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Dream Week at SMU

My name is Matthew Merritt, and I am a sophomore Music Education Major from Duncanville Texas. This past week I had the honor and privilege to sing the selection “Lift Every Voice and Sing” also known as the Negro National Anthem at SMU’s MLK Unity Circle.

This event was a part of the SMU Dream Week Programming and has become an annual Tradition here at our university. This event was put on by our Office of Social Change and Intercultural Engagement.  All in attendance had the opportunity to hear from Leaders of our Administration such as our Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Mmeje, and our University President R. Gerald Turner. We also had the privilege to hear from Student Leaders in our campus community like Tyne Dickson.

I find this event very near and dear to my heart for many reasons. One being that I am a Black Minority Student on our predominantly Caucasian campus.  Being able to see students and faculty members of all colors and backgrounds gathering together in harmony for one cause is a very touching sight to see, given the state of our nation over the past year.

When Martin Luther King Jr. came to SMU back in the 1960’s to speak, the state of our nation was immensely different than it is now and gladly I can say we have evolved for the better. But it is also safe to say that there is still a lot of work yet to be done. Attending this event truly gave me and everyone there the opportunity to reflect upon everything that has happened in our communities and to evaluate ourselves to assess how we have positively or negatively impacted this movement.

As we continue to navigate through our individual journeys in life, we must remember that we are all stronger together and that “There is No I in Us”.

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Back to Campus…During a Pandemic!

My first day of the Spring Semester!

As the first week of school is upon us, I was asked (ok I volunteered) to share my back to school tips that I have learned in my last 3 and a half years at SMU. The most important thing you can do is to get organized, in all areas of your world. Organize your academic space, your digital space, and your physical space.


Academic Organization

Even if I don’t have all my syllabi and classes on canvas yet, there are several ways that I prep my academic space for the start of school. The first thing that I will do is set up my calendar for the semester. I prefer to use Apple Calendar because I can color code my different activities and have the same information between my phone and laptop. I make sure to add the location of the class so when the first day of class rolls around I don’t have to pull up my.smu on my phone. I also add the professor’s name and the course number so I can use my calendar as a quick reference in case I forget. This is when I’ll also add my work schedule and any other recurring events I know I’ll have during the semester. I also use a physical planner throughout the semester to keep track of assignments. In the time before I have all my syllabi I will color code each class and write in major dates that I do know.


Digital Organization

The next thing I do is get digitally organized. That’s right, clean up your computer files and desktop. First I will delete all the junk and random files off of my desktop, making sure to empty my trash after. Next I’ll create new folders for each of my classes, and move the old classes into a Fall 2020 folder. You may find this task very intimidating, especially if your desktop looks anything like mine. But having a clean computer and even a super basic file organization system will make it so much easier for you to find important documents throughout the semester.


Physical Organization


The last piece of advice I have for you is an oldie but a goodie. Clean up your room. After living in a space for at least a semester, it can be super helpful to rethink how you organize your room. Did you actually use your storage, desk, and sitting areas as you intended? How may you better adapt the space to how you actually use it? For example I personally struggle to use my desk as a workspace. I think through why I don’t use it and come up with some possible solutions.. If my desk chair is uncomfortable, then maybeI should find a cushion or pillow for it. If I clutter my desk with junk, then I should find a different area I can use for just junk. This is a time to be realistic not idealistic. I can tell myself that I will not clutter up my desk anymore, but I know that won’t happen. It’s going to be much more productive to adapt your space to your behavior than to hope the behavior you’ve learned over the past 6 months will magically change.


The beginning of the semester can be stressful and confusing. I hope some of these tips can help you adjust to a new schedule as easily as possible!


Daniel Heard

Class of 2021

Ambassadors Life Around Dallas

A Foodies Guide To The 8 Best Restaurants Near SMU

Texans love to eat. Among the hundreds of restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, some of them are located within walking distance of SMU’s beautiful campus. Over my last three years as a student here, I’ve tried everything from pierogis to biscuit french toast, and I can’t wait to tell you a little about my favorite spots. Buckle up & let’s take a ride to flavor town.

While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s also my favorite. Located just across the street from the new dorms, Shug’s is a brand-new New York inspired bagel shop that was recently opened by a SMU grad. Whether you are looking for a study break or a snack on the way back from your workout on the Katy Trail, this is a must try. The bagel to the right is the classic Shug, made with bacon, egg, cheese and a hash brown on your bagel of choice.

