2016-05-27T11:29:36-05:00 Mar 31, 2016|SMU Abroad|

Hello from Denmark! I’m officially halfway through my semester abroad in Copenhagen and I can’t believe how quickly my days here are flying by. These past two months have been an absolute blur of meeting new friends (from Danes to Americans to Jamaicans!), travelling all over Europe with my sustainability classes, and even climbing a [...]

Pancakes and Tulips and Human Rights, Oh My!

2016-05-27T11:32:23-05:00 Mar 22, 2016|Academics, SMU Abroad|

My class, jet-lagged but excited after just landing in Amsterdam. Picture perfect windows in picture perfect canal houses lined with picture perfect flower boxes. This is what I was lucky enough to experience over Spring Break thanks to SMU and the University Honors Program (UHP). No Destin or Breckinridge for this gal; two [...]


2015-12-04T12:14:32-06:00 Dec 4, 2015|SMU Abroad|

I’m currently sitting in the Innsbruck, Austria airport awaiting my flight back to Copenhagen, Denmark where I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past 4 months studying abroad. To answer the typical question, “Why Copenhagen?” I’ll be honest and say it was the one program that had course options for both my Environmental Studies and [...]

Heading Down Under

2015-10-29T13:44:36-05:00 Oct 28, 2015|SMU Abroad|

I am super excited about going abroad next semester! I will be studying at the University of Sydney in Australia! This will be my second time studying abroad. My freshmen year I studied abroad in Paris, France, Oxford, England and Cambridge, England. I loved my summer abroad and I knew I had to go abroad [...]

The Next Best Hogwarts

2015-10-29T13:38:30-05:00 Oct 28, 2015|SMU Abroad|

In my perfect world, Hogwarts would exist. However, this is not a perfect world and as such, my dream of attending Hogwarts died when I was 11 and September 1st came and passed with no acknowledgement from Hogwarts. Luckily, the next best thing to studying at Hogwarts is studying at Oxford. This past summer, I [...]

Oktoberfest in Munich

2015-10-29T13:45:48-05:00 Oct 7, 2015|SMU Abroad|

I’m fortunate enough to be spending my fall semester in Madrid, Spain through SMU Abroad! As a Spanish and International Studies double major, I’ve had the most incredible experience so far practicing the language with my host family and traveling inside and outside of Spain. Even though I’m missing SMU life, I wouldn’t trade this [...]

Time in England!

2015-10-29T14:57:27-05:00 Sep 30, 2015|SMU Abroad, Uncategorized|

Coming into college, I knew that studying abroad was something I wanted to do during my undergraduate career. As a double major, however, I was worried that it was going to be impossible. Thankfully, SMU made it possible for me to go to London, England this past summer. During the three months I was abroad, [...]

August Term in Taos

2015-10-29T15:00:20-05:00 Sep 23, 2015|Academics, SMU Abroad|

This past August I got to study Business Law and Outdoor Adventures at SMU’s second campus in Taos, New Mexico and it was absolutely one of my favorite SMU experiences so far! Our campus is about 20 minutes outside the town of Taos and is entirely SMU students and faculty living and learning on campus. [...]

SMU in Brussels

2015-04-14T16:42:55-05:00 Apr 24, 2015|Academics, SMU Abroad|

When I started my first semester at SMU, there were two things that topped my list of “Things I Must Accomplish In College.” Yes, I wanted to discover my career path and have the best four years of my life; but without exception, I was determined to study abroad and learn another language. Thanks to [...]

SMU Abroad: Bonjour from Paris

2015-02-13T13:21:47-06:00 Nov 7, 2014|SMU Abroad|

By Shauna Davis To be honest, it wasn't until seeing the Eiffel Tower and the city of Paris from thousands of feet in the air that it hit me: I would be living, breathing and eating in France for three and a half months. At that moment I freaked out.   Surely I must have [...]

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