Where to Eat in Dallas (On & Off Campus)

2021-09-16T15:24:04-05:00 Sep 16, 2021|Ambassadors, Campus Life, General, Life Around Dallas, Residence Life and Student Housing|

One aspect of college that I never realized would be so pivotal and meaningful to me was food. As I made the trek from California to Texas, I mainly thought of the heat, the cowboy hats, and the southern accents that would truly affect my location experience. It wasn't until I stepped into the Dallas [...]

Getting Around Dallas!

2021-02-26T08:41:54-06:00 Feb 26, 2021|Ambassadors, Life Around Dallas, Texas, Travel|

The fact that Dallas is our backyard is one of the best parts of being at SMU! This city has everything: exciting sports, tantalizing eateries, electrifying concerts, adventurous trails, captivating museums, and more! But figuring out how to travel to these events and places seems to be an insurmountable hurdle for SMU students…or is it? [...]

A Foodies Guide To The 8 Best Restaurants Near SMU

2020-06-26T15:55:07-05:00 Jun 26, 2020|Ambassadors, Life Around Dallas|

Texans love to eat. Among the hundreds of restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, some of them are located within walking distance of SMU’s beautiful campus. Over my last three years as a student here, I’ve tried everything from pierogis to biscuit french toast, and I can’t wait to tell you a little about my [...]

Hail to the Red and the Blue Angels!

2020-05-25T13:35:23-05:00 May 25, 2020|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Life Around Dallas|

During this crazy time, one thing is sure – our medical workers are truly heroes! And, in the spirit of celebration and comradery, people have become creative in celebrating medical workers all over the world, whether it is blasting “Empire State of Mind” in New York’s hospitals, or cheering and applauding at a certain time [...]

SMU, Service, and (Connor) Saeli

2020-04-09T09:47:48-05:00 Apr 9, 2020|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Life Around Dallas, Student Organizations|

Hey everyone! My name is Palmer, and I am a sophomore studying Public Relations and Advertising. I am originally from California, but I live in Lexington, Kentucky, now. Dallas is the perfect blend of the big city culture of Los Angeles and the southern hospitality of the Bluegrass state. Some of the best and most [...]

What I Miss Most About SMU

2020-03-27T12:07:28-05:00 Mar 27, 2020|Ambassadors, Campus Life, General, Life Around Dallas, Uncategorized|

Hey guys, I'm Zac from San Diego,CA majoring in Finance and Corporate Communication & Public Affairs. College students across the country are struggling with the reality that their time on campus has been cut short. I know for me; it has been hard to walk away from the friendships that I have made here, especially [...]

3 Things To Do in Dallas if You’re a Kid at Heart

2017-12-01T16:26:53-06:00 Dec 1, 2017|Life Around Dallas|

If you are like me, you embrace the quote by Walt Disney, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” I am a true kid at heart, so when I came to Dallas from Seattle I was looking for something to satisfy that inner child. I have complied a list of three things you [...]

Beating the Heat and Learning About the World

2017-11-29T10:04:25-06:00 Nov 15, 2017|Academics, Life Around Dallas, Lyle School of Engineering|

Coming from California, I’ve been asked countless times by family and friends, “How’s the weather in Texas?” More often than not my response is, “Hot!” And yes, it is hot for the majority of the year, but you adapt quickly so the heat is nothing to fear. Lucky for SMU students, Dallas is home to [...]

Life in Dallas

2017-11-29T11:00:18-06:00 Nov 1, 2017|Life Around Dallas|

Welcome to Dallas - a modern, diverse, cosmopolitan city that is a paradise for students! The city of Dallas is a place that every SMU student will call home. Yes, students have many opportunities to study abroad; study at SMU’s 2nd campus location in Taos, New Mexico; and have internships in other cities, but none [...]

Study Spots around Dallas

2017-11-29T13:18:54-06:00 Oct 22, 2017|Academics, Life Around Dallas|

Though Fondren Library is a great spot to study, sometimes you need to find a different atmosphere away from campus to really be productive. Because of Dallas’ hundreds of different popular study spots, I would like to recommend three that provide not only delicious treats, but also a prime studying environment.   Union – This [...]

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