Biscuit Bar does things with breakfast food I didn’t know was possible. Nothing celebrates the completion of your 8am exam like a quick breakfast here—my recommendation is the French toast biscuit with a side of tater tots.




First on our afternoon agenda is Dive Coastal Cuisine. Dive was created for the health-conscious foodie. Created with all organic products, you can’t go wrong with their salads, sandwiches, and hand crafted beverages. The most popular order is the ahi tuna wrap paired with their homemade plantain chips.

Take a trip across the world with just a few steps across the street. Kuby’s Sausage House has been a SMU favorite since 1961, offering all your favorite German delicacies. Not to mention, attached to their restaurant is their extensive market that houses all of your European favorites.



Now, lets talk dinner. My personal favorite is Olivellas Neo Pizza Napolentana—the white pizza will change your life. Located just across the street from Umphery Lee, Oilvella’s is the perfect hole-in-the-wall pizza place.

Coming in at a close second is Dallas Grilled Cheese Company, which you can find just across the 75 in Mockingbird Station. As seen in the photo to your left, they are known for the Grilled Mac ’N Cheese sandwich. To make the meal even better, I order a side of their DGC Fries and malted milk chocolate shake.





Last, but certainly not least, is dessert. A personal favorite is Pokey-O’s, which you can find next to the SMU bookstore. Pick from your choice of two cookies and ice cream to make a delectable cookie sandwich. This is the perfect pit stop on Dallas’s 100-degree days.

I also recommend Baldo’s Ice Cream & Coffee. Why not reward yourself after a hard study break with a cone for your walk back to the dorms? Their slogan is “Anything but Vanilla,” because they believe that each time you have ice cream it should be an experience. Some of their unique flavors include Coffee Oreo, Frosted Animal Cookie and White Chocolate Pretzel. My personal favorite is the Coffee Oreo served in their freshly made waffle cones.


SMU can’t wait to welcome you all back in the fall, we have missed you all so much. I know I personally can’t wait to celebrate with a stop at all of these restaurants once we are back to campus.

Zac Scornavacco

Ambassadors Campus Life Travel

Being an International Student at SMU

Hola! My name is Sofia Marin (’22), and I am an international student from Maracaibo, Venezuela double majoring in Business and Advertising with a minor in French! Two years ago, I made the decision to come to SMU to pursue my bachelor’s degree, and since then, I have felt nothing but gratitude and happiness for having made this choice.

In 2018 I left Venezuela driven by two main motifs; First, the critical economic and political situation of the country, and second, the unique opportunity my parents gave me of acquiring an exceptional education in the United States. Since I was little, I have always come to the US for summer camps, family vacations, and more, but choosing the place where I would spend the next four years of my life growing as a professional was completely different and no minor decision. For me, aside from the academic excellence, this needed to be a place where I could immerse myself into an entirely new culture, and develop unique perspectives on different topics, but at the same time, where I could feel the warmth of home and a sense of belonging. And that is exactly what I’ve found here at SMU.

I’ve met amazing people with similar backgrounds to mine, from Latin American countries like Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador that make me feel at home and remind me the value of our roots, but also people from all the way to Asia, Europe and more, that help me widen my outlook on the world and teach me about different cultures. Professors have been a vital part of the experience too, with their demonstrated unconditional support and strong desire to see students succeed, I have found role models and mentors and created relationships that I am sure will last for a lifetime. The campus itself has contributed to my journey as well, with places such as Fondy, HT, and Dallas Hall Lawn turning into special spots where I create memories with friends, learn new things, or simply appreciate life and how blessed I am for being there. From Celebration of Lights, to Midnight Market, the school hosts events and carries traditions that separate this place from others and connects students, faculty, and staff. Undoubtedly, it is not easy to leave your home country and start a “new life”, but the support, resources and people SMU has given me have made this journey enjoyable, unique and even magical. There is not a moment I don’t thank my parents for giving me this unique opportunity, and the school for being what it is to me today: my home away from home.

Pony Up!

