Reminder Regarding SMU’s Floating Holiday Benefit

SMU provides benefit-eligible staff a floating holiday each fiscal year.

Staff members on the payroll before the start of the current fiscal year (June 1, 2023) will see the floating holiday in their leave balances on my.SMU.  Staff members hired in the current fiscal year will receive the time off at the start of the next fiscal year (June 1, 2024).

The floating holiday is chosen by the employee, with their supervisor’s approval, and must be used and recorded during the fiscal year as the time off is not carried over from one year to the next.

The floating holiday is based on an employee’s standard hours. For example, employees who work 37.5 hours per week will accrue 7.5 hours of holiday time.

When recording the floating holiday on timesheets, bi-weekly employees should report the time as FLB (Floating Holiday Bi-Weekly) and monthly employees should report it as FLT (Floating Holiday-Monthly).

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