Safeguarding SMU with Duo: New Anomalous Protection

DuoEffective February 27, 2023, OIT will implement Duo Two-Factor authentication changes to our application. As mentioned in our recent newsletter, our campus has recently experienced a new cybercriminal threat where hackers attempt to access an account. This is accomplished by repeatedly attempting to send Duo requests until the end user approves the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) prompts. This method is referred to as “MFA Fatigue.” Continue reading Safeguarding SMU with Duo: New Anomalous Protection

Protect Yourself: Fighting MFA Fatigue

MFA FatigueLast week, OIT notified the campus of a successful phishing campaign targeting the SMU community. In this campaign, we noted that cybercriminals had begun using a new technique where they repeatedly send Duo requests to users who have shared their username and password to annoy users into approving the two-factor request.

This technique, referred to as “MFA fatigue,” has become increasingly common, and over the next several weeks, OIT will begin implementing measures to combat this trend. In the meantime, we recommend you take the following actions if you notice something suspicious: Continue reading Protect Yourself: Fighting MFA Fatigue