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Boulevarding Essentials

Hello, party people! My name is Palmer Beldy, and I am a senior studying Creative Advertising and Public Relations. But, more importantly, I am a member of the only grade to have experienced a normal Boulevard. EVER.

“What is a Boulevard?” you might ask. Well, I am happy to tell you that it is one of the best game day traditions on any college campus if I do say so myself. It is such a great time to connect with the entire Mustang community and it reminds you of what and who makes SMU so special. Plus, you get to have the best time with friends, faculty, alumni, and the administration. It’s a Pony Party up in here for every home football game!

Seeing as the Class of 2022 is the only grade to have ever gone to a “real boulevard” before, younger and potential mustangs probably have some questions about how to successfully navigate the whole day like a pro. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you rock it on our first home game day this weekend.


  1. Set the Smood
  • Everyone needs a good playlist to set the mood for the day. Some ambassadors and I got together to make this SMU-themed playlist, so take a listen to it while you are getting ready to cheer on the Stangs.


Apple Music:

  1. Your Fit (clear bag and sunglasses)
  • What are you wearing out on the SMU-town? The first game day is simple – all white. White dresses, white polos, or button-downs are typically the norm for our “white-out” on the first game day, but wear whatever you are comfortable in – that is what matters! It is so magical to see the sea of white on the Boulevard at the start of the school year! After the first game, any mix of SMU colors (red, white, and blue!) works beautifully. Typically everyone is wearing fun “going out and about” outfits. My go-to is my red cowboy hat :))
  • Also, make sure to have a clear bag or a really small bag for your belongings per Ford Stadium policy. You can find more information about what is allowed into the stadium on their website.


  1. Brunch Spot
  • A hidden tradition within Boulevarding is to get brunch with your friends before you hit the Boulevard. Luckily, Dallas is home to so many good restaurants, so you will have a new place to try for each game. Some of my favs include Sixty Vines or Dolce Riviera! If you want a chill morning, swing by Merit Coffee or Foxtrot to grab a coffee and a quick bite!


  1. Everything’s Bigger on the Boulevard
  • The Boulevard is essentially a big block party. White tents home to students, alumni, faculty groups, and vendors will sprawl down the Boulevard as far as the eye can see. So make sure to explore and say hi to your Mustang fam! I recommend doing a full lap around the Boulevard every game day. You never know who you might see!


  1. Dancing in the Street
  • Catch the SMU Band, Cheer, Pom, and Peruna make their way around the Boulevard before the game! It is so much fun to get to see your friends and fellow Mustangs doing their thang! Get as close to the Boulevard as possible for the best view.


  1. Download your student ticket BEFORE the game
  • This is a new one, even for us seniors. Download the SMU Athletics app and download your student ticket, or your QR Code, BEFORE game day! That way, you can stroll right on in and see your stangs play without any hangups. You can find more information on the Athletics page.


  1. Pony Pride! Have Fun!
  • The Boulevard is truly one of my favorite memories at SMU. It is so much fun, and you get to see so many wonderful people and leaders all in one place, so enjoy it and show off your Pony Pride!


I cannot wait for every Mustang to experience the Boulevard. Hopefully, this gave some potential Mustangs a preview of all that awaits you at SMU :)) Have the best time this semester, and pony up!


Palmer Beldy

SMU Class of 2022

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The Hub of SMU Spirit

Hey guys! My name is Nathaniel Ntuk and I’m a rising junior double majoring in Saxophone Performance and Political Science! I’m from Plano, Texas, and have lived in the North Texas area all my life.

One thing that had arguably the biggest impact on my life thus far has been marching band. In high school, it was a place for me to hang out with friends throughout the week and on weekends while engaging in an activity that I love. Moving into a college marching band, there were some changes. Gone were the days where marching band competitions would last all Saturday, long and stressful rehearsals, and spending over 5 hours a day rehearsing for the inevitable competition season in October. 