Sofia Marin

Class of 2022

Ambassadors Transferring to SMU

Transfer Student Survival Guide

Preparing for your first year of college at a university isn’t easy, but I made the best decision of my life when I decided to do it twice. There aren’t many survival guides out there for transfer students and it’s probably because we’re just too busy making up for our “lost time” to put one together. Although you feel like your life is running just a little faster than you, the great thing about being a transfer student is that you have a head start. Your previous experience has probably equipped you well enough to take on your first semester with greater confidence. Just one year ago, I thought I had everything figured out! Nonetheless, even that changed for the better during my first semester on the Hilltop. I knew the opportunities at SMU were abundant, but it wasn’t until I transferred that I realized just how great of an impact they would have on me.

I’ll never forget my very first class on my very first day at SMU. I was welcomed by the one and only Liljana Elverskog for my Intermediate Arabic class, and what I thought was a class that would satisfy a University Curriculum requirement had become the beginning of an Arabic minor. As a transfer student, I was eager to explore my interests but I thought I would be too busy playing catch-up to minor in anything at all! SMU has undoubtedly exceeded my expectations in their encouragement for academic and self-growth with their availability of various majors and minors. With the help of my academic advisor and attentive professors, I have also added a second minor in Statistical Science that will better prepare me for graduate school!

It doesn’t end there. Student organizations have been the best way for me to simultaneously foster my academic and personal growth and establish my closest ties to other students. Finding a community of students on campus that interact through social, educational, and religious means has always been important to me, and my involvement with the Muslim Student Association has especially helped in shaping my student experience. Fortunately for all students on campus, there is a student organization for just about everything and you’re able to explore them all during Night at the Club before classes begin.

Although in-person classes have come to a halt because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have come to understand from this and being a transfer student that my time as a Mustang is not only defined by the time I’ve spent on campus. The education, relationships, and experiences on the Hilltop are everlasting, and I am so eager to continue to pursue whatever SMU throws my way (via Zoom or not). I cannot wait to see you all on campus!

P.S. If you were looking for a sign to transfer, this is it.

Pony Up!

Leena Kamal

SMU Class of 2021

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Your Dream College Roommate

Hey y’all! We’re Laura Scott Cary (‘22) and Meredith Lloyd (‘22), and we were freshman year roommates and are still best friends! We didn’t know each other before we decided to become roommates, but we really lucked out and ended up having the best time living together. However, it wasn’t all luck: our almost-instant friendship came from good communication, shared interests, and similar living habits. So today we thought we’d share some tips with you on how to communicate with potential roommates in order to figure out if you’d be compatible living together! Or, if you’re going random, this can still be helpful to maintain a healthy relationship with whoever you end up with!

Don’t be afraid to reach out!

LS: I actually wasn’t looking for a roommate, because my sister lucked out with a random roommate when she was in college and I was nervous about the whole process of looking for one through Facebook. But when Meredith reached out, she seemed really interested in getting to know me even after I told her I wasn’t looking for a roommate. When I realized we had incredibly similar interests, I decided that Meredith was exactly the kind of roommate I was hoping to get through the random roommate process, and I knew I had to reach out again.

M: We met on the admitted students Facebook page, and I just DM’ed Laura Scott on Instagram asking her if she was looking for a roommate. She wasn’t, like she said, but I kept talking to her in hopes that we would become friends once we got onto campus! We ended up chatting for about a week and realized we were into a lot of the same things. She came crawling back and asked if I was still looking for a roommate (I was). We decided to room together, and the rest is history!

Find out what you have in common.

LS: One of the first things Meredith and I did when getting to know each other was ask a lot of questions. We started by talking about basic information, (“What’s your major?” “Do you have siblings?”) then dove into more specific interests and hobbies. I would recommend asking each other about things that really matter to you – I’m passionate about good food and music, so I was really curious to know what Meredith liked to eat and listen to. If religious or political beliefs are important to you, consider discussing those topics with your potential roommate. You don’t have to agree on everything, but having some common ground will make living together a lot easier.

Talk about your decorating styles.

M: To some people, having a matching room isn’t super important. To me, though, I really wanted something that felt cohesive and homey! LS and I agreed on a color scheme and a general layout, and she kind of gave me the reins from there. When I found something I liked, I would send it to her to see if she liked it, too. However, if you and your roommate have conflicting styles, it might be good to discuss doing your own things. We went for a light, cozy feel with lots of soft textures. We both decorated our own walls with pictures, posters, and tapestries that we chose on our own. The most important thing with coordinating room efforts, though, is creating a space that you can both feel comfortable in. Try to work with your roommate to make sure they feel heard and at home in your new shared space. Also! Check out how our room ended up:

Discuss living habits.

