Meet Naomi!

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Name: Naomi Samuel Classification: Junior Major: Marketing and English Why SMU? SMU made a huge impression on me because it's the first college I had ties to. My parents are immigrants so I knew little about American universities. I visited SMU a few times through extra credit opportunities through the International Baccalaureate program at my high school. Once I [...]

Meet Raven!

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Name: Raven Battles Classification: Junior, Class of 2019 Major: Philosophy with an emphasis on Ethics, Law and Security with a minor in Law and Legal Reasoning Why SMU? While SMU was not my immediate first choice, I quickly fell in love with the campus when I visited for an Admitted Student Reception day in late April. [...]

Meet Audrey!

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Name: Audrey Ngo / Ngô Quế Anh Classification: Sophomore Major: Health & Society / French Why SMU? Financial Opportunity + Dallas connections  Favorite thing about SMU? Abundance of shady areas on campus to nap or read outside.  Favorite place on campus? Bridwell Library- prettiest place to study! Words of Advice to Diverse Applicants: Don't let the [...]

Undergraduate Research at SMU

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Whenever people ask me why I chose SMU, my answer is pretty simple. I wanted a school with a strong electrical engineering program, the ability to study abroad for a semester and still graduate on time, and the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research. I’m excited to say that after this fall semester, I will [...]

My Favorite Apps to Stay Healthy on Campus

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Eating, sleeping, and procrastinating. These are a few of the biggest challenges once you come to college. All of the sudden, you have more time on your hands than you’ve ever had before. What do you do with it? After you are finished studying, joining as many extracurricular activities as possible, and hanging out with [...]

Raising the Bar from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

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Corral Guides preparing for Corral Kickoff Festivities College is a magical time. Pretty much anyone you meet who has been will say that for a number of different reasons: the classes, the personal development, the freedom, etc. For me, what’s made SMU most magical is the people. When I put down my deposit [...]


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At SMU, anything is possible. If you want to have a snowball fight in August, you can! That’s what I did when One28, a campus ministry here at SMU, hosted their annual One28 snowball fight! Every year One28 brings out hundreds of snowballs onto Dallas Hall Lawn, so that students can enjoy the biggest snowball [...]

Homecoming’s Top Perks

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Homecoming is an exciting time at SMU, and this year was no exception. Southern Methodist University was founded in 1911 and opened for 1915. This Homecoming was the 100th birthday of SMU and the faculty and students filled the entire week with fun activities to celebrate 100 years. Every Homecoming, organizations pair together and participate [...]

Time in England!

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Coming into college, I knew that studying abroad was something I wanted to do during my undergraduate career. As a double major, however, I was worried that it was going to be impossible. Thankfully, SMU made it possible for me to go to London, England this past summer. During the three months I was abroad, [...]

Texas & What I’ve Learned

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Half of SMU’s student body comes from outside the great state of Texas. Hailing from Colorado, I contribute to that 50% and in my two years here at SMU, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be from Texas. So here are a few things this Coloradan has noticed about Texas: 1.) Every [...]

Enjoying the Music at Meadows

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By Shannon Conboy SMU is a fantastic place to be for a number of reasons, but my favorite aspect of the school is probably the accessibility given to all students for enjoying beautiful art, music, and shows, while at the same time offering students in these areas of study experience in sharing their talents. As [...]