Moving to the SMU Mustang Band was a little daunting, to say the least. I had little knowledge of anyone in the band or anything relating to the band. Little did I know that the Mustang Band would be the foundation of my experience here at SMU. 96 random college students turned into my second family that I constantly look forward to seeing. With our band having a total membership of fewer than 100 people, it makes it much easier to get to know everyone in some way. A vast majority of my friends have some affiliation with the Mustang Band, and chances are, you may meet someone who is a Mustang Band member that may not seem like it.

Although we may be one of the smaller organizations on campus, we no doubt have one of the largest impacts across campus, being referred to as the “Hub of SMU Spirit” for a reason. Imagine going to a home football game and not hearing the band playing for every first down, or performing before the game or during halftime. It just wouldn’t feel right. Whether it’s football, basketball, volleyball, or even soccer, the SMU Mustang Band has some part in cheering on our athletic programs and driving them towards success. Even if you aren’t apart of the Mustang Band. You can definitely see the impact that the “96 Guys and A Doll” have on the spirit of this campus.

I look forward to seeing what happens this fall semester! Stay safe and Pony Up!

Nathaniel Ntuk

Class of 2022

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Pony Up Mustangs!

Hi guys! My name is Sydney Ramenofsky, I am from Las Vegas, and I am a freshman at SMU studying business. If you would have asked me a year ago what I am most excited for when I go to college, my answer would not have been going to the football games. Growing up in Las Vegas, we never had a professional sports team to cheer on every Sunday, so football was never my kind of thing. When I came to SMU, my entire idea of football changed. 

You may have heard the term “boulevarding” while talking about SMU football. My best description of it is SMU’s southern, homey way of tailgating. Before I arrived on campus, the only thing anyone could talk about was that the location was changed, as it used to be on the actual boulevard surrounded by the beautiful trees in the middle of campus. The administration announced that it is being moved back this year but to be honest, I did not need the boulevard to get me to the games. 

My friend in the picture and I went to every single home football game. There are no words to describe how exciting it was to be a freshman during this season. At first I was skeptical because in the past, going to the games was not really a thing. But this year, no one could believe what they were seeing and hearing: “SMU touchdown,” “for the first time in 7 years, SMU beats TCU,” “SMU with another win,” “SMU is 7-0!!!” As the season went on, the games got more crowded. When we would win, the students would rush to the field to celebrate with the players—it was like a family. This team created something incredible. For the first time since 1985, students, professors, alum, administration, parents, or anyone with any kind of association to SMU was rooting this team on. Whether it be with them on the field or cheering them on the TV screen, we were in it together.  Athletics at SMU quickly became my favorite part of my freshman year experience and being a part of such a committed and excited fan base is only making me more excited for the next years of SMU athletics. I can’t wait to see the future of this team. 

Pony Up!


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SMU Homecoming 2019

Last year, I had the privilege of serving as the Homecoming Chair for SMU. Homecoming is a special time for SMU when the entire community of students, faculty, alumni and university neighbors come together to celebrate a time of togetherness and school spirit. My committee and I planned a fun filled week with a pep rally, a philanthropic dance marathon and a parade with over thousands of attendees. We had 31 homecoming candidates that spanned 18 different organizations. I am so proud to say that in 2019, we had the most diverse participation ever with groups such as the Association of Black Students and Theta Tau, the engineering fraternity.

This year I picked the theme to be “Homecoming: A Tradition as Old as Time.” Each organization was given a chance to submit their choices and we had great themes such as the The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Alice in Wonderland. At the start of the week, we started out with our pep rally, Rock the Vote. The entire student body was invited to our football stadium where we asked the candidates questions for everybody to get to know them better and their personality. Our dance and cheer squad also performed to start the week on a fun note.

We had a parade with 9 fully built floats, 4 decorated golf carts and 3 decorated vehicles. Floats were decorated over the course of a week with 10 hours each day available for members of each organization to come decorate. During the parade, each candidate or pair of candidates rode in the parade with their organization walking behind and cheering. They passed out stickers, cups, and fun other items to the people watching the parade.

We then finished the day with an amazing 59-51 win against East Carolina University. I loved being able to put my own spin on Homecoming and get to work with my committee to plan such a special day.  I learned lots of amazing lessons and am so grateful for the experience.

