Looking for a Place to Dine with Parents? : My Favorite Restaurants

Dallas is known for a lot of things, and one of those is its vibrant restaurant scene. With SMU’s location in the heart of the city I have had lots of opportunity over the past few years to indulge my “foodie” side.

To give you an idea of some of the great options available, I have highlighted four of my favorite restaurants in the city to give you some ideas about places you might want to check out on a date, with parents, or to celebrate a special occasion. They aren’t the fanciest in town, but they aren’t the cheapest either. What are they then, you ask? Delicious. So, since picking favorites is far too difficult, here are a few places I would recommend (in no particular order):

HG SPLY Co. – Situated in Lower Greenville, a rather lively part of town with a lot of quality competition, HG SPLY Co. stands out for its great ambiance, friendly service, and emphasis on natural ingredients. If that last point scares you, fret not—it doesn’t come with any flavor compromises. My recommendation would be one of the bowls, particularly one called “The Stack”, but everything I have had there has been great so you can’t go wrong. The bar is a hit as well with a number of creative cocktail options. The only big downside? It’s not a last minute sort of place. High demand is certainly better than the opposite problem though, so if you have time to plan ahead you should put this one on your list.

HG Sply Co

Meso Maya – Tex-Mex is comfort food for me, so there was bound to be something from this genre on the list. That being said, Meso Maya is on here not because it fits the mold, but because it has pulled away from it. There are any number of “cheap Tex-Mex” places I could have mentioned, most of which are fantastic. But this list is about quality, and that brings us to Meso Maya on the edge of uptown near the Perot museum. The restaurant moves a little more upscale from your typical Mexican food place while also pushing towards the more authentic end of the spectrum. I recommend the seafood enchiladas, but if your tastes differ explore the menu for yourself—I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Meso Maya

Sissy’s – Located on Henderson Ave., another popular restaurant zone, Sissy’s will take you home for some good old fashioned fried chicken. Make no mistake though… this is no KFC. The restaurant walks a tightrope between elegance and hominess, pulling it off with style. If fried chicken just isn’t your thing, they specialize in all things southern, so there is sure to be something on the menu for you. It’s not a huge place, so if you can’t find a table just take a seat at the bar—they will make you feel right at home there too. It may be finger-licking good, but be sure to save some room for milk and cookies (there is an adult version for those of age) at the end of the meal.


R+D Kitchen – Tucked away in a back corner of Preston Center, R+D Kitchen isn’t a place you might stumble upon driving around and searching for a restaurant. But believe me, it is well worth an intentional trip. With a dimly lit, intimate atmosphere and a bar running through the middle of the restaurant that almost makes it feel like an elegant diner, the décor won’t disappoint. The menu is primarily American style, but sushi and other more eclectic offerings are also available. The chef and staff clearly take great pride in their work, and it shows in the food. The Carnitas Sandwich and The Newporter salad are two of my favorites. Add in top-notch service and it quickly becomes apparent that they have a recipe for success.

R+D Kitchen


This list is certainly not exhaustive, but hopefully it gives you some ideas of places to start after arriving in Dallas. If you start exploring I have no doubt you will have your own list in no time!

-Ryan Herrscher

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The Rockwall Experience

Southern Methodist University has always been a place to explore and expand your interests. The Dedman Recreation Center on SMU’s campus is no exception from this pioneering trend. From indoor soccer to sand volleyball, the Rec Center has many different activities and facilities for students to check out. One of these exiting facilities is the climbing center. The climbing center consists of two different climbing walls, the TAOS Tower and HUECO Bouldering Wall. The TAOS tower is the tall climbing wall that uses a belay system of ropes to safely support a climber up and down. The HEUCO Bouldering Wall is used for bouldering, or a form of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses but from a low height. These two walls combine to provide over 2600 square feet of climbing space. So, last week while at the gym, I decided to try my luck at the climbing center.


Ever since freshman year, I have wanted to try the rock wall but just never made the time for it. So this year, I decided it was time to give it a go. As my friend Nick and I approached the front desk, a smiling face was there to greet us. We then signed a couple forms and within minutes had a climbing belt on and were ushered to the wall. From the bottom looking up, the wall looked much bigger than I had previously thought. The lady belaying me helped me to get my initial footing and before I knew it, I was off. I climbed for the next hour or so traversing differed pathways up the wall as well as trying out the bouldering routes. I finally quit when my forearm muscles burned too continue climbing.


Since then, I have gone three more times and am looking to add rock climbing to part of my weekly routine. It’s a great activity to try with friends and has a very large range of difficulties for climbers to try out. I highly recommend checking out the rock wall next time you pass through the Dedman Recreation Center.


