STABLE Implementation Project is Finally Complete!

That’s a wrap!

The STABLE implementation project officially launched four years ago… right before the pandemic changed our world.  While the original project timeline changed dramatically due to COVID, staffing limitations, and unanticipated technical complexities, we have now fully completed the original scope of the implementation project.

The following are just a few of the highlights of what was accomplished:

  • Over 500 CAD files enhanced and imported
  • Almost 800 workflows and templates created to support various processes
  • Approximately 650 users with access to the back- end software
  • Approximately 600 rooms available for booking
  • Over 7,800 event requests entered
  • Over 88,000 requests submitted
  • Over 113,600 sub orders assigned
  • Over 6,500 purchase orders for materials and computers
  • Over 131,000 meeting reservations (non- academic courses)
  • Over 12,000 assets entered
  • Over 24 custom power bi dashboards with multiple reports and visualizations
  • Multiple integrations with my.SMU and Canvas for billing, human resources, course scheduling and office assignments
  • And more!

During the implementation, the following modules were configured and are in use:

  • Reactive Maintenance: Facilities, IT and other departments
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Stock and warehouse management
  • Asset management (Facilities and IT)
  • Key Management
  • Space Management
  • Event Management
  • Room Reservations
  • Change Management (IT)
  • Problem Management (IT)
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) IT
  • Tools and Equipment reservations
  • Financial management (budgets, billing, etc.)
  • Customer Mobile Application
  • Customer Feedback forms and processes
  • Service Levels, KPI, and Communication enhancements

The following modules are configured but not yet in production:

  • Health and Safety
  • Indirect Cost Recovery (Grant mapping to spaces)
  • Real Estate Management
  • Space Survey Tools

We’re not done yet!  In the next year, we will launch a new mobile application for the technicians and continue to enhance the processes and coordination between departments.  There are still many opportunities to expand the usage of STABLE to support the customer experience and various business processes at SMU.  If you are interested in opportunities to use this software to support your processes or explore potential data for planning and decisions, please let us know!  SMU has made a significant investment in this solution, and we are happy to support on-boarding additional departments to help us all work better together.