Pony Up!

Abby Johnson

Class of 2021

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SMU Spirit and Traditions

I always knew I had made the right decision to come to SMU, but it wasn’t until the early end of the semester that I really looked back and realized how grateful I am for the memories I have made here. As the end of  my junior year was cut off due to the pandemic, I found myself thinking–  The next time I step foot on campus, I will be entering my final year as a Mustang. This thought led  my mind down a path of endless memories, as if I was watching a slow-motion movie of my time at SMU.

The memories that stood out the most were some of my favorite events and traditions that have made my time as a Mustang so special. First, convocation when I was nervously walking alongside girls I hadn’t met, little did I know they would become some of my closest friends. As we walked through Dallas Hall around the seal and were welcomed into the SMU community, I remember feeling goosebumps trying to picture what my next four years would be like. That walk was so symbolic for me and will forever be one of my favorite traditions here at SMU.

Fast forwarding a few weeks, I finally got to experience my first Boulevard. As I walked down the Boulevard,  I was surrounded by students wearing white, showing their school spirit. I was amazed by the lines of tents decorated with extravagant chandeliers, each blasting music, and even some with puppies sporting red and blue uniforms. It was then that I truly realized why it is called Boulevarding– it is so much more than just a tailgate. Families happily walk up and down the Boulevard running into old friends, and walking with their future Mustangs. However, you have never truly experienced the Boulevard until you take a picture with Peruna.

As I sat there reflecting on my favorite traditions, the Celebration of Lights instantly popped into my mind. This event happens every year around Christmas time. This tradition will always be close to my heart, not only because of the delicious hot chocolate, but because everyone is truly welcome to join together in celebration.  During the tradition, people from the Dallas community as well as those across Dallas gather together to sing Christmas Carols in front of Dallas Hall as we watch every tree light up the lawn. For me, this tradition symbolizes the community  that SMU creates. Not only is it a celebration of Christmas and friendship, but it is a moment to celebrate the honor of being a Mustang. SMU provides an incredible community with endless traditions that make the University so special. Not only has SMU given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in an academic setting, they have opened doors for further opportunities and have made me feel at home.

Pony Up,

Ana Paula Martinez

Class of 2021

Arlington, TX


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Wild about SMU: Family Weekend 2017

SMU Family Weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the school year! It’s always an exciting weekend filled with great company, the best food and countless laughs. I love getting the chance to show my family around the place I call my home away from home. My parents have made the trip from South Carolina to Dallas every year to participate in the festivities, even my grandmother and aunt came from Atlanta for my last Family Weekend.

One of the best parts is getting to introduce my family to some of my favorite Dallas restaurants. Since my parents have been visiting for four years now, they even have some of their own favorites! Our must-hit restaurants include Bistro 31 in Highland Park Village for lunch, Javier’s for the best Mexican food, R&D Kitchen for the most delicious hamburger, and Al Biernat’s for the best steak and coconut cream pie in Dallas. My parents always joke that all we do is eat when they visit, but that’s because Dallas has some of the best food!

I also enjoy showing my family all the great things SMU has to offer. My parents always make a point to attend the “Meet the Faculty” reception at the engineering school. This is such a great opportunity to introduce your parents to some of your professors so that they can really see what you’re learning and doing in the classroom.

And, don’t forget about the Boulevard! This is one of SMU’s greatest traditions and a must for the Family Weekend schedule. It is so much fun to walk down the Boulevard, stop at all the different tents and show your parents all of the Mustang pride before the football game. It’s also a great time to catch up with family friends. It has been great to see the friendships formed between my parents and my best friends’ parents over the years, and my parents always look forward to seeing these friends during Family Weekend.

Family Weekend is always a memorable event, and this year was no exception. The excitement on all of the families’ faces is evident, whether it’s their first time on campus or their seventh! As a senior, I’m sad to see my last Family Weekend pass, but I will always remember all of the wonderful memories made during Family Weekends past.

Perrin Griffin

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Rising in Ranks from Varsity to Club Sports

Four year varsity football. Four year varsity track and field. First Team All-State athlete. And after all that in high school, NOT a collegiate varsity athlete. Why?