LS: Before Meredith and I fully committed to being roommates, we planned a FaceTime call where we would discuss our personal living preferences and boundaries. We talked about bedtimes, cleanliness, studying habits – even the temperature we would want the room to be at! Finding out if your living styles are compatible is really important to your future happiness as roommates, and if it seems like you have completely different priorities (for example if they love to stay out late and you go to bed really early), you might want to reconsider living with that person.

M: It’s also good to talk about how much you want to share. LS and I shared clothes, food, and basically anything in the room, but we always asked permission first. Also, talking about how clean you want the room is smart. While we both might have overexaggerated our levels of tidiness, we managed to find time to clean at least once a week. Having an honest conversation about what works best for you and finding a middle ground is best practice for a healthy relationship. 

What kind of dorm do you want to live in?

M: At SMU, there’s two different dorms types you can preference in the room selection process: community style and suite style. In a community style dorm, you and your roommate will share a bathroom with people on your hall. Those bathrooms get cleaned daily, and they’re a really good way to meet people. In a suite style bathroom, you and your roommate will share a bathroom adjacent to your room with another set of roommates. These bathrooms get cleaned once a week, and it’s a cool way to get really close with the other set of roommates you share with. Laura Scott and I preferenced a suite, and that’s what we ended up with. We liked the idea of having our own space to be responsible for, but our friends in community style swear they would never do anything different. Talk to your future roommate about what style you guys would want! Both are great options. 


M: It’s important to remember that living with someone is a challenge even for the most accommodating of people. The most important thing to remember is communication is key. Being honest with your likes and dislikes from the very beginning will ensure that you and your roommate are compatible. 

LS: We happened to be incredibly compatible as roommates and as friends, but know that it’s okay if you and your future roomie aren’t as close – college is all about individual experiences, and we each spent a lot of our freshman years cultivating our own separate interests in addition to spending time together. When we didn’t get to room together sophomore year because Meredith became an RA, we were both bummed. But since we both had friends and support systems outside of our roommate bubble, not living together didn’t put a strain on our SMU experiences! We encourage you to make friends and find hobbies separate from your roommate, even if you are close. Find the things that make you happy, and you’ll have an amazing time at SMU.

Ambassadors Athletics Spirit and Traditions Student Organizations

The Hub of SMU Spirit

Hey guys! My name is Nathaniel Ntuk and I’m a rising junior double majoring in Saxophone Performance and Political Science! I’m from Plano, Texas, and have lived in the North Texas area all my life.

One thing that had arguably the biggest impact on my life thus far has been marching band. In high school, it was a place for me to hang out with friends throughout the week and on weekends while engaging in an activity that I love. Moving into a college marching band, there were some changes. Gone were the days where marching band competitions would last all Saturday, long and stressful rehearsals, and spending over 5 hours a day rehearsing for the inevitable competition season in October. 

Moving to the SMU Mustang Band was a little daunting, to say the least. I had little knowledge of anyone in the band or anything relating to the band. Little did I know that the Mustang Band would be the foundation of my experience here at SMU. 96 random college students turned into my second family that I constantly look forward to seeing. With our band having a total membership of fewer than 100 people, it makes it much easier to get to know everyone in some way. A vast majority of my friends have some affiliation with the Mustang Band, and chances are, you may meet someone who is a Mustang Band member that may not seem like it.

Although we may be one of the smaller organizations on campus, we no doubt have one of the largest impacts across campus, being referred to as the “Hub of SMU Spirit” for a reason. Imagine going to a home football game and not hearing the band playing for every first down, or performing before the game or during halftime. It just wouldn’t feel right. Whether it’s football, basketball, volleyball, or even soccer, the SMU Mustang Band has some part in cheering on our athletic programs and driving them towards success. Even if you aren’t apart of the Mustang Band. You can definitely see the impact that the “96 Guys and A Doll” have on the spirit of this campus.

I look forward to seeing what happens this fall semester! Stay safe and Pony Up!

Nathaniel Ntuk

Class of 2022

Academics Ambassadors

Isolated but not Alone

Hello everyone! My name is Anna Musich, and I am a rising sophomore at SMU. Currently, I am pursuing a marketing and Spanish major with minors in music, advertising and economics. With the end of the year cut short, keeping in touch with friends has been at the top of my priority list. Many events and plans were cancelled for the end of the year, but thankfully with the help of technology, not all was lost. Here are some of the things my friends and I do to stay in touch!

