Update on the OIT Implementation

Work is progressing quickly for the OIT Implementation of STABLE. The team is currently building all of the forms and workflows to support the various types of requests. During the first weeks in November, areas currently using STABLE will get a sneak peek of the new environment to provide feedback and recommended changes.  The training team will also begin to finalize the training schedule and course to be delivered in December.  There will be over 150 individuals trained in the new software, representing not just OIT but many other departments as well. Finally, the new system will be live as everyone returns from the holidays for the spring term.

This will represent a significant milestone in the implementation project.  Our vision from the start, was to build a system that simplified the customer experience and allowed departments across the university to help support and serve each other.  We have simplified many processes that previously stretched across many areas to allow a single entry form for the customer.  We’re enabling support teams to easily transfer a request from one area to another without having the customer complete a different form.  We’re also enabling data analytics to help us understand critical issues, trends and needs from both the facilities and IT areas of service.  All of this, will help make the Hilltop experience a little bit better for the SMU Community.

If you currently use the Help Desk ticketing system, you will receive a meeting invite in the next few weeks for your preview to the new system.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rachel Mulry (rmulry@smu.edu).