eduroam Provides Secure Wi-Fi When Roaming

eduroam logo eduroam logoIf you like your Wi-Fi to be secure when roaming, you are not alone. The eduroam network, short for education roaming, is available here on the SMU campus and now at over 1,000 other colleges, universities, and research facilities in the US. Starting in 2009, this encrypted Wi-Fi network was designed for research and education institutions to allow students, employees, and guests to use their institution’s ID and password to connect securely and seamlessly to the Internet using the eduroam network while visiting other institutions. Continue reading eduroam Provides Secure Wi-Fi When Roaming

Be a Wi-Fi Wizard with These Tips and Tricks

SMU WirelessOver the past several years, we have become more and more reliant on Wi-Fi for our phones, tablets, and laptops. Still, many of us still don’t know what to do to get the best signal for our device. I talked with Brad Floyd, one of OIT’s senior network specialists, about some things we can do as consumers to improve our Wi-Fi experience. Continue reading Be a Wi-Fi Wizard with These Tips and Tricks

Eduroam Available Throughout Campus

Eduroam logoIf you will be traveling to other universities this year, be sure to check out eduroam.  The eduroam wireless network is available at SMU as well as thousands of educational institutions around the world. SMU participates as both a service provider (for users on-campus) and as an identity provider (for users off-campus). Basically, you can use your SMU credentials to connect to the eduroam network on other campuses and visitors can use their educational credentials to connect to the wireless network at SMU.

There is more information available on the wireless service page at

eduroam maps!

You may be interested to see a map of institutions worldwide that participate in eduroam and offer the eduroam wireless service on their campuses. Note that it may take a while to load the large amount of data on these websites.

How can I use eduroam?

Simply find the eduroam wireless network with your wireless device. For the username, use your SMU email name (i.e.,, and the same password you would use to sign in to Webmail or my.SMU. You may be prompted to trust the wireless network certificate, which is safe to accept.

Once you’ve joined your device to the eduroam wireless network, you’ll find that your device should automatically connect to the eduroam wireless network here at SMU as well as at other participating institutions without being prompted again for credentials.