Events and Room Reservations: FAQ

We will soon introduce the new event management and room reservation process to campus.  The teams are busy finalizing the processes, configuration and documentation.  Training of our room schedulers, event leads, and campus partners has begun and will continue for the next several weeks. In addition, we are building out a new website to help guide you through the entire event process. All of these features will be available to campus on January 10.

For this update, we wanted to answer a few of the questions we’ve received about this new module.

I scheduled room reservations for 2022 already, what do I do?

You do not need to do anything. All room and event reservations that were previously scheduled in Schedule.SMU will be migrated to STABLE prior to the system rollout. You will be able to see your reservation on January 10, under the My Reservations icon in STABLE. 

Will I continue utilizing my.SMU to schedule classrooms?

Yes. However, data for classroom reporting will be integrated into STABLE to provide reporting on room utilization. The room will also show as reserved in STABLE to prevent double booking.  

What about conference rooms, will those be booked in STABLE?

Conference rooms will continue to be scheduled according to your normal procedures for now. Over the next several months, data for conference rooms will be integrated with STABLE and further scheduling will then be done through the new solution. One objective for this new module is to provide a consistent process for identifying and reserving spaces across campus. An important outcome will be a better understanding of space utilization for classrooms, events, and conference rooms. 

When reserving a room, will I be able to see what technology or features are available?

Yes! STABLE will provide the ability to search for a room with the criteria you need for your meeting (whiteboards, projector, computer, etc.).  You will be able to see all spaces that meet your criteria and their availability. Photographs of all venues and meeting rooms will be available.  

Will student study rooms be included in STABLE?

For the spring semester, the student study rooms will continue to be booked using  Discussions are underway to determine if these should be migrated to STABLE after the Spring semester.

Why do I need to complete two forms for an event?

The solution separates a room reservation from the event request form.  This allows you to book the venue months in advance while you are still determining the actual activities of the event.  Once you have a better outline of the event, you should complete the event request, which engages the various service partners and facilitates the required approval process.  The event request form is critical for many campus partners to best support your activities from one consolidated portal.