CHAS, or College Hispanic American Students, had a movie night over zoom where we watched the comedy “How to be a Latin Lover”. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard during a movie, plus the additional commentaries in our group chat had all of us cracking up. We were able to say goodbye to our seniors and catch up with member who we hadn’t seen in a while. Knowing our community is still there for us, was reassuring and definitely was one of the highlights of quarantine.

The game “Skribbl” has quickly become a staple of my friend group.

Our Ultimate Frisbee team was supposed to have sectionals, regionals and nationals, in April and May. All three tournaments, which we have been building up to this whole year, were cancelled. Quarantine has eliminated the ability to meet as a team, but online we still root each other on and keep the idea of team alive. We share playlists to dance to, memes, and even congratulated our seniors on their graduation within our group chat. The executive team has been planning out our next season, and we are currently working on a quarantined frisbee video, so we can “play” together without being together. By next season, we hope to maintain our existing team bonds and grow our frisbee family!

Lastly, outside student organizations, my friends and I have been meeting over zoom to play games, chat, and grab lunch together. Those conversations are always delightful whether it be about painting, baking or hula hooping. A couple of us are fans of the K POP band BTS, and while we were disappointed we could no longer attend their concert, so we decided to have a small dance party over zoom while listening to their music. It was nothing elaborate and it even though it was very out of sync, dancing with other people was super entertaining and made the day just a little better. Spending time with friends virtually has made all the difference in the world during the quarantine. Hopefully this article inspires you to reach out and plan a little get together online!

Remember to stay happy and healthy, and Pony up!

Anna Musich

Class of 2023

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Hail to the Red and the Blue Angels!

During this crazy time, one thing is sure – our medical workers are truly heroes! And, in the spirit of celebration and comradery, people have become creative in celebrating medical workers all over the world, whether it is blasting “Empire State of Mind” in New York’s hospitals, or cheering and applauding at a certain time for your local hospital. However, one of the most special tributes to our healthcare workers occurred on May 6 in Dallas, Texas – a flyover by the US Navy Blue Angels! The Blue Angels even had a chance to fly over our beautiful campus, and maybe got to take a look at the infamous Bishop Boulevard.

The Blue Angels is one of the infamous aerobatic teams in the world, and they fly in formation at various military and nonmilitary events to showcase pride for the military and its heroes, and to show off some patriotism. These skilled naval aviators fly only 18 inches apart during their Diamond 360 maneuver – crazy!

Although I wasn’t in Dallas for the flyover, it was so much fun to get up early to watch the flyover with some family in Dallas over Facetime, especially since my dad was also a naval aviator, and we know some pilots who were in the Blue Angels. My dad used to fly F/A-18 Hornets, and so we have always tried to swing by their shows when we can to spend time with friends.

The flyover was such a moving tribute to our healthcare workers, and it showcases how united the Dallas community is, and how SMU is an integral part of that community. Dallas is a strong and vibrant city, and the strength of the community continually amazes me. I can’t wait to be back at SMU, and to see how Mustangs can shape the future of Dallas and help those in need. Until then, please stay safe and enjoy your summer!

Pony Up!

Palmer Beldy

SMU Class of 2022

Public Relations and Advertising

Ambassadors Athletics Spirit and Traditions

Pony Up Mustangs!

Hi guys! My name is Sydney Ramenofsky, I am from Las Vegas, and I am a freshman at SMU studying business. If you would have asked me a year ago what I am most excited for when I go to college, my answer would not have been going to the football games. Growing up in Las Vegas, we never had a professional sports team to cheer on every Sunday, so football was never my kind of thing. When I came to SMU, my entire idea of football changed. 

You may have heard the term “boulevarding” while talking about SMU football. My best description of it is SMU’s southern, homey way of tailgating. Before I arrived on campus, the only thing anyone could talk about was that the location was changed, as it used to be on the actual boulevard surrounded by the beautiful trees in the middle of campus. The administration announced that it is being moved back this year but to be honest, I did not need the boulevard to get me to the games. 

