Revised Event Forms Launched

As we designed the campus event form process within STABLE, our goal was to eliminate the need for individuals to submit multiple forms for an event.  On August 13, we implemented a few changes to the existing form and process to incorporate the approval process for serving alcohol at an event, as well as engaging vendors that are not part of our SMU preferred vendors list.  A requestor will no longer have to complete a separate form for alcohol approval and SMU Purchasing will now automatically be included in the request process to review vendors for compliance.  In addition, a few new internal templates were built and implemented to for special events.  While these forms are not available to the campus at large, individuals who are responsible for coordinating services for large events such as athletic games, boulevard events, etc. will use these to ensure the appropriate support and details are captured.

Please remember that many different departments are involved in delivering services for events or verifying that vendors and event plans are in compliance with our policies. In order to plan and support your event appropriately, submit your request with as much advance notice and detail as possible.  Failure to do so may impact our ability to support your event!

If you have questions about event processes on campus, visit