Near the end of high school, I was seriously considering the possibility of playing varsity football at my future college. Every time I weighed the pros and cons, no matter how I spun it, I realized that there were not enough benefits to outweigh the drawbacks. As a mechanical engineering and mathematics double major, I am very studious and prioritize my academics above all else. Coming from an intensive and structured high school experience in my hometown of Las Vegas, NV, I saw college as the time for me to experience freedom in a variety of aspects. The time commitment of varsity sport practices every day, multiple times a day, was something that I couldn’t justify to myself since it would dictate my entire schedule. While I arrived at SMU with no intentions of joining varsity sports there was still a missing piece. Health and fitness are integral to my identity so I always knew that I wanted to continue that in one way, shape or form. However, simply going to the gym did not fill the void of being a part of a team.

Each year, SMU holds a club fair the Saturday before classes start where new students can learn about the various organizations on campus. My freshman year at the club fair, a few guys yanked me aside and asked, “Did you play football in high school? Because you’re playing Rugby now.” Unsure of whether to commit or not, I signed up for the first practice. By the end of the first week of practice, I was hooked to this novel sport. On and off the field, I have made some of my best friends through Rugby.

As a Club Sport that only practices 3 times a week, Rugby allows me the flexibility to attend practices at my own decision while still being able to compete against other schools and represent SMU like a varsity sport does. This is something true about all club sports here at SMU!

If you’re someone who was a student athlete in high school, can’t see yourself doing the same in college, but want to continue with your athletic endeavors, I highly suggest club sports as an alternative. They strike a perfect balance between a hard-working team that competes for SMU and a relaxed club that fosters lifelong friendships.

Nathan DeVera

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Intramural Sports

jack-studentI love playing Intramural sports. Every season, I’m always involved in one event or another. Intramurals are a great way to get involved at college as well as creating a great environment for teamwork, cooperation, and motivation. For the past four years, I have been involved with an intramural team at any given point in time during the school year. Ranging from flag football, to indoor soccer, to beach volleyball and softball, I have played them all, some more competitively than others. In flag football, nothing is left to chance; from making playbooks, to snap counts, to defensive schemes, we have everything covered. Compared to softball where it is much more of a bonding experience with the guys than it is a competition we need to win. The best part about intramurals is the ability to play with and compete against friends. Not only will you become closer with those friends you’ve played with but also you will guarantee eternal bragging rights for the ones you beat. This will be my fourth year competing in intramurals, and I have yet to win a single championship. Although I have many successful seasons, resulting in second and third place finishes; I have yet to win the infamous Intramural Championship t-shirt. Hopefully, that will change soon, as I am beginning to run out of time. However, if I do not win, I will still have the memories of playing with friends that I won’t soon forget. See you on the field.

-Jack Student

Athletics Spirit and Traditions

Mustangs Take to the Road

austin-brown-picOne wonderful aspect of going to school in Dallas is that Dallas is relatively close to other major cities. For example, Ft. Worth is 45 mins away, Austin is 2.5 hours away, and Houston is still only a 4 hour drive away. Regardless if one would consider Waco a major city, it is only 1.5 hours away making it was a no-brainer to travel to the SMU-Baylor game to support coach Chad Morris and the football team.
The Mustangs looked good in their first game of the season against University of North Texas, but Baylor would prove to be a tough test for the undefeated Mustangs. Without going into too much detail, the Mustangs, despite their youth, played well and showed flashes of their potential. While they unfortunately came up short in the second half, I was still proud of their determination and excited about their future.
The team wasn’t the only group Mustangs to venture down to Waco. There was a strong group of current students and alumni who were there to support the team. The SMU Mustang Club hosted a large tent for tailgating before the game, which was well attended, and then the fans and the band made their presence known in the stadium. I ended up getting a seat in the Baylor section since I knew the SMU section would be in the sun, but even though I was on the opposite side of the field I could still clearly hear the SMU fans chanting “S-M-U!!!” after each big play. Baylor fans took notice and tried to drown out our fans with their own chants, but I was still able to hear the Mustang spirit. Even though getting to watch the Mustangs down in Waco was a lot of fun, nothing beats Boulevarding at SMU and watching the Mustangs at home in Ford Stadium. Pony Up!