My friend in the picture and I went to every single home football game. There are no words to describe how exciting it was to be a freshman during this season. At first I was skeptical because in the past, going to the games was not really a thing. But this year, no one could believe what they were seeing and hearing: “SMU touchdown,” “for the first time in 7 years, SMU beats TCU,” “SMU with another win,” “SMU is 7-0!!!” As the season went on, the games got more crowded. When we would win, the students would rush to the field to celebrate with the players—it was like a family. This team created something incredible. For the first time since 1985, students, professors, alum, administration, parents, or anyone with any kind of association to SMU was rooting this team on. Whether it be with them on the field or cheering them on the TV screen, we were in it together.  Athletics at SMU quickly became my favorite part of my freshman year experience and being a part of such a committed and excited fan base is only making me more excited for the next years of SMU athletics. I can’t wait to see the future of this team. 

Pony Up!


Academics Ambassadors Campus Life

Zoom University

Hey everyone! My name is Samantha Pozo, and I am a rising junior studying Biology on the pre-health track with minors in Neuroscience and Psychology. I was born and raised in Dallas, and although I only live fifteen minutes away from SMU, I do live on campus.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, everything in our lives has seemingly changed. I have returned home, and my new morning routine consists of waking up, making my bed, changing out of my pajamas (occasionally keeping them on all day) and hopping online to join my class zoom calls. The way we go grocery shopping, the way we interact with others, and even the way we go to school have all changed; however, one thing has remained constant through this difficult and uncertain time and that is the continuous dedication and support of SMU professors. COVID-19 has affected many people in different ways, and the switch to online classes was challenging for many, including myself.

In all of my classes, my professors never failed to take the first ten minutes of class to check in with us and personally ask us how we were feeling, what we were up to, and if there was anything they could do to help us. Some professors even started the class by sharing funny memes to lighten the spirit. Both teachers and students have had to get creative in order to adapt to a new teaching and learning environment. Instead of a final exam, my Organic Chemistry class had a truly interesting project in which we applied the mechanisms and reactions that we had learned all year long to synthesizing a small molecule drug that could potentially be used to treat COVID-19. This was an amazing opportunity to research more about the pandemic and to see our knowledge come to life in a real-world application –SMU does indeed shape world changers!

Throughout this entire shift to online learning, all of the professors were very understanding and were willing to work with each student based on individual circumstances. All of their hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Whether it is in the classroom or on a zoom call, SMU professors are always there to help their students succeed despite all obstacles, including COVID-19.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I cannot wait to see you all on the Hilltop soon.

Pony Up!

Samantha Pozo

SMU Class of 2022

Ambassadors Campus Life Spirit and Traditions

A Big Smood

 Hey, y’all! Our names are Ian Perkins-Smith (‘21) and Palmer Beldy (‘22), and we love listening to music. Whether it’s bopping to a new playlist while we are studying in Fondren or cheering on Ian and the Mustang Band at football games, we always like to keep it fun and jam out. Because of this, it’s only right that we made a playlist that we think fits SMU’s vibe. There are a bunch of dope songs to listen to, but we curated our top ten songs to give you a preview of what life is like at SMU. We have a lot to offer you here, and hopefully, these songs can help you see yourself as a Mustang.

The Top 10 Best Songs to Get You in the Smood

  1. All my Exes live in Texas – George Strait

George Strait is an absolute, bona fide, Texas legend, so we included one of his most iconic songs on the playlist. Throughout the song, George shouts out a few Texas cities and how it’s a place that he would “dearly love to be”, and we know you will say the same thing after your first semester. If you aren’t from the South, you might start saying the word “y’all,” or you might pick up a pair of cowboy boots – who knows! All we do know is that you’re going to love Dallas.

  1. Hotel California – The Eagles

C’mon – who doesn’t love this classic? We love Texas, but we also love the out of state kids! There are students from all over the country and from around the world on the Hilltop, and you will get to meet tons of new people during your time at SMU. We know that a lot of students come from California, so here’s a shout out to show some California Love and welcome everybody from the wild, wild west.

  1. American Teen – Khalid

Khalid is now an honorary Mustang after he performed at SMU last spring! Program Council, a student programming organization on campus, was able to plan a big concert for the student body, but there are so many other ways to get involved on campus. With over 200 organizations, you can do big things here at SMU, and maybe even meet a celebrity or two along the way!