-Michael Keay


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Start-Ups Start Here!

Do you have the next Big Idea? Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to be an entrepreneur?


A picture from one of our club meetings.

A picture from one of our club meetings.

During high school, I started my own automotive accessories business and was fortunate enough to make a profit. Naturally, when I came to SMU, my first priority was to find the SMU Entrepreneurship Club. Upon membership, I met many other SMU students who also had entrepreneurial endeavors. I am so passionate about entrepreneurship that I am now, as a sophomore, the Vice President of the club. The SMU Entrepreneurship Club is one of SMU’s 200 student organizations and is one of the best resources available to get real world entrepreneurial experience. Whether you have the next billion-dollar idea, want help with an existing business, or simply want to hang out with cool people, the entrepreneurship club is for you!


The club prepares students for pitch competitions around the country and hosts guest speakers and pitch training events. One of my favorite events we do as a club is Shark Tank analysis. Shark Tank is a popular TV show in which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of notable investors, such as Dallas local and billionaire Mark Cuban. In fact, a few SMU students have pitched their businesses on the show. The club plays the recorded pitches and collectively analyzes the pitcher’s strategy and techniques. The event is both educational and a lot of fun.


Entrepreneurial spirit on campus does not stop outside the club. SMU is one of the most entrepreneurial universities in the country. SMU is ranked #14 on Forbes’ list of “Start-up Schools: America’s Most Entrepreneurial Universities 2015.” This can be attributed to our very social, involved, and entrepreneurial student body, and also to the fact that Dallas provides the perfect incubator for starting businesses. Forbes ranked Dallas, TX #7 for the “Best Cities to Start a Business.”


If you answered “No” to all three of my initial questions, congratulations for reading this far. SMU offers 199 other student organizations; at least one will surely make you feel at home. My advice to you: get involved as soon as you step foot on campus.


Pony up!


-David Zimmer-


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Research at SMU

Just chilling with some of the research equipment.

Just chilling with some of the research equipment.

Something that’s been a huge part of my year and a half at SMU has been my participation in Faculty led research. It all started the first week of my freshman year. Coming into SMU as a Psychology major, I knew that if I didn’t get some research training under my belt soon, I wouldn’t be as competitive in applying to graduate schools as I wanted to be. So, I met with my Introduction to Psychology Professor during her Office hours and talked to her about research opportunities at SMU. She advised me to go onto the Psychology Department’s website and read up on some of the professors’ research studies in hopes of finding something interesting and to email that professor to see if there was any availability to work in their lab.


Online I found a link to the Anxiety and Depression Research Center at SMU (or ARC), and was immediately interested in the researching going on there. I sent Dr. Alicia Meuret, the head of ARC, an email admitting that the extent of my experience with Psychology was two classes of Intro to Psych, but that I was eager to get involved with research and would be willing to work hard to catch up in my knowledge on the subject. She emailed me back the next day and asked if I wanted credit hours for my work or not.


Since then I’ve been working at ARC, helping on numerous research projects. I’ve interacted with participants in a study on self-harm while acting as a confederate, I’ve been trained to run participants through a rigorous protocol for a study evaluating the physiological mechanisms that might indicate the presence of psychological disorders, and I’ve even finished up my first, first-authorship publication of the Fight-or-Flight response. It’s certainly been difficult along the way, but reaching out at the beginning of my freshman year was one of the best decisions I could have made, and one that I would recommend to anyone interested in any field that does research. As a research university, SMU has countless opportunities for students of all years to get involved. All one has to do is ask!


-Stephen Chamberlain


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Sunday Funday

Sundays can be either the best day of the week, or the worst – depending on how you look at it. It can either be the last day to cap off a glorious weekend, or the day filled with finishing homework before the dreaded Monday ahead. However, my past Sunday was how every Sunday at SMU should be – a day filled with laughter and friends.


After a long weekend, a few of my friends and I took it upon ourselves to schedule a college styled play date at the park closest to campus. At times, the rigors of college can make you feel much older than you would wish. That is exactly why I believe it is important to embrace your inner child. And I must say, after a day filled with swinging on monkey bars, playing football and riding around on a skateboard, we were able to do just that.


My amazing breakfast

My amazing breakfast

We started out our “play date” with the foundation for a day; a good breakfast. I first tried a new breakfast location with some friends, the Kozy Kitchen on McKinney Avenue. The only thing better than their infamous coffee is their delicious battered pancakes, or possibly the homemade migas and eggs. A must try breakfast location in the Dallas area.


