A Letter to the Class of 2026

2022-04-25T11:42:29-05:00 Apr 25, 2022|Academics, Ambassadors, Campus Life, General, Spirit and Traditions|

To the incoming Class of 2026, Welcome! Welcome to the place that will be your home for the next 4 years, but will stay in your heart for a lifetime. Welcome to the place that just might challenge you to your limits, but those challenges will shape you into the world-changer we know you are. [...]

Why I Decided to Study Management Science

2022-02-22T09:48:24-06:00 Feb 22, 2022|Academics, Ambassadors, Careers|

When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to study engineering in college, and after some basic research, I decided on civil engineering. As I visited colleges, I was sure to ask lots of questions about the engineering school and more specifically, civil engineering. Because of this, I didn’t actively seek out other [...]

Finding Community in Your Commons

2021-10-08T15:49:56-05:00 Oct 8, 2021|Academics, Ambassadors, Campus Life, General, Residence Life and Student Housing, Spirit and Traditions, Student Organizations|

Move-in day can be scary. While the air is filled with the excitement of new opportunities and experiences, moving to a new location at such a pivotal point in our lives can feel like walking on a high-beam without a safety net below. On move-in day, most college students are moving away from their friends, [...]

Advice for High School Seniors from an Student Ambassador

2021-05-20T15:48:01-05:00 May 20, 2021|Academics, Ambassadors, General|

My name is Austin Foster, and I am a sophomore majoring in Finance with a concentration in Alternative Asset Management, Political Science, and Public Policy. I am originally from Arlington, Texas—about a 30-minute drive from campus. I am writing today to share two pieces of advice as you work on deciding what the next four [...]

Internships at SMU

2021-03-04T16:45:52-06:00 Mar 4, 2021|Academics, Ambassadors|

Internships. The word itself sounds daunting and scary, but don’t worry SMU has your back! Even given the unprecedented times of living in a pandemic, SMU has everything to prepare you for success: the Hegi Career Center, easy-to-access resources like free Linkedin Learning courses, amazing professors, Peer Academic Leaders in each commons, Hegi Career Leaders [...]

My Favorite Class at SMU

2021-02-10T14:32:57-06:00 Feb 10, 2021|Academics, Ambassadors, Cox Business School|

My name is Austin Foster, and I am a Sophomore Majoring in Finance and Political Science here at Southern Methodist University. One of the things I really love about the SMU campus is our small class sizes (average of 22 Students) and the unique personalities of each of our professors. The combination of these two [...]

Research at SMU

2020-04-17T16:41:39-05:00 Apr 17, 2020|Academics|

Hi! My name is Eliana Abraham and I am a sophomore from Plano, TX double majoring in biology and health & society and minoring in psychology on the pre-health track. The professors at SMU, in addition to teaching classes, conduct research in their respective fields. Opportunities for research exist outside of the hard sciences. Two [...]

Why I Chose SMU!

2020-04-13T11:20:42-05:00 Apr 13, 2020|Academics, Ambassadors, Campus Life, Careers|

SMU has given me... an outstanding education. inspiring friends who will make a difference in the world. the opportunity to push myself to higher achievement. experiences with a variety of accomplished people in the world. travel to gain education in various locations. connection with the local Dallas community. internships with top companies, such as Amazon. [...]

Beating the Heat and Learning About the World

2017-11-29T10:04:25-06:00 Nov 15, 2017|Academics, Life Around Dallas, Lyle School of Engineering|

Coming from California, I’ve been asked countless times by family and friends, “How’s the weather in Texas?” More often than not my response is, “Hot!” And yes, it is hot for the majority of the year, but you adapt quickly so the heat is nothing to fear. Lucky for SMU students, Dallas is home to [...]

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