilege of spending Family Weekend with my mom and sisters! Despite the distance from Philadelphia, they flew over 1,400 miles to enjoy my final SMU Family Weekend with me. After class on Friday I introduced them to the football traditions on the boulevard, and SMU’s mascot, Peruna, [...]

Texas’s Taco Obsession

Oct 7, 2016|Life Around Dallas|

Dallas’s history with Tex-Mex cuisine dates back almost 100 years. The nation’s oldest chain of Mexican restaurants, El Fenix, was founded here in 1916 and began serving a unique Mexican-American culinary experience in 1918. Since then, our city’s love affair with Tex-Mex and tacos in particular has only grown. The tortilla-wrapped dish can be purchased [...]

My Favorite Apps to Stay Healthy on Campus

Oct 7, 2016|Campus Life, Life Around Dallas, Uncategorized|

Eating, sleeping, and procrastinating. These are a few of the biggest challenges once you come to college. All of the sudden, you have more time on your hands than you’ve ever had before. What do you do with it? After you are finished studying, joining as many extracurricular activities as possible, and hanging out with [...]

The Fourth Lasso

Oct 7, 2016|Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing|

Before school starts every semester, a program called “Mustang Corral” takes place. This program consists of programming on campus, an excursion in Dallas (touring Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium, taking a Dallas Trolley Tour, doing community service at Bonton Farms, and more), and an overnight program at an off-campus campsite. Every year, I’ve grown to appreciate Mustang [...]

A New Library

Oct 7, 2016|Campus Life, Uncategorized|

As you look around SMU’s campus, you will see many new buildings and walkways that not only add to the beauty of SMU, but also enhance the student experience. Two new additions that stick out to me are the Crain Family Centennial Promenade and the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center. The promenade is a brick-lined [...]

Training for a Dallas Marathon – Staying Active at SMU

Oct 5, 2016|Campus Life, General|

I’ve always prioritized living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether its playing lacrosse in the Spring or training at the gym in the off-season, I love to sweat it out and keep my body active. This summer however, I decided to switch my routine up and begin training for the BMW Dallas Marathon. In July, I [...]

A Growing University

Oct 5, 2016|General|

I like to say that while SMU’s main mascot is the Mustang, our unofficial mascot is the crane. No, not the long necked birds, but tall construction equipment. At your time at SMU, you might see your fair share of cranes, bulldozers, excavators, and the red and blue fences that try to mask the work [...]

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