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SMU Res Life Survival Guide

Hi everyone! My name is Cristina Mauldin, and I’m a senior here at SMU! I’m on the Pre-law track with majors in Spanish and Education and minors in Philosophy and Religious Studies. I’m originally from Mansfield, TX (about 26 miles Southwest of SMU), and I currently serve as a Resident Assistant in Armstrong Commons! I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips for living in the Residential Commons; think of it as an SMU Res Life Survival Guide!


5. Bring supplies. SMU RLSH (Residence Life and Student Housing) has a website which lists all of necessary supplies for living in the commons. Some examples include Twin XL bedding, pillows, a mirror, shower caddy/shoes, surge protector, decorations, etc.




4. Pack seasonally. This means bring mostly summer/fall clothing (and maybe 1 or 2 winter coats) first semester and mostly winter/spring clothing spring semester. Your closet will thank you!



3. Use commons resources. Each commons has a leadership team which is the combination of your RCD, FIR, RA’s, and Commons Council with members who are extremely involved in the commons/on campus. Ask them every question you have! In addition, each building comes equipped with lounges, game rooms, and study rooms for you to use and even special rooms such as music studios, meditation rooms, or libraries for entertainment. We also get AWESOME swag (check out my Armstrong Commons hat and my roommate Anna’s Armstrong shirt).


2. Get involved. Every commons has this thing called “Commons Council” which is the governing council over your commons. As a member, you can help plan events, take on leadership positions, and help your commons compete for commons cup points! (The Commons Cup is SMU’s version of the Triwizard Tournament from Harry Potter).





1.BE YOURSELF! The commons are meant to be your home away from home! This is the place where you will make your first friend group that feels like family and possibly join a leadership team the works for the betterment of your commons community. Your authentic self is an asset to both of these things so 100% bring it!