Introducing STABLE

The Office of Facilities Planning and Design and the Office of Information Technology are pleased to introduce a strategic campus project that will simplify, streamline and enhance service delivery and support at SMU.  Work is underway to implement a software suite to support everything from facilities maintenance requests, space management, room reservations, event requests, IT services, and more.  The vision is to provide a single platform for the SMU community to submit a request for services.  Various campus partners including Facilities, OIT and several other departments will receive those requests and respond.  This blog will serve as a communication platform throughout the project to provide details on each module as well as updates on the project timeline.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Allison Day or Rachel Mulry.

Latest Updates

  • Launching Phase 3
    The STABLE team has been hard at work delivering a number of new features and enhancements during fall of 2022 and spring 2023.  The following are a few highlights of development features and key processes that have been completed: Real Estate module configuration and report build Development of several reporting dashboards for Space Management, Maintenance…
  • Revised Event Forms Launched
    As we designed the campus event form process within STABLE, our goal was to eliminate the need for individuals to submit multiple forms for an event.  On August 13, we implemented a few changes to the existing form and process to incorporate the approval process for serving alcohol at an event, as well as engaging…
  • Technology Purchases and Computer Inventory in STABLE
    As we begin the new academic year, we are transitioning several IT processes to the STABLE environment. These processes include computer inventory, technology purchasing, computer orders, and warehouse management.
  • STABLE: Summer Implementation Plans
    We are nearing the first anniversary of the launch of STABLE at SMU and we continue to enhance the current functionality while implementing new processes this summer.
  • STABLE: What's Next?
    As we settle into using the new room reservation and event management system, our project team continues to develop the processes and functionality to be deployed throughout the year.