STABLE: What’s Next?

Campus is settling in using the new room reservation and event management system in STABLE.  In just the first month, there were 60,500 classroom reservations, 15,100 room reservations, and 337 event requests!  We continue to adjust and enhance the configuration and tools available to improve the experience for both the requestor and the individuals responding to those requests.  We will continue to develop the processes and functionality throughout the next year.

Since June 2021, we’ve introduced various modules in STABLE supporting numerous processes within the Office of Facilities Planning and Management including: work orders, financial reconciliation, warehouse management, stock management, asset tracking, equipment checkout, health and safety, real estate, and more.  During the spring semester, we will begin implementing a few of these modules to support similar processes within OIT. Our focus will be on the computer inventory, OIT warehouse, and technology purchases.  We will provide updates on these processes as they become available.

We are also working through a number of enhancements to the existing modules.  We are implementing a more robust reporting framework to support more accessible dashboards and data to inform decisions.  We are working on an enhancement for the room scheduling feature to address critical functionality for course scheduling. We are also working on various data validation processes to ensure the information is reliable and current.

Remember to review our wiki for new videos and information on all of the various components of STABLE.  If you have any questions, please email