Mustangs Take to the Road

Mustangs Take to the Road

Sep 23, 2016|Athletics, Spirit and Traditions|

One wonderful aspect of going to school in Dallas is that Dallas is relatively close to other major cities. For example, Ft. Worth is 45 mins away, Austin is 2.5 hours away, and Houston is still only a 4 hour drive away. Regardless if one would consider Waco a major city, it is only 1.5 [...]

My Experience in the Best A Cappella Group Ever

Sep 23, 2016|Student Organizations|

Over the last four years, I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of the most amazing organization on campus: the SMU Belle Tones. Belle Tones is a female a cappella group that has given me lifelong friends and amazing experiences. In the past, we’ve been able to sing for former President George W. Bush [...]

What I love About Being an RA

Sep 23, 2016|Residence Life and Student Housing|

It's move-in day. You've prepared all week for 40 new residents to move into your hall. The anticipation awaits of what your floor dynamic will be this year. Will you have a quiet floor? A rowdy floor? Or, worst of all, a messy floor? No one knows, but the one thing I did know was [...]

Raising the Bar from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Jun 7, 2016|Campus Life, Life Around Dallas, Residence Life and Student Housing, Student Organizations, Uncategorized|

Corral Guides preparing for Corral Kickoff Festivities College is a magical time. Pretty much anyone you meet who has been will say that for a number of different reasons: the classes, the personal development, the freedom, etc. For me, what’s made SMU most magical is the people. When I put down my deposit [...]

Meet Peruna and His Handlers

Jun 7, 2016|Campus Life|

In 1932, SMU found its mascot in a 150-pound Shetland Pony who we named Peruna. Since then, SMU has had nine Peruna’s and the current Peruna turned nine on April 15th. Many stories surround this small mascot. Peruna is the most deadly macot in the NCAA after he kicked the Fordham ram in the head [...]

Dallas Marathon

Apr 28, 2016|Life Around Dallas|

Want to know the best study break during finals week? The Dallas Marathon. This past semester, right in the middle of finals week, I found a very unusual way to procrastinate on my studying. Instead of waking up early to study, I woke up early to run 26.2 long, rainy miles. I have to be [...]

Two-Steps Ahead of the Game

Apr 28, 2016|Campus Life, Life Around Dallas|

Being from California, I was at first unsure of how Texas culture would differ from my own personal experience. However, I came into college knowing that if I wasn’t failing, I wasn’t trying many new things and stretching myself. At first, I auditioned for the a-capella team, Southern Gentlemen. I unfortunately didn’t make the team, [...]

My Visit to the Meadows Museum

Apr 28, 2016|Campus Life, Meadows School of the Arts|

Whenever I give a tour to students, I tell them that the Meadows School of the Arts is my favorite building on campus. As a Pre-Med student majoring in Health and Society and minoring in Spanish and Photography, I have an extremely busy schedule. My studies allow me to use both the left and the [...]

A Friend in Every State

Apr 21, 2016|Campus Life, General|

“A friend in every state.” Although this is a slight exaggeration, it was a main selling point for me that SMU attracted students from all 50 states. When I stepped on campus my freshman year, the only people I knew were my roommate and the few friends I made at the Bay Area accepted students [...]

Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Apr 21, 2016|General, Student Organizations|

Ah, Spring Break. A time to kick back with your best friends on an exotic beach! Well usually. However this year I decided to spend my time in a more meaningful manner. I looked at potentially participating in a variety of service trips, and was almost all set to spend a week volunteering in New [...]

A Breakdown of SMU Sports: Division I to Intramural

Apr 21, 2016|Student Organizations|

If you’re someone that has been super involved in sports in high school, it may be difficult to decide whether or not to pursue them on the Hilltop. As someone who was in a similar spot as you just three years ago, I can give you an inside scoop on all the incredible options available [...]


Apr 15, 2016|Campus Life|

Summer is rapidly approaching, and I can’t help but reflect upon when I finally made my decision to come to SMU. My father was practically jumping for joy knowing that one of his children decided to attend his alma mater. I, on the other hand was already getting those pre-freshmen nerves beyond belief. My everyday [...]


Apr 15, 2016|Life Around Dallas|

Whether it’s date night with a special someone or late night with your friends, the key to a great night is great tacos, and Dallas is possible the greatest city in the country to fill all of your taco needs. We have taco joints all across the city with menus ranging from strictly authentic to [...]

Rob Lowe at SMU & Other Amazing Speakers

Apr 15, 2016|Academics, Campus Life|

The last thing that most students want to do when they get out of class on Tuesday afternoons is get ready to go to another lecture after dinner at 8pm. There is only one exception—one lecture that students (including myself) dress up for, make plans with friends for, and line up to get tickets for [...]


Mar 31, 2016|SMU Abroad|

Hello from Denmark! I’m officially halfway through my semester abroad in Copenhagen and I can’t believe how quickly my days here are flying by. These past two months have been an absolute blur of meeting new friends (from Danes to Americans to Jamaicans!), travelling all over Europe with my sustainability classes, and even climbing a [...]

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