Why I Decided to Study Management Science

2022-02-22T09:48:24-06:00 Feb 22, 2022|Academics, Ambassadors, Careers|

When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to study engineering in college, and after some basic research, I decided on civil engineering. As I visited colleges, I was sure to ask lots of questions about the engineering school and more specifically, civil engineering. Because of this, I didn’t actively seek out other [...]

Why I Chose SMU!

2020-04-13T11:20:42-05:00 Apr 13, 2020|Academics, Ambassadors, Campus Life, Careers|

SMU has given me... an outstanding education. inspiring friends who will make a difference in the world. the opportunity to push myself to higher achievement. experiences with a variety of accomplished people in the world. travel to gain education in various locations. connection with the local Dallas community. internships with top companies, such as Amazon. [...]

In the Midst of Internship Applications

2017-11-29T10:34:23-06:00 Nov 4, 2017|Academics, Careers, Lyle School of Engineering|

My first and second years of college at SMU were full of new experiences and exploration of possible careers—so many opportunities, so much excitement! Now junior year has already rolled around and I find myself starting to narrow in on what I want to do with my life. Mechanical engineering and mathematics—check. Now, I am [...]

My Advertising Internship

2015-10-29T13:46:55-05:00 Sep 30, 2015|Careers|

 This summer, I interned at Publicis HCG. I wouldn't have gotten the internship if it wasn't for the support and guidance of SMU's faculty. The Temerlin School of Advertising definitely made sure my application and recommendation letters were of the highest caliber. From 9-5pm, I'd work on projects at my internship. This ranged from planning [...]

Career Fair at SMU

2015-10-29T14:54:59-05:00 Sep 30, 2015|Careers|

A couple weeks ago, I got to participate in career fairs brought onto SMU’s campus by the Hegi Family Career and Development center, as well as the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership. Because it is my junior year, I spoke to tons of recruiters about the prospect of interning with their firms this upcoming summer. [...]

Spring Internships and the Allure of Employment

2015-04-21T10:56:18-05:00 Apr 27, 2015|Careers|

School is fun. While the work may be difficult at times, the other side of the scale containing the opportunity for increased knowledge, lifelong friendships, and a foundation for the future far outweighs the stress of finals. In some ways I wish it could go on forever, but as with many things in life once [...]

Making an Impact at SMU

2015-03-02T08:51:02-06:00 Apr 11, 2015|Ambassadors, Careers|

At the end of last semester I had the incredible opportunity to attend the annual Net Impact Conference in Minneapolis with students and business professionals from all across the country. SMU sent 5 students to the conference to explore fields such as corporate social impact, entrepreneurship, clean energy, international development, impact investing, and many more. [...]

The Method to my Madness

2015-03-02T14:50:22-06:00 Apr 6, 2015|Ambassadors, Careers, Life Around Dallas|

Dallas coffee shop, Method: Caffeination and Fare, has become a second home to me and immediately came to mind when I was tasked with finding a client for a news writing class’ semester-long project. The young, energetic owner Louie Corwin and his staff of expert baristas were already familiar faces, and I was excited for [...]

Career Center Help Leads To Internships

2015-03-01T16:30:03-06:00 Apr 3, 2015|Ambassadors, Careers|

It was a busy fall semester full of football games, boulevards, tests, quizzes, RC banquets and deadlines for summer internships. I spent just about every Saturday in September applying for summer internships online and through the Cox Career Center Luckily by the end of the semester I had a bit of good news. I was [...]

Prepping For The Working World

2015-03-01T16:37:24-06:00 Mar 16, 2015|Ambassadors, Careers|

As a Junior Finance major at SMU, I have recently been in the throws of formal summer internship recruitment. Daily, sometimes twice daily, Banks held information sessions and formal recruitment fairs. “Thank-you-notes” became routine, phone interviews were second nature, and the employees at the local dry-cleaners even knew me by name. I don’t mean to [...]

Opportunites Abound in PR

2014-03-03T13:25:25-06:00 Mar 3, 2014|Careers|

By Kelsey Buttrell PRSSA is one of the many amazing academic organizations on campus and one that I have the pleasure to be a member of. This past week at SMU, PRSSA hosted Mark Hass as a guest lecturer for all PRSSA students. Mark Hass is the President & CEO for Edelman, the largest public [...]

My Summer with Mercedes-Benz

2013-09-22T19:33:50-05:00 Sep 13, 2013|Careers|

By Billy Hightower This summer I had the awesome experience of finding an Internship through SMU at Park Place Mercedes Benz. I found my internship through an SMU career fair, at which one of the members of the HR department was a Mustang! My first day in the office, one of the managers threw me [...]

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