  1. Sunday Best – Surfaces

This song touches on the relaxation, being carefree, and the persistent nature of the SMU spirit, but the title highlights the other side of the SMU community as well. While maintaining good vibes, Mustangs really know how to dress! You can see fellow Mustangs dressed to the nines at Boulevards before football games, important meetings, and other special events that happen around campus.

  1. Sure Thing- Miguel

Just like cash and the rubber band and a match and a fuse (boom!), you and SMU are a sure thing. We can’t wait for you to start your SMU journey!

  1. Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Swede

Boulevarding in the Fall, Perunapalooza, Moody Magic, and so much more – once you experience what it means to be a Mustang, there is no going back. You’ll be hooked on SMU!

  1. Texas Sun – Leon Bridges, Khruangbin

Although it gets hot (and we mean really hot) in Texas, nothing can beat a bright, sunny day in Dallas. Make sure to grab a blanket and soak up some rays on Dallas Hall Lawn, or snap some pictures of an infamously beautiful Dallas sunset.

  1. Down – Jay Sean, Lil Wayne

If you are down, there is always something to do in Dallas. Sporting events, concerts, a killer art scene, or even just walking around Uptown with your friends – you name it! So, make sure you are down, down, down, down, down to explore this fantastic city.



  1. Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me? – Lawrence

Sometimes you need to slow down and maybe do a little bit of nothing! Dallas Hall Lawn is a beautiful sprawl of grass in front of our undeniably iconic Dallas Hall. When it’s warm outside, especially in the spring, people love to hang out with friends, play Spikeball, hammock, or even do homework there. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re a full-time human and not just a full-time student.

  1. Get Down On It – Kool and the Gang

Mustangs love a good get together, and we know that this song represents that part of the SMU community. Mustangs love to bust a move, whether it’s at formals, in the stands at a football game, or honestly in Fondren library (as a study break, of course), and Kool and the Gang gives you the best opportunity to do just that.

Honorary Mention: Bartender – T-Pain, Akon

We’re not gonna lie, we just love this song, BUT it’s a jam nonetheless. Just like the bartender in this song thinks T-Pain is cool, we think you’re cool, and we can’t wait to meet you in the Fall!

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(As fun as President Turner and our staff are, this playlist is not endorsed by the university – this is just for fun and made independently by us!)

Pony up!

IPS and PB

Ambassadors Campus Life Student Organizations

Get Involved at SMU!

Hey y’all!

My name is Christian Hammond, and I’m a junior ambassador here at SMU studying biology and political science with minors in European studies and French. I’m originally from Memphis, Tennessee, so SMU and Dallas were an amazing fit for me: southern hospitality combined with all the opportunities and amenities that an incredible city like Dallas has to offer.

Like so many of y’all in high school, I was extremely involved before I came to SMU; I played soccer for a club and my high school, did choir and theater, was an Eagle Scout, and loved being involved with a few service organizations at my high school. Needless to say, when I arrived at SMU as a first year in the fall of 2017, I was ready to jump straight in to everything SMU had to offer.

A “Night at the Club” my freshman year was the best way possible for my college career to start out. For those of you who don’t know, NATC is basically an organizations fair right before the first week of class where every campus organization sets up a table, pushes free t-shirts and food and candy on you, and gets you to sign up for their organization. I gave out my email and number to probably 30 different people that night, and within the first two weeks of school I was already doing community service with Mustang Heroes, attending a campus ministry, and playing intramural soccer and volleyball.

One of the coolest things about SMU’s student involvement programs is that if there’s something you want to do that, by some impossible stretch of the imagination, isn’t already supported on campus, it’s extremely simple to start your own organization. After serving with and leading in Mustang Heroes for two years, a good friend of mine, Darian Taylor, approached me to help him start the Big Event on SMU’s campus. The Big Event is the nation’s largest day of collegiate community service, and we started it in order to give every single SMU student a straightforward and accessible outlet to volunteer with their community and to be united through service. It was so simple to start: all we needed was an advisor, bylaws that we drew up, and funding, which we got easily through Student Senate, and voila: a new student organization!