Afterwards, we went to the park and had a blast. Previous to our Sunday outing, the last time I climbed a tree was in middle school – entirely too long ago. For the first time in ages, I played tag and monkey in the middle. A Sunday at the park was a perfect way to end a great weekend, and an even better way to feel young again with friends.


All in all, Sundays don’t have to be bad as they are made out to be. Whether is playing with some friends on the field, trying new places to eat or possibly watching some NFL Sunday football, keep your Sunday fresh by ending your weekend with superb start to the week ahead.


-Vafa Behzadpour

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Rangers Games

Being from Los Angeles, California I bleed blue and white for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I grew up going to a couple games a season with my family or my friends, as well as playing baseball through my senior year of high school. Baseball was a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

chad solomonWith saying that now that I’m Texas to fill the the void of having no Dodgers I was forced to adopt a team and I chose the Rangers. I try not to be a bandwagon fan, but rooting for the Rangers is almost as fun as the Dodgers.
Globe Life Ball Park is just right outside of Dallas located in Arlington about 25 min from campus in the same spot as AT&T stadium home of the Cowboys. I never had attended a game until this previous October. My brother who worked for the Rangers as an intern, which SMU helped him find (but that’s a whole another story), surprised my girlfriend and I with two tickets to a game against the Angels.
The game was a blast. We got there in just under 30 minutes with a ride from my roommate. Once arriving, we got some hot dogs and pretzels and then sat down in our field level seats. In front of a sold out crowd, the Rangers ended up clinching a play off spot that night and the game followed with fireworks. It was an awesome date mixing some of my favorite things: sports and my girlfriend and fun things to do in Dallas. Whether it’s the Rangers, the Cowboys, the Stars, the Mavs, or for all my soccer fans, FC Dallas, the opportunities are endless. SMU is not only a fantastic school, but I think one of the biggest advantages is the location of the campus being right outside the heart of Dallas. Although it was no Dodgers game, it was still one of my favorite nights of the semester.
-Chad Solomon
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Courtney Damore
I’m currently sitting in the Innsbruck, Austria airport awaiting my flight back to Copenhagen, Denmark where I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past 4 months studying abroad. To answer the typical question, “Why Copenhagen?” I’ll be honest and say it was the one program that had course options for both my Environmental Studies and Marketing majors. It was also the city I knew the least about and that excited me!
Through my three months and counting abroad I can easily say “Cope,” as we like to call it, is one of my favorite European cities. The city is modern yet charming, exciting but safe, and most importantly filled with AMAZING restaurants! As a self-proclaimed foodie, I have made Copenhagen my palette’s playground.
My personal favorite? Paper Island. What is it? An upgraded food truck paradise. Located inside a refurbished warehouse along the harbor, Paper Island is filled with only the trendiest and tastiest eateries. From pulled pork sandwiches that melt in your mouth to double fried, duck fat French fries, this place has everything you need to satisfy your taste buds. As for my friends and I, you can find us there almost every Thursday evening trying new dishes and probably playing with a deck of cards. The atmosphere of Paper Island is warm and inviting, making it a great place to hang out and enjoy a tasty treat!
Another personal favorite of mine is Kalaset’s brunch. Situated just off the main train station, Kalaset is a quaint, little restaurant that is known for their amazing pancakes and deluxe hot chocolate. When the fall gloom gets to my head and I need a pick me up, Kalaset is the first place I go. Their fluffy blueberry pancakes have never let me down. They even home-make their own Nutella and jam!
Although Copenhagen food is top-notch, I would have to say my favorite thing about Denmark is the vibe of the city and it’s people. For the Danes, atmosphere is everything. They even came up with a special word for it, “Hygge”! Although there is no direct translation for it in English, hygge represents the feeling of coziness. Whether it means inside enjoying coffee with friends or bundled in blankets on the porch watching the rain, you find traces of hygge all throughout Denmark. As temperatures drop and winter settles in, candles and wool blankets are seen in every shop and eatery around the city. Though the weather may be cold and rainy some days, Copenhagen remains warm and inviting.
I try not to think about the fact that I leave for home in exactly one month, but I’m lucky in that my departure from Copenhagen will be bittersweet. The friendships and experiences I’ve had abroad are going to be hard to say goodbye to, but at the same time SMU spring semester is right around the corner!
-Courteney Damore
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Change Should be Exciting!

As you can see, we all love Texas!

As you can see, we all love Texas!