-Austin Brown


Seniors, You Will Be Missed!

03.16 Anna Scott PhillipsSpring is full swing here at the Hilltop! I just go the opportunity to sit in an alumnus seats at the Seniors last Basketball game. It is amazing to watch our student body rally around our student athletes. I think one of the most touching parts of this game (besides the big win against UCONN) was the senior speeches at the end of the game. Each of the seniors commented on the amount of positive change has happened since their freshman year. They noted that now, the stands are spilling over with support and lines for miles for entry into Moody Coliseum. Hearing head Coach Larry brown comment on the commitment of the players and our student body had many on lookers tearing up! This school has many proud moments, but this one had crowds of people gathered around to hear about the complete 180 of a program now near and dear to our heart.  After the game, the students gathered to sing “The Varsity”, which is a tradition for all athletic events at SMU.  After the game we sung of all alma mater, with men who have grown and devoted themselves to not only the program but this university. Thank you seniors!  You will be missed.

-Anna Scott Phillips

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Believing in Basketball

Tammy WinterI’m not saying SMU basketball got me through the end of last semester, but SMU basketball got me through the end of last semester. Tests, homework, personal issues — all of it goes away every time I get to watch SMU basketball play. It probably sounds silly, but if you haven’t already I implore you to watch a game. If you can, go see an SMU basketball game live; it’s even better. This team embodies Moody Magic in every sense of the phrase.

It’s not as simple as saying our basketball team is great, although statistically it is one of the best teams in the entire country. The real story is in how this team has survived hit after hit and just keeps getting better. They’re a joy to watch, and the energy on our team and in the audience palpable every time the school comes together in Moody Coliseum to watch them play. It’s probably also the reason everyone from former President George W. Bush to Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to Mavs start Chandler Parsons wants in on the action.

What makes our team special is that there isn’t one star; each player is pretty invaluable made more so by the fact that currently there are 7 scholarship players on the roster). Nic Moore comes to mind immediately; his skill as a point guard regularly makes him the subject of national conversation. Then there’s Jordan Tolbert, our senior transfer from Texas Tech who has one of the highest individual percentages of offensive rebounds in the entire country. Or Shake Milton, the freshman who’s already had a pretty great year, and by all accounts has a great future to look forward to as he grows as a point guard. The same goes for Jeray Foster, who’s already starting to come into his own. Marcus Kennedy is impossible to guard; he’s not afraid to drive the ball to the basket, and the fact that he’s taller than almost everyone on the court at any given time doesn’t hurt either. Ben Moore and Sterling Brown, our two junior players, work incredibly well together and are versatile; you can count them for anything from stellar 3-pointers to consistent free-throw shooting. And with basketball’s successful recruiting of Tom Wilson and Harry Froling, two excellent Australian seniors, the future looks brighter than ever for SMU basketball.
Watching SMU this season I’ve gotten the distinct feeling that I’m actually watching a future ESPN 30 for 30 unfold – I hope I’m right.

-Tammy Winter

Athletics Campus Life

Moody Magic

SMU storms the court after SMU upset #7 Cincinnati!
SMU storms the court after SMU upset #7 Cincinnati!

Welcome to Moody Coliseum, SMU’s 7,000 seat capacity basketball arena. Moody has become one of the premier places in the nation to watch a college basketball game, as well as one of the most feared places for opposing teams to visit. Moody Coliseum was renovated in 2014 and ever since the Mustangs have returned, they have gone 30-3. This has caused national attention as SMU is consistently ranked as one of the top 25 in national rankings.

In 2014, when I was a senior and high school and deciding where I wanted to go to college, I could not help but watch every SMU basketball game that was on national television. The fans, the energy, and the excitement had me hooked. No other school in the nation has a former President of the United States consistently in attendance along with a raucous fan section called the Mob that was led by a lobster. When I came onto campus later that year, I went to enough games of SMU soccer, football, and volleyball to get guaranteed tickets to every game and be a part of the Mob.