I think the most important thing that I’ve learned about being involved on campus is to make sure you’re only doing things that you are personally invested in. It’s so easy, especially your first year, to be sucked into saying “yes” to every club and every position that comes your way, but I learned hard and fast that it’s hard to balance school, a social life, organizations, and sleep at the same time. One of the biggest lessons you’ll learn at SMU is how to say no: SMU students are so talented, so involved, and so well-rounded that after a few years, I’ve learned that my “no” is infinitely more valuable than my “yes.” By now, I’ve narrowed down my involvement to the things that I truly care about and that have made a difference in my life. I love being involved with my Greek chapter and serving on the Interfraternity Council executive board, attending my student ministry the Wesley House, working as an ambassador, and serving on the Big Event team. These opportunities have given me a platform to make a difference in my community, and that’s what student involvement is really all about: finding ways to invest in the communities that have invested in you.

Can’t wait to see how y’all get involved on the Hilltop next year! Pony up!


Christian Hammond

Class of 2021

Ambassadors Athletics Campus Life Spirit and Traditions Student Organizations

SMU Homecoming 2019

Last year, I had the privilege of serving as the Homecoming Chair for SMU. Homecoming is a special time for SMU when the entire community of students, faculty, alumni and university neighbors come together to celebrate a time of togetherness and school spirit. My committee and I planned a fun filled week with a pep rally, a philanthropic dance marathon and a parade with over thousands of attendees. We had 31 homecoming candidates that spanned 18 different organizations. I am so proud to say that in 2019, we had the most diverse participation ever with groups such as the Association of Black Students and Theta Tau, the engineering fraternity.

This year I picked the theme to be “Homecoming: A Tradition as Old as Time.” Each organization was given a chance to submit their choices and we had great themes such as the The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Alice in Wonderland. At the start of the week, we started out with our pep rally, Rock the Vote. The entire student body was invited to our football stadium where we asked the candidates questions for everybody to get to know them better and their personality. Our dance and cheer squad also performed to start the week on a fun note.

We had a parade with 9 fully built floats, 4 decorated golf carts and 3 decorated vehicles. Floats were decorated over the course of a week with 10 hours each day available for members of each organization to come decorate. During the parade, each candidate or pair of candidates rode in the parade with their organization walking behind and cheering. They passed out stickers, cups, and fun other items to the people watching the parade.

We then finished the day with an amazing 59-51 win against East Carolina University. I loved being able to put my own spin on Homecoming and get to work with my committee to plan such a special day.  I learned lots of amazing lessons and am so grateful for the experience.

Pony Up!

Abby Johnson

Class of 2021

Academics Ambassadors Campus Life Careers

Why I Chose SMU!

SMU has given me…

an outstanding education.

inspiring friends who will make a difference in the world.

the opportunity to push myself to higher achievement.

experiences with a variety of accomplished people in the world.

travel to gain education in various locations.

connection with the local Dallas community.

internships with top companies, such as Amazon.

leadership capabilities.

the best memories.

an experience of a lifetime.


As an SMU Senior finishing my last semester from home, I am grateful for the time I was able to spend on campus, although I for sure took my time there for granted. I have had the opportunity to reflect on truly what SMU has meant to me over the past 4 years during this global pandemic. I have come to realize that SMU provided me a community that went way beyond the classroom.

Originally, I chose SMU because of the medium-sized student population, the city of Dallas, wide range of alumni community, and the individuals I met while touring campus prior to attending were inspiring and challenged me to choose a school that would help me achieve my dreams. Little did I know when I made the decision to attend SMU the benefits have totally gone beyond my initial expectations. SMU has really pushed me to define my values and understand what I want in life. This has enabled me to seek employment in areas that really matter for a long-term career. As a whole, the SMU student body is a community of leaders and future world changers. SMU students don’t just sit back and watch as the world changes them… they seek out opportunities to change the world. Dallas is truly a launching point to achieving dreams and making large impacts globally.

As I sit in my living room at home as an out of state student, I long for the missed days on the SMU campus with my friends. However, at SMU, college isn’t just 4 years… it is truly a lifetime. A lifetime of an education, connections, and leadership abilities that will make great dreams become platforms to greatly impact the world. While my time at SMU is coming to an end, I am truly grateful for the SMU community that will continue no matter where life takes me. Four years ago, I was a lost Freshman searching for a community that would aid in the shaping of my future. As I will soon gain my SMU diploma, I will leave this campus as a strong, independent world changer leaving with a firm foundation of an education and a community that will support me no matter the unforeseen future. SMU has ignited my passions and a drive to achieve my dreams. 4 years fly by so soak up every moment of it!!

Once a Mustang, always a Mustang!

Laura Catherine Harrell

Class of 2020