As a senior in the class of 2016, my second to last semester at SMU can most accurately be described as a 10-year old kid (me) taking his fully-grown German Shepherd on a run. I just can’t seem to keep up. All too often when you ask a soon-to-be college graduate how they feel about leaving their home of the previous four years, you will hear something along the lines of: “I can’t believe the four best years of my life are almost over!” I cannot deny that SMU has given me four years of incredible, lasting memories and friends I will cherish for the rest of my life, but all of those memories were the direct result of a conscious decision to leave South Carolina – my friends, family and comforts – to call Texas and SMU my new home.

It has been almost four years since that decision day to commit to this truly amazing University, nestled right in the heart of Texas. For those of you reading this who are either juniors or seniors in High School, I would like to give you one piece of advice in the coming months as you tour schools and ultimately make your College decision.

Much like me, you are coming to a crossroads in life where one decision will profoundly impact you as an individual. My advice to you is this: Don’t shudder, don’t hesitate and be confident in yourself. I have no doubt you have worked tirelessly to achieve everything you have accomplished up to this point in your life and you should be proud of that. Step out of your comfort zone as frequently as possible. This conviction led me to leave the comforts of South Carolina, and for it I am eternally grateful. SMU has afforded me the ability to challenge myself daily, laugh deeply, experience lasting friendship and live every single day with a smile on my face at one of the best Universities in the country.

I wish nothing but the same for all of you! Pony up and Go Mustangs!

-Whit Rasmussen

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Sunny and 75

Enjoying Steel City Pops on a perfect Dallas Day!

Enjoying Steel City Pops on a perfect Dallas Day!

Enjoying beautiful weather in Dallas just got easier. Here’s my quick guide to spending the day outdoors.

1. Dallas Hall Lawn:

You don’t have to go far to enjoy the beauty of a sunny, Dallas day.  Dallas Hall Lawn is the perfect spot to throw down a blanket and soak up the sun! On a typical sunny day, you can usually see students enjoying a game of Frisbee, or catching up on their reading between classes.

2. Katy Trail:

As someone who loves to run, Katy Trail is easily my favorite place to go on a sunny day.  This trail, which begins about a hop, skip and a jump away from campus, extends three and a half miles into the city, ending downtown at the American Airline Center.  For those of you who are less inclined to go running, activities such as biking, walking, and roller blading are equally popular on the trail.

3. Klyde Warren Park:

Take a short drive into downtown and you can find yourself at Klyde Warren, a 5.2-acre park built over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway. Get active by participating in a public yoga class or playing a game of pick up soccer.  If you’d rather have a more relaxing afternoon, there are plenty of tables and chairs available for you to kick your feet up and enjoy the company of friends.  Food trucks line the streets by the edge of the park, making this the perfect spot to enjoy some local Dallas eats.

4. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of college life in this beautiful oasis.  With over 60 acres in the gardens, there are endless things to see and explore.  The gardens remain beautiful in all seasons, making this a good way to spend a day outdoors throughout the year.

5. Steel City Pops

Take a walk to Steel City Pops, my favorite place to get dessert, and enjoy a popsicle with friends! They have all sorts of flavors; from Blackberry Lemonade to Chocolate!

Here’s to hoping for some awesome weather this week!

-Lauren Zabaleta

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Childhood to College

Baby me in Dallas

Baby me in Dallas

I grew up in Orinda, California but I was born in Dallas at Baylor Medical Center. I took my first steps and spoke my first words in our house 2 miles south of the SMU campus. While my family loved our time in Dallas, my dad got a new job when I was 18 months old and we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. I don’t remember my first year and a half in Dallas but my parents always spoke fondly of their memories in Texas and we periodically came back to visit old friends and go to the State Fair. My parents and college counselor encouraged me to apply to SMU and I chose to come here in April 2014 after a long college decision process. I never thought I would come back to my old stomping grounds but now every family weekend fills my parents with nostalgia as we drive by old playgrounds and favorite restaurants. It’s amazing how much has changed and yet stayed the same in the last 18 years. For most of my life Dallas was just the birth city on my passport but now with the help of our old family friends and the new friends I’ve made here – Dallas has become home.


My mother and me on SMU's campus.

My mother and me on SMU’s campus.

I’m halfway through my sophomore year and I can’t speak highly enough of my time in Dallas. I’ve gone to Mavericks and Stars game, countless concerts, had formals in Reunion Tower, met Tory Burch and I’ve made the closest friends I’ve ever had. I love walking around Bishop Arts District with my friends, grabbing brunch in Uptown on the weekends, and going to Central Market,  my favorite grocery store. Living in Dallas is never boring because there are always sporting events and concerts to go to and new restaurants to try. Making Dallas my home again has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

-Emma Bar

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