I went to every home basketball game I was in town for, and never had I been to such a loud sports venue. When the Mustangs came from behind to beat Temple, or hosted Connecticut and absolutely crushed them on ESPN College Gameday, there was no better place in the nation to be than Moody Coliseum. The whole school was watching as SMU went onto win the American Conference Championship and go to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 20 years. It is an exciting time for sports here at SMU, so come and check us out you will not be disappointed.

-David Shirzad

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ESPN College Game Day

This past month, College Game Day came to SMU, and it was one of the best days for SMU basketball. The day started at 8AM bright and early on a Saturday when they aired the show at our very own Moody Coliseum. As soon as I arrived, we were given free grilled cheese (who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese), and I got to take a picture with our live mascot Peruna. They also handed out tons of spirit items such as game day hats and posters.

ESPN Game day

Then SMU and its biggest fans filled the coliseum to support our basketball team. T-shirts were thrown throughout the whole event, and I actually caught one, which was a first for me. The day continued with a half court shot contest where an SMU student won $18,000 right at the buzzard. It is the second time this season that State Farm has given out $18,000.

The day continued with the big game that night against UCONN. SMU basketball ended up winning 73-55 making the college game day one for the books.

GAme day 2

By Kelsey Buttrell

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A New Era For SMU Football

On December 1st, 2014, Chad Morris was named the new SMU Head Football Coach. Coach Morris comes to the Hilltop after five seasons as the offensive coordinator for Clemson. Morris brings a new level of excitement to the team, something we haven’t seen in a while. In just 64 days, Coach Morris and his staff were able to attract a strong initial recruiting class of 22 Texas guys. I can’t even begin to imagine what he will be able to do with an entire year of recruiting. There are however a few things everyone should know about Coach Morris and his staff before our first football game at home against Baylor on September 4th, so here they are:

Athletics Football Head Coach Chad Morris Announcement

1. Everything is fast paced. Have you seen #Tempo or the amount of Red Bull Coach Morris drinks?
2. “You never answer the phone on the first ring and you never show anybody that you’re tired” – Coach Morris
3. This coaching staff knows that there are a lot of players within a $10 tank of gas so they want to keep recruiting within Texas and especially within DFW.
4. Coach Morris has a “you’ve got to kill me to beat me attitude” and is ready to overcome in obstacles or challenges that are put in his way.
5. Lastly, Coach Morris WILL turn this football program around. He hasn’t taken a break from recruiting or working on the playbook since he arrived on campus. Coach Morris said it best himself, “You’re going to see an exciting brand of football. We’re going to be on of the biggest turnarounds in college football before this is over with.”

Spring practice begins after spring break. I can’t wait to see all the hard work that these players and coaches have put in this off-season in the weight room and on the field pay off. It’s a new era of Pony Football and I hope you all will be there to support Coach Morris and our SMU football team this fall!

SMU Football Schedule

Check out and use the hashtag #PonyUpTempo on social media throughout the season to track SMU’s success!

By Sarah Woodruff

Ambassadors Athletics Campus Life Spirit and Traditions

Bringing Moody Magic to the Top 25

This past week, the SMU men’s basketball team remained in the top 25, by landing a spot as the 21st best team in the country! News like this excites all Mustang fans, and the crowd at the game on Wednesday was one of the loudest I have heard. The team, unfortunately, was not able to pull out the win that night against Cincinnati, but sometimes a loss is good for the team. It put a little fire in the bellies of our players, and the team went on to handily beat undefeated Tulsa in Tulsa the following Saturday to keep us in the rankings. Moody With all of the hype surrounding the basketball team, my friends and I are starting to get organized for a couple major events. What are those events? The first is the American Athletic Conference basketball tournament, in which we will compete over the second half of spring break in Hartford, Connecticut, and the second is the NCAA Tournament first and second round. The anticipation for these events has my friends and I buying plane tickets to witness the culmination of what could amount to a historic season for the Mustangs!

By William O’Connor