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A Short Guide to Lower Greenville

When I hear from students that apply to SMU, one thing is always at the top of their mind: Dallas.  Our students love being in Dallas.  Proximity to all four major sports teams, incredible business opportunities, and a lively social scene are only a few of the many factors that make Dallas and SMU the obvious choice for college students.  Although there is plenty to do on campus, one of my favorite neighborhoods around SMU is Lower Greenville.  Here’s a quick list to get you to try out some cool spots right the next time you’re around!

Mudsmith – 2114 Greenville Ave.  This spacious coffee shop imudsmiths a hippie hunting lodge with a great study atmosphere.  Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for a 15-page paper or you want to hang out with your friends for an open-mic night, Mudsmith is the place to be.


truck yardTruck Yard – 5624 Sears St.  A large patch of lawn chairs, picnic tables, modified pickup trucks-turned-picnic tables, three bars (one of them is in a tree house) a Carnival Barker’s Ice Creams stand, a permanent kitchen that makes nothing but Philly cheesesteaks (appropriately named “Steak Me Home Tonight”), live music, and a rotating cast of local food trucks makes Truck Yard an SMU favorite.

Good Records – 1808 Greenville Ave.  Other than my educgood recordsation, the best investment I’ve ever made was in a record player (they sell them in store or grab one off Amazon).  Good Records is a two story audiophile’s wonderland with thousands of records, CDs, posters and more.  There’s always room in your life for Spotify, but nothing beats finding a great new sound on sale.


hg supply coHG Supply Co. – 2008 Greenville Ave.  Eat like a gourmet caveman “Hunter-Gatherer” style off a menu with paleo-inspired dishes from the best grass-fed meats and veggies.  Don’t be alarmed if you run into an hour long wait to be seated, because the real gem of this joint is the 9000 square foot patio upstairs stocked with a full bar and a picturesque view of the Dallas skyline.

Steel City Pops – 2012 Greenville Ave.  A hop and a skip from HG Supply is a dessert steel city popsshop that has the Dallas community buzzing.  Steel City Pops is a gourmet popsicle store that features some of the best treats you will ever taste.  Made from fresh all-natural or organic ingredients and sweetened with raw, organic cane sugar, these vegan-friendly pops range from fruity to creamy flavors.   Whether it’s an after-class study snack or a post-dinner dessert, Steel City has your sweet-tooth needs covered.


Honorable Mentions:

Trader Joe’s – 2001 Greenville Ave.  With over 450 locations around the country, you’ve hopefully heard of this organic grocery store so I won’t go into too much detail.  I know that my addiction to cookie butter on my toast can continue as long as I’m around a TJ’s.

Pints & Quarts – Corner of Ross and Greenville.  From the people who brought us Mudsmith, this gas station-turned-burger joint should be your next lunch stop.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate -1925 Greenville Ave. Chocoholics beware, you can’t shake the craving when you walk past this shop.  With their chocolate bark, fudge, truffles, and potions, they’ve got me hooked.

Granada Theater – 3524 Greenville Ave.  Built as a theater in 1946, the Granada has since become a popular concert hall.   Along with great music, their sister restaurant “Sundown at Granada” features Lower Greenville’s largest patio.

This is only a fraction of the cool things to do and places to go on Lower Greenville, so use these places as a starting point and do a little exploring yourself.  Hope to see you down there soon!

-Jack Murphy

Note: All pictures from the respective restaurant’s websites.

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