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Enjoying Winter in Dallas

Forget the cold of the north! Nothing beats cool days in Dallas – especially a winter day at The Rustic.  The Rustic is an indoor and outdoor restaurant that is located in the Uptown of Dallas.  With its warm atmosphere, it pairs phenomenally with a brisk winter morning. Days become even more enjoyable at the Rustic every Saturday and Sunday, when bands come and play on a stage that plays to both of the indoor/outdoor environments.  This restaurant is family friendly so you will always see a wide range of ages; from the cutest baby crawling on the grass to college students to prominent members within the Dallas community, the Rustic is full of people.

The restaurant is celebrated for its authentic southern-style menu and array of creative drinks such as the frozen popsicle drink.  I have been there more times than I can count and it is still my favorite place to go on an away-game-Saturday.  In fact, I love this restaurant so much that I have also taken my parents there on multiple occasions during parent’s weekend.  If you are ever in the area, or know someone that will be, The Rustic is a sure fire recommendation to give that you won’t be worried about living up to its hype. Enjoy!

– Baxter Cantrell